Tiy and the Prince of Egypt

Tiy and the Prince of Egypt Based on the lives of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy a historical romance for all ages Tiy is different than the other Egyptian girls she has pale hair and freckles than she wants to count With h

  • Title: Tiy and the Prince of Egypt
  • Author: Debbie Dee
  • ISBN: 9781492306092
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the lives of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy a historical romance for all ages Tiy is different than the other Egyptian girls she has pale hair and freckles than she wants to count With her mother consumed by the need to keep up appearances, and her father too busy to care, Tiy just wants to disappear into the background But her hope for a quiet li Based on the lives of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy a historical romance for all ages Tiy is different than the other Egyptian girls she has pale hair and freckles than she wants to count With her mother consumed by the need to keep up appearances, and her father too busy to care, Tiy just wants to disappear into the background But her hope for a quiet life is shattered when she rescues Prince Amenhotep from a sandstorm and is rewarded with an invitation to attend the royal school in Egypt s capital a place where girls like her will never belong.Amenhotep welcomes her into his close circle of friends and their friendship strengthens into a bond neither is willing to lose But when Amenhotep becomes Pharaoh and is pressured by the priests to marry, the strength of their friendship is threatened Will Tiy find enough courage to accept Amenhotep s hand when he wants her to become the next Queen of Egypt, especially when her feelings run no deeper than friendship And how can she protect him from the Nubian rebels who are determined to take control of Egypt This story is a rare gem Playing for Sweeps Debbie Dee blew me away, yet again.I was at the edge of my seat over and over Kayla s Place Really draws you in Trips Down Imagination Road

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      Debbie Dee recently moved to southern Idaho with her husband and three children where she is learning how to be a country girl in her favorite pair of blue heels She adores fairy tales and happy endings, but secretly crushes on the bad guy now and then As a dedicated musician who practices way too much, she never expected writing would sweep her off her feet until she jotted down a scene from a daydream, which turned into two scenes, which turned into a messy house and her first novel Since then she hasn t been able to let a day go by without writing In addition to writing, she plays the piano, harp, violin, and gets in frequent fights with her cello She loves to read and play board games when she is winning.

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    • So this was a cute, very sweet read and the author has a great voice. But there were a few things that bothered me.Allow me to fly my nerd flag for a moment.If you're an Egyptophile (or Kmt-phile for lols), you'll probably hate this book. Tiy is blonde, for starters, and has 'Mitanni' coloring. This is artistic license for sure, because one of the current theories is that Tiy was common, but no one knows for sure that she /didn't/ look Egyptian. (I actually think I read an article recently that [...]

    • Check out the book trailer!September 27th is release day for Tiy and the Prince of Egypt! During the week prior to the release I'll be giving away free copies of all my books, free books from some other great authors, and all kinds of fun sneak peaks. Follow me on facebook or keep an eye on my blog for more info.

    • Tiy, a great lady, Queen, wife and mother.I am an avid reader of Ancient Egypt and thier Pharos Queens, You is one of the best, she loved her husband and children very much, many have written about Amenhotep 111, and his wife Queen Tiy but I like this tale the best. I will probably read it again. I am hoping that I have been able to read this book, it's got everything about Ancient Egypt and the way they lived, loved, thier religion and politics and God's, war n peace If you like all that. Get i [...]

    • Good integration of history and author's imagination. I enjoyed following the building romance between Tiy and the pharaoh. Also, the author's commentary gave a greater insight into the true history of Tiy and Amenhotep. I hope to read similar works in the future.

    • Absolutely wonderful. I love anything by Debbie, she is fantastic. I have known her since she was young. I was so excited when she started writing books. You have so much talent Debbie. :)

    • See this and more at crasyabout/I got this book as an author request, and all the thoughts displayed below are only mineAll of my reader know that I'm into everything paranormal. And it is rare that I read something non-supernatural (classics are classics, for better vocabulary and education) but my leisure reaing always consistes of something paranormal. When I was contacted to do this blog tour and the review, I have just published my blog for what 2 weeks, so I said why not to give it a chanc [...]

    • My guilty pleasure is Egyptian based fiction and this made for a wonderful addition to my library. I had read a lot of novels, prior to Tiy and the Prince of Egypt, where Tiy featured but as mother-in-law to Nefertiti so her role was always an already established force to be reckoned with in the Egyptian court, not to mention she was more of a matronly figure than a love interest.Therefore I loved getting a story centered around her unlikely romance with the pharaoh. Get in!So many facts about t [...]

    • Review and blog tour forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live - VISIT for blog tourI received a copy of Tiy and the Prince of Egypt in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tour.Tiy has always been different, with her fair skin, pale hair and blue eyes, and when she saves the Pharaoh's son, Amenhotep, from a sand storm, she becomes even more special to Egypt. Forming a close bond with the young heir to Egypt's throne, their friendship blossoms, to the point that upon the death of th [...]

    • Tiy and the Prince of Egypt by Debbie Dee is a historical fiction book for middle grade and young adult readers. Tiy a twelve year old growing up in Egypt. She has pale hair, which she covers with a wig, and freckle prone skin which she ties to hide in order to stay unnoticed. One day her desire to stay in the shadows is dashed when she rescues the prince from a sandstorm. Her reward is to attend the school in the palace with the other children of advisers and the royal family. She becomes fast [...]

    • **Ebook obtained as part of a review tour in exchange for an HONEST review**Debbie Dee blew me away, yet again, with her characters & world building in Tiy & the Prince of Egypt.I LOVE Debbie's other novels and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one! I was definitely not surprised by how much I loved it.Being a previous history major in college, I have a soft spot for ancient Egyptian history. I was Ah-Mazed at how well Debbie brought in and incorporated the historical aspect of this [...]

    • You can also find this review at girlinthewoodsreviewsDetailed Review: Wow, once again I'm stunned by the author. Debbie, what you have done to me? You have bewitched me with your amazing writing skills! Also after I read the note from the author, it amazed me to find out that most of what I'd read had been real and some incidents had also happened! Wow.What I loved the most though, were the characters and the relationship between the two main characters. Prince Amenhotep and Tiy had very unique [...]

    • Tiy and the Prince of Egypt is a fantastic read and a wonderful middle grade fantasy! Tiy and the Prince of Egypt is a book for any age and will keep you reading until you finish. It was a fast read and I was really hooked.I loved Tiy, she was such a strong female character. She grew throughout the whole book and you actually get to see her grow through each year in more ways than one. This book focused on growing up and believing in yourself and gaining confidence, even when others are trying t [...]

    • I immediately loved this book! I have NEVER been interested in Egypt. As a child everything I was taught about Egypt revolved around death, decay, power and pyramids. Boring. So, this book was a leap into a new genre for me and what pulled me in was a blonde haired girl in Egypt. (What? Was that even possible?)So, Tiy, is treated as an outsider in her homeland of Egypt because of her mixed heritage until she meets Amenhotep, the heir to Pharaoh. With his friendship the courageous Tiy feels empow [...]

    • Tiy and the Prince of Egypt is a beautiful historical fiction story written by Debbie Dee. She was inspired by Tiy (c.1398 BC – 1338 BC), the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III. I was in awe over Dee’s tantalizing descriptions of the Egyptian land as well as the details about the Egyptian wardrobe. She captured the life of royalty and the seriousness of loyalty and respect among the people. Twelve-year-old Tiy is not like other girls her age. She has a fair appearance and gol [...]

    • Dee’s The Last Witch and the Underground Witch were totally enthralling and I didn’t think writing for middle grade and young adult could be better, but Tiy and the Prince of Egypt is another captivating book, a wonderful story of an acient Egyptian girl who suffers from the insecurities and trials of modern day girls. Tiy is an inspiration as she overcomes these insecurities and realizes that she doesn’t have to be just like the other Egyptian girls to be a great person. She blossoms into [...]

    • A very quick and enjoyable read. I was thrilled to find a book based in ancient Egypt. The novel took full advantage of its Egyptian setting, containing references to the Egyptian gods, traditions, and culture. It was a very immersive experience. It was a quick read, but a very good one.The characters were compelling and believable. The relationship between Tiy and the Prince sometimes had me screaming, "Kiss already!" Overall, this book was very well written. The pace feels just right for the n [...]

    • I loved the book. I enjoyed the way the story followed Tiy from the moment she first saw Amenhotep to when she realized that she was in love with him at the end of the novel. I had never heard of Tiy and found her fascinating especially all the things that she went through with looking different than other Egyptian girls. Her reactions and thoughts make her relatable to girls today. I look forward to finding out more about Queen Tiy and her reign over Egypt.

    • At first I was apprehensive to read this book, but in the end I'm glad that I did.Tiy and Amenhotep where realistic characters whom you could like.As the story progresses you see Tiy grow and mature into the woman she's destined to become, and Amenhotep remains as dedicated and loyal to her as in the beginning.Definitely would love to see a sequel to this to how the pair progress.

    • I LOVED this book! Tiy saves the Prince of Egypt, and goes to the Royal Palace to live, where she saves his life a few more times, and has such fun with him! But then, when his father dies and he becomes Pharo, he asks her to marry him. Tiy is worried it will ruin their friendship, but accepts anyway. After all, it is only going to be in name only

    • I just have to say this book is just AMAZING.I love how she made this book which was inspired by the real people of this book. I love the flow of the story especially the interaction between Tiy and Amenhotep. It was truly captivating.

    • A little fantastical and hard to believe the story line at times. It's easy to like the people you should and hate the ones you should hate. The story could have been stronger and more powerful, instead I wad constantly disappointed in the adolescent behavior.

    • Not 100% accurate, but a good read.My favorite part of it was when the friendship grew to be more of a romance, I felt like I ended up rooting for them harder during the end than I would've if Tiy found her feelings sooner.

    • Good historyA good read without distorting known history. I do not know why the author made a blunder in referring a chest being of Roman origin ( Rome came into existence at least a thousand year later).

    • InterestingI like how the author put facts in but at the same time she put her own spin on the story to make her readers draw towards the plots and towards Tiy.

    • I LOVED this book! It was a great story with wonderful characters. It was a sweet, clean romance and loved the history. Great book!!

    • Loved this book! I loved the characters so much! I love Tiy!! The story was refreshing and new!! Loved it!!

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