The Outlaw Varjak Paw

The Outlaw Varjak Paw Having saved the city cats from a fate worse than death Varjak Paw finds himself the elected and popular leader of a new gang a gang that supports freedom and kindness for all But will the pressure t

  • Title: The Outlaw Varjak Paw
  • Author: S.F. Said
  • ISBN: 9780385607551
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Having saved the city cats from a fate worse than death, Varjak Paw finds himself the elected and popular leader of a new gang a gang that supports freedom and kindness for all But will the pressure take its toll on this brave yet sometimes naive cat Soon the city erupts in an all out gang war as the evil Sally Bones attempts to control the lives of all cats HorrifiedHaving saved the city cats from a fate worse than death, Varjak Paw finds himself the elected and popular leader of a new gang a gang that supports freedom and kindness for all But will the pressure take its toll on this brave yet sometimes naive cat Soon the city erupts in an all out gang war as the evil Sally Bones attempts to control the lives of all cats Horrified and outnumbered, Varjak and the others must fight for their freedom or die trying can Jalal s Way really be the best way This is another thrilling adventure, eagerly awaited by all Varjak fans, both young and old.

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      Said grew up in the Iraqi diasporic community in London, moving there with his mother at the age of two After graduating from the University of Cambridge, he worked as a press attach and speech writer for the Crown Prince of Jordan s office in London He began a Ph.D in 1997 looking at the lives of young Muslims in Britain, but left academia to focus on film journalism for the Daily Telegraph where he brought attention to much world cinema , including contemporary Islamic cinema and writing for children

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    • okay first things first: (((elizabeth)))!!!thank you so much for such a wonderful stack of birthday books! and for somehow creating a paperback edition of this book to go along with my paperback of the first book. i could only find hardcover editions listed online, and i like my books to match. and now they do. best last week, i tore through varjak paw so i could get on this one. it is also illustrated by dave mckean, and is another dark little tale of littlecat survival in a bigcat world the fi [...]

    • I loved SF Said Varjak Paw and did not want it to end. I had seen there was a sequel and thought I would give it a go for the love of the first book. Being a film lover, there is not a second film that has ever filled me with love I had for the first. This sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, is just brilliant and I loved it.It fills you with excitement and warmth through friendship and pride. It fills you with dread and frustration, through bullies and darkness. But most of all, it fills you with sat [...]

    • I think I enjoyed this sequel even more than the original "Varjak Paw." The Outlaw is much more action-packed, and includes many new loveable characters. I am left, however, wanting more information. The ending was wrapped up neatly, but I have several unanswered questions such as *spoilers* "What in the world happened to Holly's eye?", and "If Jalal invented The Way, how does Sally Bones know it?". Definitely would have loved a little more back-story.

    • Hard to believe, but the sequel is even better, far far better even, than the first. Gorgeous art from Dave McKean, epic storytelling from Said. I can't believe these books aren't known to all. I recommend to anyone and everyone.

    • My first review and it's a *****. These 5* reviews will be rare, but this deserves it. I generally like stand alone books, but this is the rare sequel which surpasses the first book. It's expertly paced and structured and builds and builds to a remarkably exciting and tense third act finale. SF is (in)famous for taking a long time in writing his books, but the effort really shows here as he doesn't put a foot (paw?) wrong. Just like Varjak himself there's no fancy footwork in the language, just [...]

    • Ο Βάρτζακ Πο και η Κοκαλιάρα Σάλι στην πιο σκληρή τους αναμέτρηση. Η συμμορία της Κοκαλιάρας Σάλι έχει τρομοκρατήσει την πόλη: περιπολίες στους δρόμους, τα ψάρια και τα ποντίκια είναι μόνο για τους γάτους της, ο κόσμος πεινάει αλλά φοβάται. Ο Βάρτζακ Πο πρέπει να την αντιμετ [...]

    • Wow this sequel was actually better than the first book, and the ending fixed the problem of the first book which was an anti climatic ending as the ending for this was epic. I won't say what it was as I don't want to spoil the book, but it was very good. I like how it continued with the mysterious character sally bones being the enemy in this one, and how it gotten worse with her running things. There was some things in the book that wasn't explained however like how/why can sally bones live as [...]

    • A fantastic book for Key Stage 3 students that addresses genuine human dilemmas through the means of animals. I liked how it touched upon the little-explored pre-Islamic culture of ancient Iraq / Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation. My students were intrigued when I read the first chapter out, with one saying he had disliked the previous book in the series quite intensely but that this one sounded exciting.

    • This was a very interestion book about a group of cats versus the group of bad cats in the battle of their city. They pick up more friends as they go on and they also pick up their dog friend's entire family. They go through hard times and also great ideas. I thought it was a Great book.

    • I loved this book deeply. But it left so many unanswered questions. What happened to Holly’s eye? How did Sally know the Way? Who was the cat with no tail and ears we met at the beginning? What happened to Varjak’s family in the Contessa’s house? Jalal seemed like he had more to teach Varjak.

    • You can find my review on my blog here (& below):elementaread/20'The Outlaw Varjak Paw' by SF Said is a middle-grade action/adventure set in the world of city cats. This is actually the second book in the Varjak Paw series (which I didn't realise until I was part way through!) but it can be read as a standalone.Varjak Paw is a silver-blue cat with amber eyes living in the city with his friends Holly, Tam and a dog Cludge. It is winter and there are very few mice around so the gang are huntin [...]

    • Way back in 2003, a friend of mine made me read the first Varjak Paw book. Being about 12 years old, a story about a cat learning ninja skills was my definitely kinda book. I remember the author, S. F. Said even came to our local library and talked about the book and how it got to be published. Needless to say, that book has fond memories for me. So when I found out there was a sequel I was like "DUDE, I GOTTA READ THAT."I got this on audiobook, which turned out to be an excellent decision. The [...]

    • Jeremy YongAdvisoryMs. Gondek 6/2/13 Rarely have I ever moved on to read two books in a series. I just loved the book Varjak Paw, by S.F. Said, so much that I couldn't resist picking up this one. The Outlaw Varjak Paw is so original, just as the first book was, yet it has some of the same themes as the first book. I love the aspects of realism in the book, how there are gangs like in the real world and in this book, except that they are gangs of cats in the book. Sally Bones, a thin white cat, i [...]

    • I was disappointed with this sequel to a pretty amazing middle-grade adventure/fantasy novel about a gifted cat's journey to learn his gifts (and save a city-full of cats). In the sequel, Varjak and his ragtag band of friends face Sally Bones, the terrifying, apparently all-powerful leader of a dominant, domineering gang of cats that has been terrorizing the unaffiliated. It's a good, gripping story well-told (and beautifully illustrated by Dave McKean). But Varjak's mystic Way, also known to Sa [...]

    • This is a great sequel to a great book. I enjoyed reading this up to the final battle versus Sally Bones. I expected a more climactic final battle, but was disappointed in the engagement. However, the story is told well, keeping a reader interested from beginning to end. I wished for more interaction between Varjak and Jalal. I find that the lessons he learned from him were vital to his survival, but I also believe that many of the lessons could be used by the children who read this book, too. O [...]

    • This sequel to Said's Varjak Paw was even better than the first book, and stands alone pretty well. The plotting is much tighter than the first, and I read this pretty much in one gulp.Varjak has mastered the Seven Skills taught to him by his ancestor, Jalal, and saved the cats of his town from the Vanishings that plagued them in the first novel. But without the fear of Vanishings as a distraction, the fearsome Sally Bones and her gang have seized control of the entire city. No cat who is not pa [...]

    • It's rare a sequel is better than the original story, especially when the first book is the brilliant, Smarties Prize winning Varjak Paw. Yet SF Said has achieved the seemingly impossible - making The Outlaw Varjak Paw one of the best sequels I've ever read. The book covers much darker ground than the original. A more intricate and complex plot introduces us to a range of wonderful new characters along with the old favourites, and Varjak's ancestor Jalal appears to mine even richer seams of anci [...]

    • The sequel to 'Varjak Paw' tells the further adventures of the alley cat who speaks to his Mesopotamian ancestor in his dreams - and has learned the mystical ninja-cat fighting skills of legend from him.Now, Varjak and his friends are up against a cruel gang of bullies. It's the dead of winter, food is scarce, and Sally Bones' gang is taking over the city. And, unfortunately, Sally Bones' fighting skills may be even greater than Varjak's.It's a cute story with a message of loyalty and standing u [...]

    • I read this when I was ten or twelve, and I absolutely loved it. I had no idea it was a sequel, it seemed to me a stand-alone book, but I kept reading it over and over. I loved everything about it, all of the characters and events. There were some scenes I even repetitively went back to. It's an easy, quick read, it's not too violent and gruesome for young readers, it's enjoyable, and I still love it and keep it safe in my closet so it can't get ruined. This is one of those books that comes to m [...]

    • OH MY SOCKS THIS WAS AWESOMEFUL! *Spoilah warning* VARJAK PAW BECOMES A FREE CAT THEN SALLY BONES TAKES OVER THE CITY AND HOLLY DIES AND RAZOR BECOMES VARJAK'S FRIEND AND YOU FIND OUT THAT HOLLY ISN'T DEAD BUT SALLY BONES TURNED ONE OF HOLLY'S EYES BLUE AND VARJAK DEFEATS SALLY BONES OMG! Sally Bones creates a treatment for cats that break the law: instead of killing them she rips off their ears and tails. Ouch. She does that to Razor after he decides he doesn't want to be in her gang. After tha [...]

    • I loved this book - equally impressive and encapsulating to both adults and children alike. Despite reading this as a child, I was so happy to rediscover this on the bookshelf. I didn't think it would have the same attraction to me as a few years ago, but S. F. Said writes in such a way as to keep the audience, whatever their age, intellectually stimulated and intrigued. I recommended this highly as a book for parents to read with their children (around 10yrs old) - great book to have discussion [...]

    • J'ai trouvé que ce livre était beaucoup plus sombre que le premier mais je l'ai tout autant apprécié. On retrouve Varjak Paw et ses amis dans une nouvelle aventure. Ils devront rester soudés afin de libérer leur territoire des griffes de Sally Bones et son gang. Une belle histoire d'amitié et d'une certaine manière une leçon de vie que je vous laisse le plaisir d'aller découvrir par vous même. On retrouve le même style d'illustrations que dans le premier tome ce qui rend le livre enc [...]

    • I was taken to a book shop by my grandmother with my two sisters. we all chose books, Cassidy got an encyclopedia of dogs. i got The Outlaw Varjak Paw. Unfortunately, I was unaware it was a sequal. However that did not stop my young mind from enjoying this story through and through. 10 years later and still the only gift from my grandmother, I remember Tam, Varjak and Sally Bones all too welli will be finding a copy of the first book then re - reading this novel as soon as possible.

    • I read this to my class of 10 year olds and they were absolutely entranced. As was I. It was incredibly difficult to put down. Each chapter was left in suspense so we constantly wanted to read on. It was good to see that the dream sequences still happened that were in the first book and that Jalal still played an important voice. I really wish there was a third book that follows Varjak as a true Free Cat!

    • Max and I really enjoyed this one, but this one had a few more, "Mom, stop - I don't want to read this anymore" moments. However, the really good parts follow pretty close after the I-don't-like-this parts, and he was really glad we read the whole thing. A little more on the dark side, with very bad kitties doing very mean things to other kitties, but Varjak is wonderful hero, and it's clear that family is not just who you are related to to, and good friends can do so much good together.

    • I didn't really think that this book would be all that great, but it was absolutely spectacular! If you've read and enjoyed the Warriors by Erin Hunter, you should read this; if you enjoyed this, go get started on the Warriors. It was really cute and friendly. The copy I had had some spectacular blue images that were surrounding and on top of the words that really added some feeling. Sally Bones sent shivers down my spineI just think this was an awesome book.

    • This is the second Varjak Paw book and he's on the streets with Holly, Tam, and Cludge. (Holly and Tam are cats, Cludge is a dog) Varjak Paw is on the run from Sally Bones and her gang because if they find you, they'll cut of your ears and tail, the two things that make a cat a cat. So Varjak Paw plans to fight them but he has to form a small army first.

    • I know this is a children's novel. It even includes drawings. But I loved it. The plot was basic and simple yet enjoyable. The characters had different personalities and even grew as a character through the book. This is apparently a difficult feat to accomplish in YA these years. So I find a children's novel more entertaining then YA. That would be your hint to give it a try and read if.

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