Baby, Don't Go

Baby Don t Go Some Rules Were Made to Be BrokenPhotographer Nick Coltrane broke Daisy Parker s heart nine years ago And now he wants to hire her as his bodyguard She wants to tell him where he can go but her fledg

  • Title: Baby, Don't Go
  • Author: Susan Andersen
  • ISBN: 9780380807123
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Some Rules Were Made to Be BrokenPhotographer Nick Coltrane broke Daisy Parker s heart nine years ago And now he wants to hire her as his bodyguard She wants to tell him where he can go, but her fledgling company desperately needs the cash flow She once broke her own rules, only to watch his sexy self run for the door Providing round the clock protection for him is outSome Rules Were Made to Be BrokenPhotographer Nick Coltrane broke Daisy Parker s heart nine years ago And now he wants to hire her as his bodyguard She wants to tell him where he can go, but her fledgling company desperately needs the cash flow She once broke her own rules, only to watch his sexy self run for the door Providing round the clock protection for him is out of the question right Nick needs Daisy around to keep the hired thugs who are out for his blood from actually getting it If he can make amends for the way he screwed up nine years ago in the process, then so much the better Except time has done nothing to dull the memory of how Daisy once rocked his world off its axis, and her cocky attitude and mouthwatering curves still have the power to turn his brain to mush.Now two people who once were friends and used to be lovers will discover whether love and trust can come from a passion that breaks every rule.

    • Baby, Don't Go by Susan Andersen
      283 Susan Andersen
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    • Susan Andersen

      I grew up in a household with two brothers, a daddy, and my grandfather Too many men, in other words They diluted M ma s influence by diverting my attention to things like the danger of answering nature s call in the dead of the night I ve got a hint for those of you raised in a less spit and scratch world check before you sit, because chances are that seat is gonna be up And they don t even have the grace to be embarrassed about it According to my sweet baby boy, if you re the minority sex in the household, you oughtta be putting it up for them Sigh.Having brothers was a mixed bag When anybody messed with me they were always quick with an offer to beat them up That was sorta nice, although I personally believe it had to do with the fact that guys just like to fight than with any towering concern for my welfare You might think that s cynical but guess who the target was if no one else was around and they were tired of fighting each other I must ve spent half my childhood locked in the bathroom, screaming, Dad s gonna get you when he gets home I know, I know, nobody likes a stoolie But it was either that or have my block knocked off on a regular basis, and trust me, Daddy was the best deterrent going.A smart woman probably would ve gone away to an all girl school or moved in with some girlfriends at the first opportunity Me, I got married to my high school sweetie And the tradition continues Our only kid who hasn t been a kid for quite some time now is the aforementioned sweet baby boy, and except for an Irish setter we had for eleven years a long time ago, even our pets have all been male I just try to stay afloat whenever I find myself in the deep end of the testosterone pool, and if you don t think that isn t a trial sometimes, I m here to tell you it can be hell Then again, it can also be heaven In fact, it mostly is But listen, don t tell my guys I fessed up to that, okay Trust me, it s difficult enough already, just trying to stay one step ahead of the game.

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    • When professional photographer Nick accidentally photographs a heavy hitter getting down and dirty with a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter, the heavy hitter sends in his muscle to get the negs. Nick needs some close protection so he employs Daisy who is one of the best in the businessunfortunately she's also the woman he loved and very unceremoniously left many years earlier.Baby, Don't Go is a world better than the only other Susan Andersen book I've read, Baby, I'm Yours. Still the b [...]

    • What was great :- The heroine and her attitude, her self-confidence even if she's not a typical female-That the heroine was not typical-The bickering that was annoying at first became fun after they were intimate and the way they couldn't help but argue even in bed-The transgender friendsWhat wasn't so great:-The protagonists past history and the hero attitude about it- Nick is outraged because Daisy doesn't trust him while he's not being honest with her-The hero always giving mix signals. One m [...]

    • The one time Daisy Parker gave over her heart and soul was to Nick Coltrane who swept her off her feet and promptly slammed her back into reality with his cavalier attitude thanking her for the time they spent together. Years later Nick is in need of protection, leading him to the best in the field Daisy Parker. Daisy wants nothing more to do with Nick, but with a new business can't turn him away as much as she wants too. Nick realizes he made a mistake years ago and with her at his side plans t [...]

    • 2 ½ stars. I skimmed parts to get to the dialogue - that’s not a good sign.But it did keep my interest, probably due to curiosity.I think the author is a good writer. She just didn’t have anything interesting enough to write about. I think it was hard for her to come up with interesting conflicts for this story.Nick hurt Daisy nine years ago. She won’t forgive or forget. I was ok with that. He does a lot of groveling, apologizing, and saying he loves her, but she doesn’t want to believe [...]

    • There were so many things about this book that I absolutely loved. I loved the Heroine and her spunky that's right I save the man attitude. I even loved the banter between the hero and the heroine. It was a fun light read if nothing else however I couldn't get past the fact they were at one time step siblings and I have said it before and I will say it again its just to weird for me. I am pretty open minded but I hate it when an author make a brother and sister sleep together. I know most people [...]

    • First of let’s get one thing straight, the storyline for this book was kinda far-fetched. A guy hiring a girl as a bodyguard? Cmon. But we extend reality in these stories and somehow we except it. Although the whole time I’m reading this book, I’m thinking no guy would hire a girl to be a bodyguard. But I digress.Daisy, an ex-cop, has a new business as ‘security specialists’ aka bodyguards and it’s not going to well. She needs a client soon or she’ll have to close up shop but in wa [...]

    • I HATE secret keeping as a plot device, but it didn't bother me in this book. Once the story got going the secret became immaterial as the danger became more serious. I loved that Daisy was the protector in the story; it was nice to have a female in a traditionally male role and the male in an artistic role. Daisy was strong and careful, both professionally and personally. Nick was creative and determined. Both valued honesty and Nick's descent into secret keeping was all to protect his sister. [...]

    • I HATED this book. I left it in the Munich airport. Both of the main characters are insufferable. San Francisco is written as if the author has never been. There is zero chemistry. There is a transvestite character that is written so clumsily. At one point he jokes about his friends dying of AIDS and the scene just keeps moving? I give books some allowance for when they were written, but this was pretty egregious.

    • Nick takes Daisy's virginity and leaves her in the dust. Nine years later, he hires her as a sort of bodyguard (except he never really lets her do her job) and old feelings reignite. The couple’s banter was frustrating to the point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to get together and get it over with or split ways never to hear from each other again. Both had the “I secretly love you but also hate you” attitude and neither did a particularly good job of trying to redeem themselves. W [...]

    • I really liked Nick. At first he seems self-absorbed and shallow, but it isn't long before we realize there's more depth to him than that. As the story wore on, I felt he really grew. I especially like that he admitted his feelings first. I also really liked Daisy. Not many authors could write a likable, believable bodyguard heroine, but Andersen really pulled it off. Though Daisy was tough, she wasn't so tough she became stupid with it. She knew her own strengths and weaknesses, and she wasn't [...]

    • This is the second of the "Baby" series that I've read. It is similar to the first in that the entire premise is improbable and ridiculous. But did I care? Not one bit. The writing was great so I tucked my disbelief into a side pocket and enjoyed the ride. I loved the interplay between the hero and heroine. She is tough and honest He is a perfect mixture of alpha and beta. Both have senses of humor which makes for fun dialogue. Unlike the first Baby book, this one has less focus on the secondary [...]

    • This was actually much better than I expected. After photographer Nick accidently takes a pic of a politician in a compromising position he hires a bodyguard to protect himself from the thugs that are sent after him to get the pictures. However the bodyguard that he hires happens to be the girl he ditched after sleeping with her 9 years before. While completely predictable, ths was a fun read. The ending seemed a bit anticlimatic, but other than that it was pretty good. I give it a B--.

    • From the start I really disliked the hero and didn't warm to the heroine either. I find it hard to understand she was hurt enormously by him and three seconds (sort of) after seeing him again, she makes exactly the same mistake. I also started skipping a lot of the sex scenes after a while: there were too many of them and did nothing for the development of the relationship. This author has written better books.

    • 4.5*'s. Would have given 5, but the ending kind of got a touch cheesy for me. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Daisy is probably my most favorite heroin ever. Strong, capable, stubborn, and a smart-ass. Nick is great also. He tended to bounce back and forth between beta and alpha hero. Although I'm sure he'd take offense at being called a beta. I thought it was a wonderful, fast-paced read, by one of my favorite authors that I would happily recommend.

    • I read the e-book version and I find it hard to get past errors (repeat of lines, phrases) that should have been edited out. It distracts me from the story.The other item I didn't like was the word choice for the characters at times. They were very out there and they just didn't fit with the characters. But besides that, I really enjoyed Daisy and Nick - their sparring, their chemistry.

    • I read it last afternoon.It's funny, sexy and with a little suspense/policial.Daisy is apparently a fragil women doing a man's job but when the tuff gets rough yes exactly, she can do her job and protect her clients especially this one, but can she protect her heart from fall apart again by the same man? Can she take that risk?I really envjoy the discovery.

    • Me gustó que Daisy sabe cómo cuidarse y le salva la vida varias veces Nick. Que no me gustó: la razón por la cual se separaron en el pasado y la forma en que regresaron. En fin, es una lectura rápida, con sexo explícito incluido, caracteres que podrían ser más pero que son suficiente para el estante en que los puse.

    • DNF because I couldn't bring myself to care about these characters. Daisy and Nick both were stupid, childish, and impulsive. I'm giving it two stars rather than one because the writing's not horrible and I must consider that my reaction to this story may have more to do with my own shitty mood than with the book itself.

    • Worst book of any kind that I have read in a very long time. The "I can't stand you but I desperately want to bone you" vibe is so trite (not to mention unbelievable) that each of these main characters is too grating to accept. Secondary characters are made of something even flimsier than cardboard. Not recommended.

    • Lots of suspension of disbelief here. That wasn't what brought my rating down though. I felt like the book couldn't decide if it wanted to be smart banter sexytime (yay) or descend into cheesy 80s romance language. It just had a bit of a split personality for me.

    • This was a pretty cute book about a man who uses his ex-love of his life's body guard service to protect himself after he unknowingly takes a racy photo of an important politician. Of course, they fall in love.

    • The two most annoying protagonists that ever inhabited the Land of Contemporary Romance! They did nothing but bicker to the point I lost track of what the plot was. One of the worst books I've read and couldn't finish it. I never wanted to smack a couple more than Nick and Daisy.

    • I almost didn't finish this book. When I read a book I like to be invested in the characters, but this one just didn't grab me. I was actually more interested in the story between Mo and Reid. However after about halfway through the book the story got better and turned into an easy read.

    • Four stars only when you're comparing it to other books in the same genre. Fine literature it isn't. But it was a fun, light-hearted book that I enjoyed on a day I felt cruddy.

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