Exposed Chan Shealy is an all American girl a baton twirler straight A student But when she looks for a boyfriend online sure that she s following the rules and staying safe she finds herself the victim o

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: Susan Vaught
  • ISBN: 9781599907918
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • Chan Shealy is an all American girl, a baton twirler, straight A student But when she looks for a boyfriend online, sure that she s following the rules and staying safe, she finds herself the victim of a pedophile whose interests are worse than she ever imagines it is almost too late when she realizes what she must do to stop him.

    Exposed Jan , Directed by Gee Malik Linton With Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves, Christopher McDonald, Mira Sorvino A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner s death The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman. Exposed Definition of Exposed by Merriam Webster Choose the Right Synonym for exposed liable, open, exposed, subject, prone, susceptible, sensitive mean being by nature or through circumstances likely to experience something adverse liable implies a possibility or probability of incurring something because of position, nature, or particular situation liable to get lost open stresses a lack of barriers preventing incurrence. Exposed definition of exposed by The Free Dictionary expose k sp z tr.v exposed, exposing, exposes a To subject or allow to be subjected to an action, influence, or condition exposed themselves to disease exposed their children to classical music b To subject a photographic film, for example to the action of light c To deprive of shelter or protection lay open to danger Exposed film Exposed originally titled Daughter of God is a American thriller film, written and directed by Gee Malik Linton credited as Declan Dale , at his directorial debut.The film stars Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves, Christopher McDonald, Big Daddy Kane, and Mira Sorvino.The film was released in a limited release and through video on demand on January , , by Lionsgate Premiere. Exposed Synonyms, Exposed Antonyms Thesaurus If he exposed himself, would not the three of them pull their guns Mortimer exposed the pasteboard he had acquired on his entry to the stand He knew not to what dangers she was exposed Exposed Synonyms, Exposed Antonyms Merriam Webster liable, open, exposed, subject, prone, susceptible, sensitive mean being by nature or through circumstances likely to experience something adverse liable implies a possibility or probability of incurring something because of position, nature, or particular situation. liable to get lost open stresses a lack of barriers preventing incurrence. a claim open to question EXPOSED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary exposed definition having no protection from bad weather not covered able to be seen if a person or organization is exposed, they risk losing money Learn . Exposed Skin Care Best Acne Treatment Combining Science Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Kits and Products offer the best healthy natural and scientific acne fighting ingredients, guaranteed to clear your skin and prevent new acne in days or less year money back guarantee Be Clear, Be Natural, Be Exposed Exposed Movie Review Common Sense Media Parents need to know that Exposed is a grim police procedural intercut with a supernatural story about a young Dominican woman who sees apparitions or possibly ghosts It has lots of mature content and themes, including rape, incest, drug dealing, child abuse, and murder The rape scene includes facial expressions and sounds a little girl bears bruises that appear to indicate sexual abuse at Exposed Directed by James Toback With Nastassja Kinski, Rudolf Nureyev, Harvey Keitel, Ian McShane Wisconsin farm girl Elizabeth Carlson leaves family and her English teacher lover behind, and escapes to New York City There she soon makes a career for herself as a fashion model During a private viewing of paintings, she s approached by a mysterious man whose motives are unclear.

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    • Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooChan has PIRs (parental Internet rules) when it comes to being on the computer and the Internet at home. The key rules are: 1. Never put any identifying information on the Internet without parental approval. 2. No public profiles. 3. Everything that is done on the computer gets supervised or reviewed. Chan is about to break every one of these rules in the next few weeks. After a horrible breakup at school the previous spring with the school quarterback, Chan av [...]

    • See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! Diversity Rating: 1 – Tokenism Racial-Ethnic: 1 (best friend is black)QUILTBAG: 0Disability: 1? (Chan has herpes)Intersectionality: 0Once To Catch a Predator hit it big in 2004 and kept airing episodes through 2007, precautionary tales were sure to follow. Some were brilliant and chilling like Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman. Others were the Rainbow Party of novels (overdramatic and anticlimactic messes). Though reviews were discouraging, I h [...]

    • I was shocked at how caught up in the book I got. It's about a girl who's life just started to get back to normal (or as normal as it could get) after being bullied in school for over a year. Because it didn't stop, she started to feel lonely and, thinking that no one would like to go out with her from her school, decides to look for a boyfriend online. On the first day on a dating site, she meets a guy that (view spoiler)[ turns out to be a pedophile and attacks not only her, but also her littl [...]

    • This was a dramatic book about the dangers of meeting strangers online. Every teen should read it. It may seem pointless since I know where I live many teens are meeting people off the internet and don't really care about who they give their phone numbers and addresses to, but still.I've read a few books from Vaught and find her to be a very good writer of YA dramas. They often show teens in difficult situations and she portrays them realistically without heavy cliches.

    • This book sounded so good but was sadly a dissapointment. The main charachter Chan is weak and complains and acts embaressed about her herpies and fathers weight problem throughout the book . Its like we get it you have herpies and an obease father . The way she was embaressed by her fathers weight problem also bothered me. Its her FATHER for christs sake how can she be so ashamed of him !? And although i know that this story was suposed to revolve around a girl that meets someone off the intern [...]

    • This was my entertainment during the hurricane. Even read it by candlelight. It was an okay read. But I go back and think was I that naive when I was that young? Why in the world would this girl think someone cared for her while making her do the things she was doing? I'm glad she finally figured things out in time to save her sister.

    • I choose to read this book because I thought the cover looked interesting and I read a little bit about it in the back. I think the genre of this book was like teen issues. The setting of this book takes place at school and in Chan’s room. Chan doesn’t really have faith in herself when it comes to relationships, since her last relationship turned out bad with a boy name Adam P. that gave her herpes and most of the school makes fun of her for that. She decides that online dating would be a be [...]

    • Chandra is sixteen, obsessed with Emily Dickinson, passionate about baton twirling and has had a terrible year physically and emotionally. And whilst her best friend is a serial dater, Chan is looking for something safer – an online relationship with someone that can’t physically hurt her like her ex-boyfriend did. Sadly, this is my first problem with Chan – she’s so focused on finding a guy to make her happy I started to get frustrated. And I never really stopped.Chan isn’t exactly un [...]

    • the reason why i choose this book is because i heard it was a good book, and kind of got my attention on wanting to read it, the genre of this book is realastic fiction. Exposed takes place at her house and school and has to do with the internet,Chan shealy has a lott of things. she has good grades a best friend which her name is devins,chan shealy loves dancing and school. Chan shealy had a thing with this guy adam and they broke up a while ago and she only talks to her friend devin and her sis [...]

    • I have read this book By Susan Vaught and I thought that it was a grreat way of showing the dangers of the internet and giving a great story for children or teenagers most-likley to read and would be facinated by this girls life at home and her life in general like at schoolan has herpes and has to face people everyday do to the rumor that a boy who gave her herpes and chan also deals with weight issues and faces problems that regular teenagers face. But when Chan meets some man online she feels [...]

    • Since the name of the book is Exposed You may know now what is meaning there already. The character really had gone through a lot and luckily saved herself for that danger. Not just only her but her family too. So that makes it even that Chan needed to learn the lesson on her own on doing such thing, especially since the internet is going chaotic on social networking.The plot was so good that I didn't imagined that the character would go through that. This is like a fictional, but real life savo [...]

    • This book was tamer thanWant to Go Private , and therefore I didn't find it as exciting. Chan was kind of boring as a main character, and the ending was pretty predictable. Also, I wonder if my sister bought these books for herself, or if the parentals bought them for her, to warn her about internet safety, lol. And thus concludes YA books that I borrowed from my little sis.

    • A 'ripped from the headlines' story that has all the emotional heft of a tissue. Predictable and preachy, a deadly combination.

    • I must read like, three online predator storylines a year. This is one of another worse-case-scenario types, where the girl gets her heart broken and decides that she'll find something (someone) on the internet despite knowing better. I actually really despise this depiction of teenage girls. Sure, we do dumb things. Sure, we take risks. Sure, we defy parental rules just for the heck of it (sometimes) but I just feel like we all should know better. Yet, in the storylines, we don't. We still fall [...]

    • My thoughts on this book can be summed up in one word: meh.It wasn't bad. It just was.I read the book quickly, but I didn't find myself engaged into the story until about 86% when a twist intrigued me. Perhaps the book is meant for a very young YA crowd - I wouldn't suggest it for anyone over 15. I found the book to be more of a lecture than a story. Maybe part of my weirdness with it is because I didn't have rules when I was a teen and on the Internet. My rules were "Don't be stupid." A few pag [...]

    • Chandra Shealy is known as "Chan" to her friends, teachers, and family. She appears to be your typical 16-year-old girl as she talks with her best friend Devin about guys, twirling, and the nasty break up Chan had last year with Adam. We quickly learn that the break up was a result of her ex-boyfriend cheating on her and giving her herpes when they had unprotected sex. Chan becomes the target of high school ridicule when students refuse to believe that it was Adam who gave Chan herpes, and not t [...]

    • Also reviewed on my blog, the Vintage Bookworm.First, I'm going to honestly say that I'm not completely sure what to say about this book. It took me a while to get into and I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to get fully into it, but by the page number I was going to stop at if I couldn't get into it passed me by which I was happy for.This book made me uncomfortable. It made me want to keep reading, but at the same time made me want to put it away and say heck no to it.Something that serio [...]

    • It was hard to get into for me. Possibly because the people I know (and myself) have more internet safety skills than Chan. Seeing as her parents laid so many restrictions on her, I can understand why she's not as keen on lines you should never cross no matter what. I thought it was amazingly realistic though, on internet predators. I don't blame her at all for everything she did, stupid or not. Professionals can be smart. Storywise, this book held a lot of drama and Chan seems to be a busy teen [...]

    • Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my YouTube channel: youtube/channel/UCfer16 year old Chan Shealy has a lot going for her. Straight A's, an amazing best friend and a shot at regionals for twirling. Unfortunately, she is feeling lonely in the boy department after a bad break up with her high school's quarter back has left her with a nasty case of herpes. Feeling as though no one at her school will ever want to date her, Chan decides to find an internet boyfriend. She creates a " [...]

    • By: Susan Vaught pages:336 Exposed by Susan Vaught is about a girl named Chan which is in high school. Chan is a girl in high school that does very well in school and she is well liked by her peers. She is helpful and very supportive of her school's teams and attends every football game. A typical day for Chan is going to school watching the football game then going home to eat dinner with her family. Chan never cause trouble with people but people try to start problems with her. She later disco [...]

    • Exposed1 September 2015This book is about a high school girl named Chan who is really self-conscious about herself. The book is written in first person about Chan’s life. One day she decides to try an online dating site and posts poems about her favorite writer and poet, hoping she can catch the attention of someone with the same interests that she has. Almost right away she is chatting with someone named Paul. He tells her that she is brilliant and should keep up her poems and twirling. Chan [...]

    • This is a very realistic book about online predators, but it is also about much more. I haven't really read much about a teen dealing with an STD, and I think that its really important to talk about, because no matter how gross or uncomfortable, it is REAL LIFE. Sometimes things in fiction can make something in real life easier to deal with and hopefully that will make someone less ashamed of themselves, and realize that even though a mistake, it can happen, and you can still live your life.That [...]

    • This book is like a Lifetime movie--you know it's sort of silly, but you just can't seem to tear yourself away because on some level you need to know if it will be as ridiculous as you think it's going to be. And it is.Chan is a junior in high school; a majorette and a poet. Her parents have managed to move past the fact that she got herpes from her boyfriend at age 15, but Chan hasn't. She thinks finding a local date is hopeless, so she breaks what she believes to be over-the-top Internet rules [...]

    • This story of Chandra, a baton twirler who enters into a dangerous online relationship, is features more issues than the author knows how to address. Chan’s father is morbidly obese and had a heart attack in the past, her mother is overly controlling, her sister seems to be suffering from severe anxiety, her coach constantly is threatening to cut her from the team if she doesn’t make weight, and most importantly, much of the school is slut-shaming her after she contracted herpes from her foo [...]

    • VAUGHT, Susan. Exposed. 330p. CIP. Bloomsbury. 2008. Tr $16.99. ISBN 978-1-59990-161-9. LC 2008007008. Gr 8 Up--An obvious story about an Internet predator. Chan Shealy, 16, is determined to find a boyfriend online "so I can have all of the fun and absolutely none of the real-life hassle." Last year, her entire school found out that her BMOC boyfriend gave her herpes. So, she meets Paul online, and he becomes the savior in her life. The two chat late at night and he lures Chan into telling him a [...]

    • Another book I have given up on. I’ll keep it quick but the reasons why I decided not to finish this one are because (1) I didn’t like Chan. She wasn’t relatable and was way too naive. (2) Her family wasn’t really realistic. I’m sure there is some family out there where the mom wears political shirts every day and the father is an obese pushover but again not realistic and not relatable for the average person reading this book. (3) It seems really dated even though it was written in 20 [...]

    • This book is full of anything a teenager would want to read. Some can relate to it. In my own personal opinion, this book was outstanding. As a teenage girl I already know how bad high school can be and how much of an impact it can have on us. Chan had a pretty basicly simple life. Straight A's, chance of going into the twirling championship, an amazing bestfriend. But after dating a boy from the football team, Adam, the whole school decides that she's a whore and gave him an STD. So Chan thinks [...]

    • I will admit that i wasn't hooked right away but you definitely want to keep reading, if you're not already hooked, by page 80 or so. i found the main character, Chan, annoying and unsympathetic at first but once she starts communicating with the guy online i liked her better. throughout the entire book i hardly liked Chan's best friend, Devin. She was really annoying. In the beginning Chan described Devin as really religious but then goes on to all the guys she hooks up with so i don't know wha [...]

    • Reviewed by Corbyn for corbynsfabbookreviewsChan Shealy is an all american girl, a baton-twirler, straight A- student After an incident with her last years boyfriend, and not seeming to find the right guy at her high school she sets out the find a great guy over the internet. Her best friend Devin has very uneasy feelings about this but goes along with it as long as she is involved.She doesn't have to search long when she finds kinighthawk859(Paul). Paul seems to be the typical 18yr old until he [...]

    • Chan, a hs junior, is being bullied at school because her popular ex-boyfriend gave her herpes, so she's naturally reluctant to date anyone at school. She decides finding a boy online would be a better idea, and although she's being careful and only breaking a few of her parents' rules, she knows what she's doing. Or so she thinks is a cautionary tale, about the dangers of the internet, and how one bright, thoughtful girl gets taken in when she thinks she's being careful. Vaughn creates a likabl [...]

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