Ticket Home

Ticket Home Is that a cell phone in his pocketor is he just happy to see her A Strangers on a Train StoryWhen Amy Moreland left Seattle she never expected to see her workaholic ex boyfriend again Encountering hi

  • Title: Ticket Home
  • Author: Serena Bell
  • ISBN: 9781619214347
  • Page: 311
  • Format: ebook
  • Is that a cell phone in his pocketor is he just happy to see her A Strangers on a Train StoryWhen Amy Moreland left Seattle, she never expected to see her workaholic ex boyfriend again Encountering him on her Connecticut to New York City commute is the surprise of her life He seems hell bent on winning her back, but every time his cell phone rings, it s a painful remiIs that a cell phone in his pocketor is he just happy to see her A Strangers on a Train StoryWhen Amy Moreland left Seattle, she never expected to see her workaholic ex boyfriend again Encountering him on her Connecticut to New York City commute is the surprise of her life He seems hell bent on winning her back, but every time his cell phone rings, it s a painful reminder of how he failed to put her first.Jeff Havers can t help that his phone keeps interrupting his carefully composed apology speech, but having Amy sic the Metro North security team on him is a bit much Once he talks his way out of handcuffs, he focuses on coaxing Amy to talk about the fears that drove her away.As the train ride takes them through the landscape of their lost life together, sparks fly and remembered heat reignites But if they re not brave enough to overcome the still fresh pain of old wounds, it could be too late to pursue what really matters their ticket home.Warning This book contains steamy train car action, sex on the stairs, and a hero determined to give his velvet and heels clad woman exactly what she s looking for.Story length 19,000 words, or 78 pages.

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      USA Today bestselling author and RT Reviewers Choice Award nominee Serena Bell writes richly emotional stories about big hearted characters with real troubles and the people who are strong and generous enough to love them A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing story to tell if you listen carefully, and she adores hiding in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serena s imaginary friends but also her enormous collection of constantly changing and passionately embraced hobbies, ranging from needlepoint to paddle boarding to meditation.Sign up for new release updates here serenabell newsletter

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    • 3.75/5It took me over half a year to finish this short story!During the first 40% of the book, things moved so slowly that I felt extremely bored. I picked it up and put it down several times until I finally gave up and then completely forgot about this novella. I still don't know why I got back to it and took up where I left off. Good thing I did because as the story moved along, it started to pick up its pace and became much more interesting.Jeff is a workaholic man and Amy couldn't stand bein [...]

    • Wow - this was not what I was expecting at all. Full disclosure: I know Serena. We're kind of buddies. But that just means that I thought her work would be warm and sweet, like her.It's not warm and sweet. It's raw and powerful and honest in a way that completely sucked me in. When reading this, I had flashbacks to a million conversations with friends about their husbands, and the way that these husbands let them down. I can't explain it - I just had this visceral, gut-check reaction to the feel [...]

    • When things started to fall apart between Amy and Jeff, Amy broke up with him, moved to Connecticut, started a new job, and created a new life for herself. But one morning Jeff shows up on her train as she's commuting to work. Every emotion imaginable rose to surface as Amy took in all of Jeff for the first time in months. And, to her utter shock, Jeff is determined to have her back in his life. However, Amy is unsure if she wants him back. Major things in their relationship must change in order [...]

    • 4,25 starsI'm a sucker for marriage/relationship in trouble and reunion tropes and this contribution to the Strangers on a Train collection just cemented this love.It was emotional and gripping! I was flipflopping between rooting for Jeff and agreeing with Amy that he was an ass who didn't deserve a second chance. I must admit that when I reached the second before last chapter I was fearing there would not be a HEA. It seemed beyond repair and I was wondering how Ms. Bell was going to fix this. [...]

    • Amy left Seattle, and her workaholic ex boyfriend Jeff in the dust when she escaped across the country to NYC. She never expected to have him show up on her commuter train determined to win her back and have her come home with him. Jeff Havers has always been committed to his work and attached to his phone. But he's never realized the impact it's had on his life until Amy finally spills all the reasons why she left him.Can Amy let go of the past in order for Jeff to make amends and win her back, [...]

    • I think author does a really nice job with bringing angst into a short story. Hero and heroine have been separated for six months due to hero being a workaholic and heroine moving across the country to pursue her career. Hero wants her back though. So they both have to reevaluate their livesThe sex is really hot too.

    • a very nice addition to Strangers on a Train. of all the novellas, this one stood out as the best use of the train and train analogy. Well written with just the right amount of honest and angst, this was a pleasure. I look forward to reading more from Serena Bell.

    • Ticket Home is a sigh worthy novella about a broken up couple struggling to mend the rift between them. Amy sees Jeff as a workaholic who always put her second to his job. Jeff sees Amy as the woman who left rather than have a conversation to work out whatever drove her across the country. But Jeff still loves Amy. He misses her. She left him, but he leaves his business in Seattle to find her in NY. But can he convince her to give him a second chance when his iPhone is ringing off the hook?Amy a [...]

    • Look at that cover! Maybe I should round up to 5 stars just for the visual feast. This story grabbed me from the start and didn't let go. I loved how the heroine walked away from the hero and (sort of) reported him as a nuisance to the ticket inspector. He totally deserved it. The author did a great job revealing the backstory in small doses and winning me over on the romance. I had a small issue with the heroine's sudden realization at the end, even though I appreciated her taking responsibilit [...]

    • I really liked how the couple actually talked through and worked out their problem - because it was a pretty big problem. I loved how they both took responsibility for their part in the break-up.I really would have liked another chapter (or more) after the end though to cement that they were going to make it. I wasn't in complete belief about either one of the epiphanies. I knew it'd work short term, but I wanted to see them make it work long term.Overall, good writing and good story, and I look [...]

    • I really enjoyed this short one by new author, Serena Bell. I'm always a sucker for a second-chance romance, and this one gave me everything I look for.I'm glad I was able to sample Bell's writing in this anthology, as I'll definitely be on the look-out for her upcoming single releases.

    • this review was originally published at DearAuthorTicket Home is a debut work by Ms. Bell and it's damn good. It and Ms. Knox's Big Boy are my favorites in this collection. (There are five novellas compiled in a book entitled Strangers on a Train.) Ms. Bell's tale has heart, heat, and hope. It's an excellent first try and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Bell's prose.The leads in Ticket Home are introduced while riding a train--a commuter headed into Manhattan--but they are anything b [...]

    • Reviewed for Sara at HarlequinJunkie! :DReview copy courtesy of the publisherI think it's been a while since I've read something that has a character that I can really identify with and even understand the issues between the characters in a book. Ticket Home, another installment of the Strangers on a Train series, is one of those books and it really hit the mark for me.Amy is our heroine in this one and I really liked her. She seems like a real woman. Normal, average. She goes to work, comes hom [...]

    • I have to say this was my favorite story of the five. I adored it as it felt like a full length story rather than a novella. You get a good feel for who they were in Seattle and honestly where they needed to go in the future. This takes talent to accomplish in this shorter format and Serena succeeds completely. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more from her in the future.Amy left Seattle to try to make a life away from the man she loved with all her heart. She felt that he always put [...]

    • When Amy decided to walk away from her workaholic boyfriend she left her home in Seattle to start again in New York City. The last thing she expects is for Jeff to turn up on her morning commute six months later desperate to win her back. It was incredibly hard for Amy to walk away from Jeff, it wasn't that she'd stopped loving him she just wasn't prepared to always come second in his life and she was sick of him putting work first. Jeff built his company from the ground up and making it a succe [...]

    • Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsTicket Home is a little bit different from the other stories in this anthology in that the hero and heroine already know each other. After reading the story though, I figured out that while they were lovers and even lived together they weren’t really connecting as a couple and there is a lot they don’t know about one another, thus they are essentially strangers. There is a lot of hurt between these two and watching them try to wo [...]

    • My Review:This story was just heartbreaking, but it was that way because I couldn't see a way for these two people who were so obviously in love to come out of this situation with a happily ever after. Six months ago, Amy left Jefft because she didn't love him, but because he didn't love her enough to put her first before his company and the constant emergencies and ringing phone. She moved clear across the country because she knew her resolve would crumble if she had to face him. Now, it's six [...]

    • Ticket Home was the book that made me sit up and take notice of Serena Bell. Out of all the Strangers novellas I think one was the most romantic. I love stories about couples who work through their issues and fight to be together. Amy was stubborn and did whatever she could to get Jeff to leave and Jeff was determined to get her back no matter the cost. Jeff started his business from the ground up and fears if he's not there then everything will go to shit. Amy was tired of playing second fiddle [...]

    • This was a fine, fine book that I never thought I'd enjoy this much. I loved the realistic, authentic feel of this story. Both MC read like normal, everyday people with real life problems and genuine dreams and ambitions, well-balanced with strenghs and shortcomings everybody can identify with. The issue between them was also real, as was their love. The heroine was very much likeable; she actually had a solid backbone and I wholeheartedly agreed with her reasons for leaving; just like her, I th [...]

    • This story is set in New York and most of it is set on a commuter train. Amy is riding to her job at NYU in the financial department. She moved here from Seattle six months ago, after a traumatic break up with the man she loved, and still loves. Suddenly, he appears! " Is this seat taken?" Her emotions flow through joy, anger, and a little bit of fear. How could she risk her heart again after all this time? They had been apart for six months without any contact.What follows is a sometimes heartb [...]

    • Next came Ticket Home, by Serena Bell, an author whom I haven't read yet, but whose books I'm aware of (in fact, I've a recent one of hers in my TBR).Amy left Jeff when he showed that in his view, her ambitions and aspirations were clearly less important than his. This only added to the many, many instances of his putting his work before her. Amy moved across the country and, in the months since, has built another life. And then Jeff shows up on Amy's commuter train, clearly determined to win he [...]

    • Ticket Home (Strangers on a Train) - Serena Bell This is my 5th book in the "Strangers in a Train". I loved it!We meet Amy who left Seattle and Jeff to pursue a work opportunity. Jeff was upset with how this thing all played out. But after a while he realized how much he misses her and how much he is willing to do to bring her back home to him. He figures he'll take the train she usually takes to work and make her listen to him while on the train - she has no-where to go on the train Amy doesn't [...]

    • This reunited lovers story didn't work for me at all, partly because I'm usually not a fan of the trope. But there are some books with this theme that I love, and the two other stories in this anthology that I've read have been so great, so I decided to give Ticket Home a try. The main problem I had with this story was the conflict that led to the breakup. The heroine leaves the hero because he's a workaholic, which, fine, that's definitely stressful for a relationship, but she never tried to di [...]

    • Grade: B+“So is that why you ran away?”“I ran away, she said through gritted teeth, “because you were an asshole.”I was floored when I learned this was Bell’s first published title. More like this, and she’ll be on my auto-buy list.The only thing that kept this story from an “A” grade was the bit with the (view spoiler)[daddy issues (hide spoiler)] — it felt like a too-much-thought-out attempt to give the heroine an angsty backstory to explain away her reluctance. The hero wa [...]

    • The first out of a whole series of books about train journeys, which I read recently while travelling on trains. This probably wasn't the best one for me to start with: the hero came across to me as unlikeable and borderline abusive as well as a workaholic, and there was no indication that those first two qualities were going to change even if he cut down on his off-the-clock working hours. Plus the message seemed to be that the only way to solve the rift was for the heroine to give up on her as [...]

    • This was good. Despite merely being of novella length, it was infused with so much palpable tension and had my heart in my throat while I frantically flipped the pages, desperately needing a HEA while wanting to savor the writingowly. Will definitely be checking out more of Bell's work following this one. And, gosh, these Strangers on a Train novellas are ALL fantastic. *happy sigh*

    • It's a short but well written story.We have Amy Moreland, who surprised when encountered his ex-boyfriend in a commute train after six month separation. Jeff Havers, her boyfriend wants her to comeback home with him to Seattle but Amy wary whether Jeff would change his workholic way. Basicly it's a story about compromised in a relationship.

    • I liked this! I was a little afraid that all of the issues couldn't be solved in the short time frame of a novella, but I was very satisfied. I really believe in the conclusions both characters came to and I think they'll be okay. Loved the character of "Brooklyn"!Thanks to Amber Lin for the book! Opinions are my own.

    • This sounded so good to me, a short story about two lovers reconnecting again.But I couldn't connect to these characters. I thought Jeff was way to naive and kind ofan a**. They broke up, and after six months he decides to go after her?They didn't have any communication in this book, they just walked away way too easy.Still enjoyable

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