Hard Core LOGO

Hard Core LOGO Michael Turner s classic novel about a punk rock band with a new cover

  • Title: Hard Core LOGO
  • Author: Michael Turner
  • ISBN: 9781551523552
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • Michael Turner s classic novel about a punk rock band, with a new cover.

    • Hard Core LOGO ¦ Michael Turner
      112 Michael Turner
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    • This is one story that just isn't the same unless it's on film. The film captured the lights, the music, the clothes, the underlying darkness and psychological melancholy beneath the glamour and fun. When I was fifteen I absolutely loved the character Bucky Haight in the film (Julian Richings is my all-time favourite actor), but the book doesn't really capture that character's depression or asocial withdraw as well as the film did, nor does it express John Oxenberger letting go of his fragile gr [...]

    • The movie led me to find the book. On first read it felt a little like Michael Ondaatje's "The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems". This fragmentary style is often attempted but rarely pulled off. Turner makes it work. (I wonder if Max Brooks knows this work.)The guys in the band are punk rock fuck-ups that in the true punk tradition didn't think about tomorrow. Problem is--it's tomorrow. Their angst and anger come through strong in the lyrics and journal entries. The book ends [...]

    • page 139: If I could give you all one piece of advice: ditch the band, buy a farm. It doesn't matter what you grow. It's the fact that you'll see whatever you do.

    • I wanted to read this book because one of my favourite bands is named after one of the characters, and I'm glad I read it. Such a different, refreshing way to tell a story - and trust me, there is a story. Although I'm a big music fan, I know nothing about the punk rock scene in Canada in the early '90s, but this book is realistic and gritty and paints such a good picture of what life in a band is like - or can be like, depending on the band members. A terrific read!

    • hard core logo is one of my favourite film of all time. no, not even "one of", it is my favourite movie of all time. you can't imagine how excited i was when i finally got my hands on a copy of this book. i was thrilled. it is totally unique. it's so small, with some chapters being nothing more than a few sentences on one page. i read it in an hour. i gave it to a few of my friends to read and then i read it again, right away. i've read it a few times since then too. everything about this novel [...]

    • Hard Core Logo can be summed up in three words, Metafiction goes Punk. It's the prose medium at its most hybrid. To take it out of shorthand and give it an elaborated review, however, you can read Hard Core Logo a few different ways: firstly, as its metaphor, secondly, as metafiction and finally, as mockumentary posing as prose. Let's look at how the Book is formed first. It's a mix of John's (Bassist) near-scrutinising journal entries, our protagonists side of phone calls in transcribed form, r [...]

    • The book grew on me a bit as Turner developed these characters by incorporating their personal anecdotes and, in John’s case, diary entries. I wasn’t familiar with Hard Core Logo before picking up this book for my Adapting Canadian Literature course, but I can appreciate what Turner captured here, which was the self destructive side of the punk scene, the sort of sadness of a bad attempting to spark up again after hiatus.

    • Leggere solo questo libro non basta. Dentro ci sono tanti spunti, tante atmosfere, ma non è sufficiente. Dopo aver letto il libro è essenziale guardare anche il film, il mocumentary Hard Core Logo del 1996 (diretto da Bruce McDonald, con Callum Keith Rennie e Hugh Dillon), per capire personaggi e situazioni, per "respirare" gli anni '90 e la musica del tempo.Comunque ottima idea.

    • I still haven't seen the movie that was based on this, but I've absorbed rather a lot through fannish osmosis. I was surprised at how different the book was on some major points, but rather than go too deeply into that and risk spoiling people on either, I'll just say: this is an interesting, but slight, looked at a bunch of fucked up, dried up, punk rockers. It's written in verse and in other scraps—journal entries, interview bits, photographs—which is cool because it's different, but it do [...]

    • About an influential punk rock band coming out of retirement for one last reunion tour, this novel is told in fragments of Lyrics, photos, interviews and journal entries. Initially, I was turned off by the characters, all of whom are altogether unlikable, but as I continued reading I realized that this was basically the point and in turn found this to be not only a refreshingly honest look at dude-bro machismo in punk culture, but an interesting look into the politics of selling out and the fall [...]

    • I borrowed this and Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary from my sister. I have to say it's in remarkable condition for a book she bought in the early 90's. I remember her reading it a lot when we were kids. I remember watching the film with her and her friends and being kind of weirded out by it. Seriously though, this thing is in great condition! I also noticed the price on the back: $16.95CAD. I figure that's pretty much what you would pay for it if it came out today. Anyways the gist o [...]

    • Totally reminded me a 40-year-old man's scrapbook. A story about four aging punk musicians on a multi-city reunion tour who are totally messed up and completely psychotic. The book itself is a collection of phone messages, receipts, song lyrics, diary entries, pictures, etc. It isn't a very complicated book by any means. I liked it but was left wishing for more. I loved the movie and highly recommend it, even though it is very different from the book.Re-read July 23, 2014

    • Hard Core Logo relies not on conventional narrative to convey its plot and its characters, but on a patchwork including (but not limited to) mixed media snippets of photographs, blank verse, answering machine messages and lyrics. The novel is short, but I felt like it worked well with the experimental style - it was different enough and short enough that it didn't feel gimmicky, and worked nicely to tell the story itself.

    • An infamous book I took too many years to get to reading. It was alright. Certainly unique as the whole thing is written as lyrics, journal entry, and phone messages. This makes for a very quick read. Which is good since over all the book didn't do all that much for me. It wasn't awful and it was a change of pace. I wonder if it'd had more impact where I reading it when released or when movie came out. At least I now know where Billy Talent, the band, got its name.

    • No star rating as of today because, to be honest, I think I need to reread it to fully digest it. I was intrigued by the format and have read other books in experimental epistolary styles, but this one felt a little too sparse at times and I had a hard time engaging, personally. But I want to give it another go soon, as it is just a short little volume, and hopefully will have more interesting things to say then.

    • I read this book for my book club, which, for this round we decided to read books by local writers (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).It was an interesting style because the whole book is comprised of journal entries and song lyrics. However, it was a little too dark for my taste.

    • a staple in canadian (punk) litt as good as it was hyped up to be.will turn me to turner's poetry however.fans of this book should check out 1978 by Daniel Jones for another gritty look at punk in canada.

    • Is it weird to give books lower ratings for being short? I liked this story (four aging punk-rockers go on a terrible reunion tour) and I liked the slightly wacky format (tour diaries, answering machine messages, receipts, etc), but I just felt like it wasn't enough somehow.

    • I'd imagine this book might be harder to follow if you hadn't seen the movie first. The writing approach is very cool. I think the movie might be better though, except for the ending. I think the book's ending was more satisfying, and still as plausible and to character.

    • This book isn't quite a love letter from a struggling band, nor is it hate-mail. It is a bittersweet look at the spaces between rocking out and selling out, between success and failure, and between friendship and hatred.

    • It's been seven, eight years since the last time I read this book, and I'd forgotten just how intense it is, and how intensely my own memories cling to it. It is everything I love about this style of storytelling.

    • I'm quite fond of the film version of Hard Core Logo. It made an admirable indie out of literal scraps. I'm also quite fond of Michael Turner, but this is far from his best work.

    • Second time reading this book. Quick read. And I love it! Also watched the movie last night on blue ray. Too many times to count as to how many times I've seen this movie. And still love it too.

    • I have a soft spot for those scrapbook-type of compilations, choppy verses, and the occasional photo and/or riff insert.

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