Remarks: The Story of "R.E.M."

Remarks The Story of R E M The group that rose from cult to worldwide fame Includes rare photos from the band s personal archives and a complete discography

  • Title: Remarks: The Story of "R.E.M."
  • Author: Tony Fletcher Pr Omnibus
  • ISBN: 9780711932210
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • The group that rose from cult to worldwide fame Includes rare photos from the band s personal archives and a complete discography.

    • Remarks: The Story of "R.E.M." by Tony Fletcher Pr Omnibus
      484 Tony Fletcher Pr Omnibus
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    • Tony Fletcher Pr Omnibus

      Tony Fletcher is the author of seven non fiction books and one novel His biography of drummer Keith Moon has been named in many a Best Music Book list, and his biography of R.E.M updated in 2013 as Perfect Circle, has been published in over half a dozen countries A Light That Never Goes Out The Enduring Saga of The Smiths was published in the UK by William Heinemann in September 2012, and by Crown Archetype in the USA in December 2012, with paperback editions following in the corresponding months of 2013 A memoir of his South London schooldays, Boy About Town, was published in the UK by William Heinemann in July 2013, and is now available as a paperback in both the USA and UK through Windmill Books Cornerstone Press.Fletcher gained his entry into music journalism by founding a fanzine at his London school in 1977 by the time Jamming ceased publication in 1986, it was selling 30,000 copies a month Along the way he interviewed the likes of Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller and U2, as well as dozens of up and coming, predominantly independent post punk acts.A contributor over the years to a multitude of magazines, newspapers, radio and television shows, primarily in the UK and USA, Fletcher now lives with his family on a mountaintop near the village of Woodstock in New York State There he runs, skis, maintains his web site ijamming, serves on his local school board, and plays Hammond B 3 and Rickenbacker in the Catskill 45s, a group that only performs songs from 45 calendar years ago.

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    • R.E.M. is my favorite band of all time. A favorite to the point of, when they broke up, I got a number of "are you okay" texts. I own nearly all their releases, I buy soundtracks and compilations simply because they submitted a single song to it, bought the import singles for b-sides, the whole nine yards.This also means buying/reading a number of books. The gold standard, historically speaking, has been It Crawled From the South, which was less a biography and more a companion. R.E.M.: Fiction [...]

    • *sigh* The final installment of Tony Fletcher's often-updated R.E.M. biography series. So sad I think I now have to admit they've really broken up. (But on the good side, I get another R.E.M. book out of it! One last chance to read about the band!)I am kind of disappointed at the cover -- all the cover is is a picture that's been floating around the internet (possibly from Q Magazine) for over a decade. And that's all. I mean, I've had that picture on my computer for ages, use it as my desktop w [...]

    • The 2002 update of the R.E.M. biography. 4.5 stars.From the preface:"The opportunity to edit and expand the original manuscript was the clincher. I had held onto all my source materials -- tapes, transcripts, demos, press cuttings and even early drafts -- and could see that I had left many sub-topics and tangential points out first time around for the sake of brevity. Yet I could also tell that Remarks had become a reference for other R.E.M. books over the years, which had then added their own o [...]

    • il libro vero e proprio è interessante, ma ci sono troppe notizie marginali e troppo poche strettamente musicali (il rapporto dei r.e.m. con i propri gruppi spalla è totalmente tralasciato, ad esempio: e si che del rapporto tra loro e i dream syndicate o i minutemen ci sarebbe parecchio da dire), l'appendice di gianni sibilla non aggiunge granchè (nonostante ci sia dietro indubbiamente uno sforzo notevole) se non per i testi. occasione sprecata?

    • ** 1/2Non consiglierei questo libro ad un fan dei R.E.M. quale io sono, e neppure a coloro i quali vogliano avvicinarsi per la prima volta a questa band così straordinaria.La prima parte, redatta da Tony Fletcher, si ferma all'uscita di "Out of Time", mentre la seconda parte, curata da Gianni Sibilla, arriva fino a "New Adventures in Hi-Fi"; come corollario è presente un'analisi dell'immagine, dei testi e dello stile dei R.E.M. che, tuttavia, non riesce ad impreziosire un volume perlopiù noio [...]

    • I read this to get excited for my recent trip to Georgia, and it's definitely one of those books that consumed me and was hard to put down. As far as I know, this is the only book on R.E.M. to cover their entire career: not just their 80's heyday when they made those mysterious early albums that everyone loves, the Green and Out of Time-eras where the band swapped instruments to shake up their sound, the insane popularity that followed throughout the 90's but also the criminally underrated era a [...]

    • First off I'm not a big R.E.M. aficionado nor a rabid fan many ways I'm nothing more than an interested party.ever over time and due to picking up various CDs at boot sales and charity shops by the band plus the Hindu love gods spin off I have enjoyed a lot of their output.This book is easily followed and unlike many biography books is biography of the band rather than a band biography that overtly charts the growth of each member pre fame.e lack of personal background in many ways allows the st [...]

    • R.E.M. has always been one of my favorite bands. And while I've always kept up with the band through their albums and various magazine articles, I had a very limited view as to what was going on behind the scenes. "Perfect Circle" gave me a look behind the curtain, examining their beginnings in a blossoming Athens music scene, chronicling their gradual rise to fame and subsequent superstardom, and going into detail about the difficulties the band had in following up on their late success. Author [...]

    • Quite a sad rock biog, with the rise a cheerful and ecstatic one as they show only a little of themselves and the world fills in the rest, then sees a little too much and doesn't want to see any more. But good to read their story and remember what amazing music they made and how glad I am they exist.

    • Nice bookend on the 30 year career of my favorite band. The story of the early years is pretty standard, but the last 10 years were really interesting in the struggles of working without Bill Berry. A great reminder of an almost-perfect body of work

    • The text needs editing, and it seemed sometimes like the stories were wrong, but still it's a book about R.E.M so it can't be all that bad. A moderately good history of the band, but I've read better-written books. Hopefully the next edition is better.

    • The read the most recent update of this, which has a slightly different title. It was an excellent biography of the band. I can't imagine following something for 30 years this closely. He does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged in their history.

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