The Perilous Journey of the Not So Innocuous Girl

The Perilous Journey of the Not So Innocuous Girl Lady Marguerite lives a life most th century French girls can only dream of money designer dresses suitors and a secure future Except she can t quite commit to a life of dull luxury and she suspe

  • Title: The Perilous Journey of the Not So Innocuous Girl
  • Author: Leigh Statham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lady Marguerite lives a life most 17th century French girls can only dream of money, designer dresses, suitors, and a secure future Except she can t quite commit to a life of dull luxury and she suspects she may be falling for her best friend Claude, a common smithy in the family s steam forge When Claude leaves for New France in search of a better life, Marguerite deciLady Marguerite lives a life most 17th century French girls can only dream of money, designer dresses, suitors, and a secure future Except she can t quite commit to a life of dull luxury and she suspects she may be falling for her best friend Claude, a common smithy in the family s steam forge When Claude leaves for New France in search of a better life, Marguerite decides to follow him and test her suspicions of love only the trip proves to be harrowing than she anticipated Love, adventure, and restitution await her if she can survive the voyage.Based on the true story of The Daughters of the King, Louis the XIV s social program to settle the wilds of Canada with women of noble birth, Marguerite s steampunk adventure follows in the footsteps of nearly one thousand brave women and girls who were rewarded handsomely for trekking across the pirate infested Atlantic to a strange land The writing is solid and the world building that clever combination of historical detail and Ms Statham s imagination is excellent The Australia Times Books

    • The Perilous Journey of the Not So Innocuous Girl >> Leigh Statham
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      Leigh Statham was raised in the wilds of rural Idaho, but found her heart in New York City She worked as a waitress, maid, artist, math teacher, nurse, web designer, art director, thirty foot inflatable pig and mule wrangler before she settled down in the semi quiet role of wife, mother and writer She resides in North Carolina with her husband, four children, five chickens and two suspected serial killer cats Leigh is also a founder of QuantumFairyTales and is currently serving a life sentence there as senior editor and gnome driver She loves all things sparkly and strange that go bump in the night.

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    • Fun Facts: I wrote this book during NaNoWriMo. It's based on the true story of one of my ancestors. Strawberry trees are REAL! Unfortunately, Outil is not real. (Le sigh)

    • DNF. There's only so much I can deal with when it comes to spoiled, bratty, offspring of noble birth. Honestly, this book had so much potential despite that misleading blurb. I have no doubt that the steampunk in it would mesh well with the historical aspect of it. Only it didn't quite end up that way. I don't want to delve into it. Not that I could anyway, not fully, at least (I stopped at 50%). It just makes me so angry, how annoying and judgemental and bratty the main character, Marguerite, i [...]

    • If I got to choose the next Disney princess, Marguerite would be it. She is smart, beautiful, and spunky. I love the way Statham develops the characters, especially Marguerite throughout the story. Marguerite is definitely not the same girl she was before she started her journey. Not only was the story enjoyable and suspenseful, but the steampunk imagery was AWESOME! This book was a lot of fun and a great read.

    • 5 Words: Steampunk, family, love, obligation, adventure.It was so so good.But goodness, this book could definitely do with having a better blurb. Because the awesomeness of this book is let down a little by it. If I hadn't just picked it up because of the title and cover, if I had read the blurb, I wouldn't have bothered. And I would have seriously missed out.Marguerite, the main character, is very annoying at first. And I think she's supposed to be, because only if you can't stand her at first [...]

    • I was drawn to this book from the moment I saw the cover. The incredible cover art alone would have probably been enough of an enticement for me to read The Perilous Journey of The Not-So-Innocuous Girl, but the clever title is what really had me hooked.After reading the blurb I was further intrigued, and armed with only this information and the fact that the book was published by speculative fiction specialists, Month9Books, I set in to what I assumed to be an historical fantasy about a perilou [...]

    • I've only recently discovered Steampunk, and every story that I read in this genre makes me love it even more. The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl was such an adventure! This book is rich in so many things and lacking absolutely nothing. The characters are what really made this story for me, though. Statham does such an excellent job at portraying everyone as their own individual person with real growth. Marguerite was simply perfect. I love learning about her and connecting to her [...]

    • Guys, I’ve got to tell you. I’ve had my eye on this book ever since I saw the cover last year.I knew when I saw it I had to read it, so I signed up with Month9Books to get an ARC when they sent them out. I read it in less than two days. This book is everything I would want in a steampunk fantasy.I rarely ever post the back cover blurbs in my reviews, so I’m going to get to the review.This is a tried and true love story about two people from different worlds, different walks of life, who ar [...]

    • Perilously Perfect!I would recommend this book to all! It is far from my typical choice and I couldn't be more excited to share the love I have for The Perilous Journey of The Not-So-Innocuous Girl! I love Marguerite, LOVE her! Wow, I don't want to chance any spoilers, so I will simply say that I thoroughly enjoyed being transported to this world with these characters and joined their lives and great adventures, with all of its ups and downs, as I tagged along on this perilously perfect journey! [...]

    • I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this book! I had no idea that this book would have romance as well as suspense. There were moments in this book that I felt like my eyes couldn't read fast enough. I just had to know what was going to happen!!! I will say that the beginning is a little slow and you're going to wonder what the hay I was talking about, but just trust me. It will pick up and then you won't stop turning pages! My BFF recommended this to me and I'm so glad she did! I h [...]

    • I don't know what time period my love for books and writing in general died, but there was a moment it did. And it was scary! Because reading was the first thing I excelled at--reading and writing, and words in general were the first things I was passionate about. Stories. Stories (stories held in BOOKS, specifically),had always held a higher esteem regarding the critics within me. Books weren't lack-luster, gimmicky, or cheap as reality shows or corny sitcom reruns were on television. They were [...]

    • I'd give more than five stars if I could.Wow. This is seriously one of the best books that I've read so far this year. Here's the nutshell version: Airships. Pirates. Romance. Automatons. Do I have your attention yet? Good.First, I'd like to fangirl about the cover because I'm not going to lie to you, that's initially why I opted to read this book. Look at how absolutely stunning it is! This is one of the few examples of a book cover that I would have a framed print of on my wall. It's positivel [...]

    • This was an imaginative story. It kept me interested enough to keep reading. However there wasn't anything so intriguing that I couldn't put it down or read in one sitting. When I first started reading the story I felt a little bored. The story quickly took offf when Lady Marguerite boards the aership. This was where most of the action and adventure took place during the story.At times in the story Lady Marguerite is a loving, caring, strong, and independent woman who doesn't like to be told wha [...]

    • I hadn't really expected it to turn out how it did, but I'm not disappointed that it did either. It was a really good book and also kind of sad. I really thought that it would be more about her arrival in Nee France than it was, and that it wouldn't all be on the ride there. The characters where very good in my eyes, but I really didn't like that Marguerite was kind of spoiled and bratty, but at the same time a really amazing character.I totally recommend people to read this book.

    • 'The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl' is a young adult novel that effortlessly blends several genres together to tell the story of Marguerite - an upper class French debutante who has the kind of life that other girls can only dream of. Marguerite is the main character in the book. For a large portion of the book, she is spoiled, haughty, and doesn't do what she's told. Marguerite does have redeeming qualities too - she's intelligent, loves her father and her friends, and is defini [...]

    • Well that was a wildly fun and enjoyable read. What an imagination, Statham has! While you begin this story thinking you might know where it's going, you're a fool. You don't. I mean, sure, there's foreshadowing a good reader will pick up on, but out of thin air (sometimes literally), you'll get surprises. That's what makes a good story, and Statham is definitely a great wielder of one here. Now, before we get too ahead of ourselves, let me offer full disclosure: this author is a friend of mine. [...]

    • I just re-read this for our September book club and I seriously loved it even more the second time! Statham does such a fantastic job of creating such a vivid world with her words, and the story keeps me hooked from beginning to end. Marguerite's growth as a person throughout the story is such a fun progression to follow, and I could totally see this book being made into a movie--what a fun heroine to see on the big screen! This is a YA book I can recommend to anyone without hesitation--what a j [...]

    • This novel talks about a girl traveling from her life in France to Canada following a friends. She comes from a wealthy family and her father wants to marry her off, but she has no interest in any of the boys but rather a boy who works for her father. She then is convinced to run away to Canada a marry a solider. When she gets their her expectations are changed from what she thought her life would be like. This novel has a strong female lead. Though she is chasing after a boy she realizes as she [...]

    • This book has it all: a spunky lovable heroine that grows throughout the story, plenty of action and adventure, a love triangle (so not just one but two hunky heroes!), a glance into the past, and an extremely satisfying ending that isn't obvious from the first page. Marguerite's story, based on a real character in real circumstances, was an absolute delight to delve into. The author is adept at pulling you in and keeping you there. Just know if you pick this one up, you won't be getting anythin [...]

    • It's a nice reading and the author was very creative to bring the true story of her ancestor, but with a steampunk touch! It's full of action and easy to read. I couldn't like at first, of the main female character, Marguerite. But the typical rich and spoiled girl, learns with difficult tasks on her journey, to become a nice and better person. Besides that, there's also a sweet romance. It was a light reading, but nothing suuuuper great for my taste.

    • My mom told me about this book and the minute I started it I fell in love. I have no words to explain the absolute adoration I have for it. I love it so much, I almost wish it was a series instead of a single book. It's really an amazing book, I'd definitely put it on a list of my top ten favorites. Marguerite is one of my new role models and I'm totally and completely in love with Jacques now. I truly loved this book and I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

    • TPJOTNSIG was thoroughly enjoyable and I was sad when I finished it today. Well done, Leigh Statham, writing a novel I can recommend without hesitation to younger teens. And, of course, adults like me who enjoy a good young adult novel featuring gadgets and romance.

    • Gutsy heroine? Check! Cool steampunk alternative history? Check! Love story? Check! Nice work, Leigh Statham! Sequel, please!

    • 4.5 stars Fun, fun, fun! I really enjoyed Maguerite's story and her growth throughout this book. When the peril kicked in, she rose to the challenge. A great YA steampunk!

    • The Good +easy fun read +hooked me from the get-go +liked all the characters +perspectives were spot-on +loved the character growth +didn't see the surprises coming The Bad & The Other-Halfway through Marguerite almost lost me with her antics- Iroquois men seen as exotic man candy, which is problematic and not called out like the classism is.Right away, I was pulled into the story. It was easy on the eyes and flowed beautifully. There’s plenty of refresher information so I didn’t feel li [...]

    • I enjoyed the book quite a bit. Marguerite was relatable to me in some ways because she is a fearless and sophisticated girl. However, there are some aspects to her nature which I totally didn't agree with. I believe the book started going downhill towards the end, after Vivienne died. Marguerite started to lose interest in keeping herself beautiful and feminine and wanted to wear trousers. Why any girl who could wear beautiful gowns would choose to wear trousers is beyond me, unless those trous [...]

    • You know, it may seem to the casual observer that I give a lot of books 4-5 stars. However, it should be noted that I only really take the time to login in review books I really really enjoyed.The Perilous Journey, is really one of those books. I will admit that it took me a bit to get "into" the book. I'm not a huge fan of steampunk, and usually find them trite and obnoxious. The cover on this one, and the title- sucked me in and convinced me to read. And I am so glad I did. It is a gorgeous wo [...]

    • My Thoughts:This book was absolutely brilliant. As we know by now, I am a huge fan of steampunk. I love all of it, and this book has everything.From the first page, upon meeting Marguerite, I was in love, especially in love with her little steampunk cricket! She showed a curiosity, eagerness to accept new things and the determination to create a life she loved. Though Marguerite is well off, she goes against the grain of her station, by being interested in the work of her friend Claude. She love [...]

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