Undead with Benefits

Undead with Benefits With its heartwarming blend of guts romance and humor this road trip ready sequel to Eat Brains Love is The Walking Dead meets John Hughes Jake and Amanda are in love on the run and undead They

  • Title: Undead with Benefits
  • Author: Jeff Hart
  • ISBN: 9780062200372
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
  • With its heartwarming blend of guts, romance, and humor, this road trip ready sequel to Eat, Brains, Love is The Walking Dead meets John Hughes.Jake and Amanda are in love, on the run and undead They ve picked up a new psychic friend, ex government zombie hunter Cass, and are making a break for Iowa, where a cure for the rapidly spreading zombie virus is rud to be waiWith its heartwarming blend of guts, romance, and humor, this road trip ready sequel to Eat, Brains, Love is The Walking Dead meets John Hughes.Jake and Amanda are in love, on the run and undead They ve picked up a new psychic friend, ex government zombie hunter Cass, and are making a break for Iowa, where a cure for the rapidly spreading zombie virus is rud to be waiting But in order to find it, they have to contend with an unlikely undead warlord, ghoul infested cornfields, a psycho psychic out for blood, and their own super awkward love triangle all before Iowa goes up in flames.Every reader with a pulse or without one will devour Jeff Hart s surprisingly romantic and laugh out loud funny take on friendship, love, and finding the meaning of un life in an eat or be eaten world.

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      Jeff Hart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Undead with Benefits book, this is one of the most wanted Jeff Hart author readers around the world.

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    • After reading book #1 of the series, and enjoying Cass's conflict and Jake's one-liners, I was ready for the characters to progress significantly in the sequel. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Jake, although still hilarious with lines like "I'd like to duel you. I'd like to find some pistols and (expletive) duel you," just plain did not grow beyond his lazy, stoner facade. In fact, he regressed. His treatment of his female leads became superficial at best (body spray, dude?) and just plain c [...]

    • When I read the first book, Eat, Brains, Love, I was not expecting a sequel. It seemed like a standalone until near the end. I am really happy that there is a sequel and Undead With Benefits is a very good one. It continuous this hilarious zombie story and takes us to the state of Iowa. It’s such a unique take on zombies. The zombies turn normal after they eat flesh and back into zombies when they are hungry. It’s like werewolves, but were-zombies.Jake, Amanda and Cass are on the hunt for th [...]

    • Why you should read it: I loved the first book, Eat, Brains, Love. This one is all right for me with some awesome parts. Jake has some awesome one-liners. I was laughing a lot, and the humor had me reading it quickly and in one sitting. I also feel like the third book will be really good since there was a lot of setting up and building up for an epic battle. I will say that you will either love or hate this love triangle. Cass and Amanda are so different, and Jake sometimes regresses in his char [...]

    • I was so impressed with the first book but disappointed with this second book.The way the book ends just left to many things unfinished. I thought for sure there would be a third book. But a tweet by the author says he isn't intending to write a third one. He said " I don't intend to but you never know." So I hope he realizes that some of his fans aren't too happy with the outcome of the book and writes another one.Just not happy about being left hanging on so many different things in the book.I [...]

    • Again a very fun read! Took my a little time to get into but once I did I enjoyed it, there wasn’t as much action and I actually found myself disliking Cass in this book to be honest, I felt a little disappointed with her actually. Her behaviour was just ridiculous! I was still going for Jake and Amanda though! The ending was a little sad but who knows something might come from it.

    • Undead with Benefits is the sequel to Eat, Brains, Love by Jeff Hart. The story picks up fairly close to where the first book left off with Jake and Amanda still undead and on the run trying to make a break for Iowa where a rumored cure exists.When I started Undead with Benefits the first thing I noticed was how much Jake and Amanda were turning into an undead version of Bonnie and Clyde. In the first book I really rooted for them as a couple. Two zombies up against the world and all that but by [...]

    • I'm relatively new to this zombie genre; I had never been a fan of gory, bloody, that kind of stuff so far. However, I received Undead With Benefits from Giveaway and thought maybe this is the time I should try new genre. So I read the first book before reading this to understand the story better. Surprisingly, even though still too gory and bloody, I liked the book. So I had kind of high anticipation about this.However, I'm left with this mixed feeling after done reading it. I think I liked the [...]

    • The first book kind of left me hanging and left me wanting more, so I just had to read the second one right away. I couldn't leave off there, not after how te first one ended like it wasn't even finished. The first book made me like Jake from the start, but this book just made me love him even more. He is a pretty cool guy, even with all his gaming and comic book references. Those characteristics actually make him interesting because he isn't your typical popular dude; the fact that he is a zomb [...]

    • Actual Rating: 3.5 stars!It has gore. It has hilarious moments. It has brains.Undead with Benefits is a humorous teenage story about love and friendship in a world slowly filling with zombies. This is the sequel to Eat Brains Love. Although I enjoyed the first book better, this one still packed a punch.The reader gets to see inside the head of the hormone filled Jake, also a zombie, and Cass, the girl who you can’t help but like, also someone with psychic type powers. Jake’s girlfriend, the [...]

    • I absolutely love the alternating Jake and Cass – including one Amanda chapter – points of view. Even if it did take me a second to realize which point of view I was currently reading because I was engrossed in the story.The duology that is the Eat Brains Love series is one of my favorites so far. We all know I love a good zombie story. This was refreshing to read, and didn’t follow the typical zombie apocalypse story that is overplayed these days.Undead with Benefits immediately picks up [...]

    • A fun follow up with a disappointing and strange ending.This was every bit of a fun, funny, and breezy read as Eat, Brains, Love. We pick up right where we left off with Cass joining Jake and Amanda on their zombie road trip to Iowa to find the zombie cure. (Is there something really menacing about Iowa? Because between this and Grasshopper Jungle it seems to be full of unexpected monsters.) The trip is full of fun quips and interesting developments. It holds it's own with pace and doesn't peter [...]

    • Undead With Benefits is a hilariously entertaining zombie story, full of humour and action which is a delightful sequel to Eat, Brains, Love.We catch up with Jake, Amanda and absconded former government psychic Cass, as they take a road trip to Iowa where they hope to find the cure for their 'zombieness' before both Jake and Amanda become mindless ghouls, Cass wants the cure purely for the fact that the evil Alastaire is blackmailing her, the cure in exchange for the safety of her Mother.Once ar [...]

    • I have to admit that I had trouble with the first 75 pages, or so, of this book. I didn't read the first book in the series and found that without that history, I wasn't able to immediately like the characters. There was just a blithe cruelty and adolescent male silliness that seemed meaningless. Then I was surprised. Things get hairy as Jake and Amanda (zombies) rely on Cass (ex-government psychic) to get them a cure for the zombie disease. In their journey, there is death and dismemberment gal [...]

    • I have a soft spot for zombies. I don't care if they are traditional zombies, or something in between like in Hart's novels; I just love them. This is a continuation of Hart's first book of his Eat, Brains, Love series, also titled the same. Jake, Amanda, and now Cass are on the run. Dealing with conspiracies, psychic abilities, zombie cravings, and a really demented love triangle, readers are in for a bumpy ride. The series still holds the quick teenage wit mixed in with the gallows humor. The [...]

    • I remember not loving or hating the first book. When I realized this was a continuation, I was interested and hopeful that I would see some progressed story line and characters.Ugh, no. Now I remember what I wasn't a fan of in the first book. I think this is slapstick humor at best. Jake's constant one-liners and fake stoner-beach-guy played stupidity and attitude was nauseating. So many times I juggled between wanting to smack each character.The "love" triangle was painful as I don't think anyo [...]

    • I am going to admit that when I started this book, which is a sequel, it didn't seem to keep me as interested as the previous book. It wasn't until I forced myself to about halfway through that my interest in this story did pick up. That is when this so called "mission" started showing cracks throughout. The so-called love triangle gets more complicated and enemies thought to be dead really are not. I am glad that I did force myself to finish this. The ending of this is kind of a cliff-hanger an [...]

    • This book was really good the character Reggie reminded me of half "warrior"(movie) and part Jake with the whole video game and care free attitude. "Ya dig?" He had me thinking that he was going to double cross Jake but he was cool beans in the end. Cass disappointed me a little I guess she was really desperate for Jake to like her but I'm glad she fixed it. What Jake did to Cody in the cornfield to help feed Amanda was so funny as well as "This is what you get for kissing my girl". kind of pay [...]

    • This book, despite being well-written, only deserves 4/5 stars (I have yet to find a 5/5 star book). I did enjoy where Jake, Amanda, and Cass finally make it into Iowa; however, I don't like the whole "ghoul" zombie idea: if a zombie waits too long to sate its hunger, it never will. Again, 4/5. Despite all this, it is a very good book, and I also recommend reading the first book, "Eat, Brains, Love".

    • The story continues with Jack and Amanda on the run, they saved psychic Cass (she is in the trunk of the car) on their way to Iowa where there are rumors about a cure. Jack is still Jack a total idiot in love, Amanda is still a bitch, but nobody can win Cass she is a backstabbing mean selfish bitch. The story is funny and has the same feeling as book one.I like Jack: he’s trying to be a good Zombie. I loved the ending

    • Undead With Benefits was a great sequel to Eat, Brain, Love and I loved all of the characters arcs and development from the first book into this one. Although I had struggled towards the end of the book in finishing it, when I finally did I was very satisfied in the ending. I would rate it at about 3.5 stars.

    • Graded By: PoshdeluxeCover Story: Unappetizing SecondsBFF Charm: Platinum, Sassy Gay FriendSwoonworthy Scale: 3Talky Talk: He Said, She SaidBonus Factors: Zombies, QuestRelationship Status: Let's Take This to the Next LevelRead the full book report here.

    • I gave it a 4 stars because Jake's lines are hilarious and I like the first part of the book before they all went inside the wall. Amanda being a bitch and later on nice and sentimental annoys me, why can't she just be bitch and ruined her relationship with Jake. I hope the third book will be on my liking.[to be editted]

    • The sequel introduced a few new characters that were really interesting. I don't know if this is the final book, but if it is, I'm ok with the way it ended. I would have liked a little more closure, but I'm ok with it. It wasn't better than the first book, but it wasn't worse.

    • I loved this sequel to the first book. Loved all the one liners from Jake. Great to see Cass and Amanda again. They are on a mission , and there are twists and turns through out the book. I can't say what happens because that would be spoiling it.

    • This book was just as good as the first. Takes you through a way cooler journey, and makes you really appreciate zombies.

    • 2.75* I just wasn't feeling this one. Really enjoyed the first book. This one just became a bit laborious, waiting on something to happen.

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