Dawn Volume 1: Lucifer's Halo

Dawn Volume Lucifer s Halo Back in print Joseph Michael Linsner is proud to present Lucifer s Halo the first Dawn graphic novel Featuring pages of glorious full color painted art Lucifer s Halo tells the post apocalyptic

  • Title: Dawn Volume 1: Lucifer's Halo
  • Author: Joseph Michael Linsner
  • ISBN: 9781582405681
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Back in print, Joseph Michael Linsner is proud to present Lucifer s Halo the first Dawn graphic novel Featuring 208 pages of glorious full color painted art, Lucifer s Halo tells the post apocalyptic tale of New York mercenary, Darrin Ashoka After catching a glimpse of a mysterious redhead during a bloody battle in Times Square, his life is turned upside down Darrin Back in print, Joseph Michael Linsner is proud to present Lucifer s Halo the first Dawn graphic novel Featuring 208 pages of glorious full color painted art, Lucifer s Halo tells the post apocalyptic tale of New York mercenary, Darrin Ashoka After catching a glimpse of a mysterious redhead during a bloody battle in Times Square, his life is turned upside down Darrin s quest to find Dawn takes him to the heights of HEaven, the deepest pits of Hell, and everywhere in between Is is harder to fight angels, demons, or yourself

    • Dawn Volume 1: Lucifer's Halo >> Joseph Michael Linsner
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    • Joseph Michael Linsner

      Joseph Michael Linsner is most well known for DAWN, his personal Pin Up Goddess After her debut appearance on the cover of CRY FOR DAWN 1 in 1989, Dawn struck a chord with thousands of fans on an international level She is currently published in six languages and has come to life in the form of statues, action figures, t shirts, lithographs, lunch boxes and trading cardsAn award winning Illustrator, Linsner has painted covers for all of the major comics characters, including Wolverine, Justice League, Conan, and Vampirella One of his proudest moments was getting to illustrate a short story written by Stan Lee for Actor Comics Presents Next up for Linsner is The White Phoenix Other Stories a collection of Dawn short tales, before he starts work on the fourth Dawn graphic novel due in 2013 To contact JML for booking and appearances and conventions or shows please note the authorized email address and ONLY official JML AUTHORIZED 2011 2012 BIOGRAPHY has been updated from the old sites Current info is on his Blogger, facebook and twitter accounts.

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    • I remember first reading this book when I was 16, pulled from my father's bookshelf. My mother hated it for the art, my father loved it for the story (legitimately for the story, not just that reading playboy for the articles bullshit, though I'm sure that could be applicable to this book as well).Though Linsner's art is gorgeous, it does fit into the "big tits, big pecs, big guns (erswords)" genre of graphic novels. Full of women with giant breasts, pointing nipples, literally no waist at all a [...]

    • Just a wonderful piece of art. Almost a narrative poem with images. This is a very special graphic novel. It's like a neo-gothic piece with transcendentalist imagery. I don't even know what that means, but it's the most concise way for me to think of it. Totally hooked and looking forward to reading more Joseph Michael Linsner.

    • Amazing art but plot and characters are all over the place. It reads like edgy fan fiction by a teenager who hates everything, yet wants to tell a message while also including sex. Religious folks will be offended with how god and the devil are turned into a gay couple having a quarrel over a simple halo. Anarchists might dig the way society has crumpled, but it's a plot point that is dropped midway for shallow philosophy and pretentious quoting of religious books. As a whole, you are better off [...]

    • I found this and its companion at in a used book shop in Raleigh, while applying for a job. It was in good condition, being a fourth printing I would hope so. No I didn't get the job. This is a little late in writing, sorry.First off Mr. Linsner's art is Incredible. It is real, dark, and emotive. This would have been worth full price just to look at. I am not a critic, when it comes to art, but I know when I see a Good bit of it. This is not for children in my opinion. The authors website is her [...]

    • I am a sucker for Linsner's art, despite the fact that he draws all his women with pointy nipples and huge breasts that point in opposite directions. His storytelling reminds me a bit of something a goth kid would come up with in high school, but for some reason the art makes up for that. I had a lot more respect for Joe before he came to my comic store and made some derogatory comments. I really shouldn't give him any more of my money but his art gets me every time!

    • This book is amazing! I can't wait to read the rest. I love the story, how there are the different higher powers all present and how Dawn can go wherever. I have to admit I was also looking at what she was wearing to try to get an idea for a costume for the Dawn contest at Dragon*Con. I think I know what I'm going to try. :)

    • Linsner was the best of the Nineties cheesecake comic artists. His pages are not just fantastic pinup style paintings, they are also anatomically realistic which is a quality rarely found in "good girl" art. The plot of Lucifer's halo is some sort of mash-up of Christian and Celtic mythology with some feminist elements, but the real point is just to enjoy the art.

    • One of my favorite comics of all time! The art is amazing, the character designs are incredible, looks like every page is a oil painting but in reality it's markers and coloring pencils on paper Wow!The story is also amazing! Really hit me hard when I read it in my late teens early 20's. Put certain issues of faith and life into a different perspective for me. This book gets my top recommendation. Read it. Share it.

    • I'd give this a 0 if I could. The only thing good about this is the art. The story's sort of silly and not the kind that sticks in your mind.We follow this guy named Darrian who has a dream from Dawn or something. ANd while that's happened, god tells Dawn to get down to hell and take back Lucifer's halowhich she does easily because Lucifer's like, 'you don't know the lines of Shakespeare? Screw you, take it then!"Then the halo is given to Darrian who goes on a killing spree. Srsly. Angel 'Mikal' [...]

    • Confusing autobiographical graphic novel about one young man's coming to terms with religion and sexuality, dressed up in post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy drag. Lush (often excessively so) self-taught art is filled with symbolism, too much of which is understandable only to the author. I had to read this book twice to make sense of it, and even then a lot was left un-understood. And the neopagan goddess worship stuff is spread on thickly, so much so that this book ended up reminding me a little t [...]

    • Saccharine American gothic fantasy. Sexy goddess of rebirth (who usually has three mascara tinted tears down her left cheek) encourages a lost souled hero in a post apocalyptic N.Y. to find himself as the horned god by running about with the halo which Satan neglected to give back to god when he went to hell. Satan and God are ex-lovers. Reminds me of when my queer friend Sean wouldn't give me back my Iron Maiden T-Shirt and Raw Power body building book after we fell out over my understanding th [...]

    • Well I certainly didn't hate this book since I did finish reading it but I honestly couldn't tell you what happened in it. The storyline was intriguing but was just messy in its overall execution. Hard to follow what exactly what was going on and why anyone would even care. None of the characters were well developed and you get the distinct impression that the illustrator was more concerned about how "sexy" Dawn should look. That might be great for some, but not for me.

    • Linsner art is incredible. Sadly his writing never comes even close to that. It does not make the story deep if you wank around with religion (only Ennis has done that well) and throw in couple of Shakespeare quotes (maybe you get girls when you read Shakespeare).But no one draws asses and tits like Linsner.

    • A fabulous read that portrays a man's struggle with his own atheism and the death of his father as he pursues a goddess who teaches him to walk his own path. Beautiful art lends well to this enthralling, yet simple plot.

    • The storyline, and some of the artwork, left me confused. I appreciate what the writer was trying to do, but the road to get there had some holes. I really liked the cover artwork for each issue within the volume, but frame-by-frame was a little too cartoon-y.

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