The Braided Path

The Braided Path The Braided Path is set in a world which is not this one but is like this one in some ways in a culture which is not modernity and in a world where the laws of nature are basically the same as in o

  • Title: The Braided Path
  • Author: Donna Glee Williams
  • ISBN: 9781770530584
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Braided Path is set in a world which is not this one but is like this one in some ways , in a culture which is not modernity, and in a world where the laws of nature are basically the same as in our waking world, i.e there are no vampires, zombies, werewolves, princes, swords, dragons, wizards, or any magic at all, really, except for the alchemy of love Donna G The Braided Path is set in a world which is not this one but is like this one in some ways , in a culture which is not modernity, and in a world where the laws of nature are basically the same as in our waking world, i.e there are no vampires, zombies, werewolves, princes, swords, dragons, wizards, or any magic at all, really, except for the alchemy of love Donna Glee Williams On the slopes of a vertical land where people s lives are bounded by how high and low they are able walk on the single path that connects their world, the young widow Len Rope Maker watches as years go by and her son Cam never finds his limits Long past the time when other youths in Home Village have found their boundaries, Cam keeps climbing higher and lower, pushing on with his sweetheart Fox who also shows signs of being a Far Walker But Cam s drive to venture far nudges him towards the top of the world, while Fox s sends her downward, toward the mythical sea at the bottom of all things Both are true to their own heart s calling.

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    About “Donna Glee Williams

    • Donna Glee Williams

      Donna Glee Williams is a poet and writer of literary fantasy and science fiction She was born in Mexico, the daughter of a Kentucky farm girl and a Texas Aggie large animal veterinarian She s been a lot of places now she makes her home in the mountains of western North Carolina, but the place she lived the longest and still calls home is New Orleans These days, she earns her daily bread by writing and helping other writers bring their creative visions to light, but in the past she s done the dance as turnabout crew aka, maid on a schooner, as a librarian, as an environmental activist, as a registered nurse , as a teacher and seminar leader, and for a long stint as a professional student The craft societies of both The Braided Path and Dreamers owe a lot to the time she s spent hanging out in villages in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Israel, Turkey, India, and Pakistan As a finalist in the 2015 Roswell Awards for Short Science Fiction, her short story Saving Seeds was performed in Hollywood by Jasika Nicole Her graceful speculative fiction has been recognized by Honorable Mentions from both the Writers of the Future competition and Gardner Dozois s Best of the Year collection.

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    • In this beautifully crafted debut novel, Len Rope-Maker is a young widow who lives with her son, Cam, in a quiet mountainside village, a village connected to the other villages by a single path that winds up and down the mountain. Cam is restless, a far-walker more interested in testing the limits of his endurance and pushing beyond the known boundaries of his world than in settling into a trade like the other villagers. His sweetheart, Fox, is also a far-walker. Together they hike up and down t [...]

    • Intended reader: adultStyle: literaryMy normal reading fare consists of mostly middle grade and YA fiction, punctuated by adult nonfiction. So this was quite a step outside my normal genre. Someone else for whom adult literary fiction is the main course might have other things to say, but in any case, it’s always helpful to me as a reader to see where a reviewer is coming from, so I mention it.The story: Len, her grown son Cam, and Cam’s girlfriend Fox live in a society that spans a cliff. G [...]

    • Original and absorbing with the most fascinating and intricately built world I have ever read. The Braided Path follows several characters through meandering journeys as they discover what their limits are and who they are--apart and together.

    • Full disclosure: I reviewed this from an advanced copy. In fact, the cover quote is taken from the following review.The Braided Path is a quiet book, full of good characters trying to discover their path. In fact, the metaphor of the path runs throughout the book. The path, the rope, the braids that bind individuals together into couples and couples together into communities. It is a love story, a coming of age story, and a fable. Mostly it is about characters seeking their place in their world. [...]

    • I received an advanced reading copy of The Braided Path via a giveaway on Library Thing. The plot can be found elsewhere; I will only be providing some of my impressions of the book.I'm not much of a reader of science fiction, but this is one book that only stretched my imagination a bit, rather than jarring me into something totally alien. I found the book to be more about love and loss, relationships, coming of age and community. It was interested to read the descriptions of the various crafts [...]

    • A couple years ago I listened to "Limits" by Donna Glee Williams on Podcastle - The Fantasy Fiction Podcast - link: PODCASTLE 189: LIMITS I enjoyed the short story so much I wanted to hear more about the lives of Len Rope Maker and her son Cam Far Walker. In my life and as a parent and grandparent I related to the excitement of youth for new experiences and my feelings as I let go for them to explore and try things for themselves. Intrigued by the vertical world consisting of unique villages wit [...]

    • I started reading this book after Christmas, after picking it up at the Toronto Book Fair, and I found myself looking forward to going back to it every night and immersing myself in the world Williams has created. Her story is original, compelling, and strangely soothing it's a tale of unity in chaos, and the strange balance that sometimes happens in our lives when we go out on a limb for love. An excellent book, and a unique concept.

    • The Braided Path by Donna Glee is a book that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It's unique concept is something that immediately draws you into the book and keeps you hooked throughout. It is beautifully written and flows almost lyrically. You won't be able to put it down. I definitely recommend you read it.

    • I want to welcome you to step into my odd vertical world, where everyone knows just exactly where they are until suddenly one day they don't. I'd love to hear from readers and book-groups and will be glad to respond to questions or comments through my webpage at donnagleewilliams or The Braided Path's Facebook page atfacebook/?ref=logo#!/

    • in a fabulist world that feels like 1800 's china, Len, the rope maker, her son Cam the far- walker and his childhood friend Fox travel divergent paths to find their niches in an evolving society. one needs to understand the nature of fables to realize, that the path taken is as vital as the destination.

    • I would highly recommend this book! I immediately connected to the characters' struggles and victories, all very real and heart-touching!

    • Great book! My aunt & uncle passed it to my mother, then my sister read it and passed it on to me, and my good friend is already halfway through it after I gave it to her!

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