A Informadora

A Informadora Roma ano DC As regras ditam que uma mulher deve ser submissa e modesta N o deve levantar a voz vestir roupas extravagantes sair noite beber ou desafiar a autoridade e muito menos envolver se em

  • Title: A Informadora
  • Author: Lindsey Davis
  • ISBN: 9789892325668
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roma, ano 89 DC As regras ditam que uma mulher deve ser submissa e modesta N o deve levantar a voz, vestir roupas extravagantes, sair noite, beber ou desafiar a autoridade e muito menos envolver se em assuntos criminais Fl via Albia contraria todas estas normas e mais algumas Vive sozinha na zona bo mia de Roma, cultiva amizades pouco recomend veis e n o se co beRoma, ano 89 DC As regras ditam que uma mulher deve ser submissa e modesta N o deve levantar a voz, vestir roupas extravagantes, sair noite, beber ou desafiar a autoridade e muito menos envolver se em assuntos criminais Fl via Albia contraria todas estas normas e mais algumas Vive sozinha na zona bo mia de Roma, cultiva amizades pouco recomend veis e n o se co be de lutar pelos seus direitos Filha de um detetive, Fl via decidiu desde cedo seguir os passos do pai Mas a investiga o uma profiss o masculina Para ser respeitada, ela sabe que ter de ser a mais r pida, a mais perspicaz, a melhor Fl via a nica a reparar que o n mero de mortes inexplic veis tem vindo a aumentar na cidade Por n o terem liga o entre si nem ind cios de viol ncia, n o levantaram suspeitas As den ncias de Fl via s o ignoradas pelas autoridades, que est o demasiado ocupadas com a organiza o dos Jogos de Ceres, o momento alto do ano E at mesmo a pr pria Fl via, distra da com a perspetiva de um novo romance, n o v que a morte est demasiado perto de casa

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    • A Informadora by Lindsey Davis
      322 Lindsey Davis
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    • Lindsey Davis

      Lindsey Davis, historical novelist, was born in Birmingham, England in 1949 Having taken a degree in English literature at Oxford University Lady Margaret Hall , she became a civil servant She left the civil service after 13 years, and when a romantic novel she had written was runner up for the 1985 Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize, she decided to become a writer, writing at first romantic serials for the UK women s magazine Woman s Realm.Her interest in history and archaeology led to her writing a historical novel about Vespasian and his lover Antonia Caenis The Course of Honour , for which she couldn t find a publisher She tried again, and her first novel featuring the Roman detective , Marcus Didius Falco, The Silver Pigs, set in the same time period and published in 1989, was the start of her runaway success as a writer of historical whodunnits A further nineteen Falco novels and Falco The Official Companion have followed, as well as The Course of Honour, which was finally published in 1998 Rebels and Traitors, set in the period of the English Civil War, was published in September 2009 Davis has won many literary awards, and was honorary president of the Classical Association from 1997 to 1998.

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    • I have always loved Davis’ Marcus Didius Falco books, and was deeply saddened when she stopped writing them. As a writer, I can see that after 20 book the series might be wearing a bit thin for her, but as a reader I wanted MORE! So I was delighted to see her starting a new series, in which Flavia Albia takes over her father’s old P.I. business. It not only brings back a wise-cracking P.I. who’s also an ancient Roman—female!—but it lets us get glimpses of the other characters we love t [...]

    • Even a truly superlative author can disappoint sometimes, though it's taken Lindsey Davis decades to do so. The first couple of chapters in this new series were enjoyable, with the crisply sarcastic voice of Flavia Albia, the now-adult British (Albion, hence Albia) adoptee daughter of Lindsey Davis' wonderful Roman informer, Marcus Didius Falco and his noble wife Helena Justina. But pretty soon that voice seems to take over, endlessly, interrupting story flow. She sachets this way and that with [...]

    • A bit too "British" per the narrator for my tastes and additionally that not much in the clue trail was happening in the first two discs. OVERALL GRADE: C

    • Full disclosure: I won this in a GoodReads giveaway.I have to admit that although I’d heard of author Lindsey Davis before, I had never got round to picking up any of her renowned Marcus Didius Falco mystery novels. The Ides of April is the first novel in Falco: The Next Generation, following the adventures of Falco’s adopted daughter Flavia Albia as she too becomes an investigator of mysteries. Therefore I jumped into this series not knowing what to expect. Generally I tend to prefer straig [...]

    • Flavia Albia is female Informer (private investigator) in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Domitian. This means that she often has to take on cases that her male counterparts turn down. When the death of her latest unsavory client leads Albia to suspect that a serial killer is on the loose, she soon finds herself in the middle of the intrigue.I ended up liking this book in spite of the fact that there were several reasons why I shouldn't. First of all, it's not written using the speech p [...]

    • I'll just give you a moment to adjust to the fact that I read an actual adult novel. I do that sometimes. It's probably more shocking that I read a mystery novel. Mysteries don't interest me that much, generally, but I've always liked Lindsey Davis's Falco books. They're sharp, funny, and well-researched. I'm in it for classical Rome and Helena Justina; the mystery is beside the point. I can't even tell you if they're good mysteries or not. They're fun books, and that's enough.This one wasn't as [...]

    • The Ides of AprilBy Lindsey DavisA new Marcus Didius Falco novel by Lindsey Davis! Quick, grab it off the library shelf! But what’s this? The subtitle: A Flavia Albia Mystery. What?!Such were my emotions on discovering this novel. A faithful fan of the wisecracking Falco, detective of ancient Rome, through twenty other novels (although I’ve evidently missed the last, Nemesis), I was expecting more of the same. Instead, I find that Flavia Albia, Falco and Helena’s adopted daughter (a plot t [...]

    • Flavia Albia, a young widow, has been an informer (private investigator) for several years, following in her adopted father’s footsteps. Rome in the first century AD is brought vividly to life in this fast paced and amusing story which does have its darker side. Those who have read this author’s Falco series will immediately recognise Flavia Albia. She is independent, intelligent and observant – ideal qualities for an informer to have. But it seems some people in high places don’t want h [...]

    • Depois de uma infância complicada, Flávia Albia é adotada já na adolescência e levada para Roma pela nova família. Viúva desde os 20 anos de idade, Flávia dedica o seu tempo à profissão de detetive, cujos conhecimentos adquiriu através do próprio pai; mas, sendo mulher, Flávia tem que se aplicar em dobro para conquistar o mesmo nível de respeito e credibilidade… Em 'A Informadora', o primeiro livro com Flávia como protagonista, acumulam-se sucessivas mortes devido a causas natur [...]

    • As much as I loved the Falco series by Lindsey Davis, I had high expectations for "The Ides of April", which is essentially "Falco, Second Generation." The reboot features Flavia Albia, Falco's adopted daughter. She's smart. She's tough. She's resourceful. She's Rome's version of V.I. Warshawski.The problem with Davis's reboot is that it is surgical and completely cuts out the familiar and lovable Falco and his wife, Helena. There would have been nothing wrong with her easing Falco out and Albia [...]

    • Maybe even lower. Very weak, and disappointing given my memory of enjoying the Falco books, though I haven't read them all, and haven't read any in a long time. It didn't help that our bold heroine kept going on about how she'd been taught by the best, before behaving extremely stupidly. Basically, if a guy was good-looking and seems to like her she'll believe every word he says. Without checking, or even wondering for a split second if it might be a good idea to get any other perspective. Infur [...]

    • This is the first in a series featuring Flavia Albia, Roman informer and daughter of the famous Falco, Davis’s much loved series character. The inconvenient death of Albia’s client (before she has paid her fee) means she stumbles on a possible murder case. Soon she is hunting for a serial killer.I liked this book despite a major flaw. You have to believe that Albia fails to see something which is blindingly obvious to the reader from early on – and indeed is heavily and repeatedly telegrap [...]

    • I tremendously enjoy the author's facility with words. The colorful way she captures the flavor of ancient Rome had me eating olives and crusty loaves of bread along with the main character as she solved the problem of mysterious deaths that no one was reporting. (Literally, by the way, I had to get up and attack a plate of Kalamata olives and French bread just to satisfy my visceral needs as well as intellectual ones.) I haven't made an effort to cross check for accuracy, but Lindsey Davis writ [...]

    • Kind of sad. Falco and Helena have taken a back seat to their adopted daughter, Flavia Alba, who they rescued from brutal conditions in Britannia and brought back and raised in Rome. She's all grown up now and working on her own as an informer. The focus has clearly shifted to her: Falco and Helena have become shadowy figures, relegated to their roles as Flavia's parents. Flavia, who lives alone in Falco's old apartment building in Fountain Court, visits them a few times in the book, but author [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book much more than I did. Based on the description of the book, I was hoping for a spirited, assertive independent, intelligent, female protagonist. Unfortunately, I was instead disappointed by this character.Yes, Flavia was intelligent but she was also abrasive, aggressive, cynical, and sarcastic. I found her fairly unlikeable. In fact, except for the care that she had for the foxes, I might have thought her not much different than the psychopath she chased, unfeel [...]

    • Very witty and sharp - enjoyable romp through Rome but with a very modern view. Having read many in the Falco series it was good to see Rome from a female perspective.

    • Not quite as good as the Falco books but Albia is sparky and the plot was sufficiently complex to keep me interested. The gap between the end of the Falco series and the start of this story is briefly sketched in but not entirely satisfactorily. Somehow I wasn't convinced by her earlier marriage or her attraction to the villain here. Maybe she'll grow on me but I miss her father.

    • It had been awhile since I'd read one of Lindsey Davis' Falco mysteries, so I was surprised and delighted to see her new novel The Ides of April, featuring Flavia Alba, Falco's adopted daughter. Flavia has moved into Falco's old digs and taken over his career as an investigator while he, Helena and the rest of the family settle down to a less adventurous domesticity.Often whilst reading the earlier books, I thought about how it is to write from a male perspective. Women are much more used to doi [...]

    • This is the first book I've read from this author based on its reviews and I was very disappointed. I found her writing style inelegant and the plot really weak. I don't understand why it has so many good reviews. I had to force myself to finish it in case it got better. It didn't.

    • Originally published at Reading RealityThe Ides of April reminds me of the best and worst of the author's Marcus Didius Falco stories. The reader does have to like the narrator’s voice (in this case Falco’s adopted daughter, Flavia Albia). It takes forever to get both the story and the mystery set up and finally running. Both that story and that mystery are immersed in the daily life of Imperial Rome, which in detail tends to be surprisingly like modern life.And there is that element of the [...]

    • The Ides of April is advertised as Falco: the New Generation (F:TNG), which was a bit of a shock as I hadn't realised the Falco: the Original series (F:TOS) had concluded. Looking back at previous novel Nemesis though, it is easy to see that this might be regarded as a logical end to the story, though I heartily wish it wasn't so. I still need my fix of Falco and I hope that Lindsey Davis will consider writing more.This book is set some 10 years after Nemesis, and we are now into the reign of th [...]

    • Standing on the shoulders of a giant cannot be comfortable--as Albia, daughter of our disreputable but large-living Falco, could confirm now that we have flashed forward 12 years and she, not her father, is Rome's go-to detective.As always, Davis' writing was colorful and entertaining; her scholarship rock solid. I was appalled to learn that torturing foxes was part of some Romans' religious practice, and amazed by the fact that there really was a serial killer in ancient Rome whose modus operan [...]

    • Marcus Didius Falco was always going to be a hard act to follow but it's understandable that as an author Lindsey Davis wanted to move on. Welcome then that she managed to take us and her creative juices in a different direction without leaving behind the style, characters and Rome we've all grown to love. This series stars Falvia Albia, adopted daughter of Falco as she pursues her career.This is a scene setting start establishing Flavia's voice and position in Rome and laying down some new char [...]

    • If you haven’t discovered Lindsey Davis’s delightful informer (which is what a private investigator is called in Ancient Rome) Marcus Didius Falco, then you’ve missed a treat. I’ve read 14 out of the 20 she has written (I gather there’s a Falco companion, too) as well as another non-Falco story, and loved them all. Now she has gone into the next generation: Falco and Helena’s adopted daughter, Flavia Alba, has gone into the informer business too, even living in the same crummy old pl [...]

    • DON'T read this book if you have not yet read the 20-odd books Lindsey Davis has written about Marcus Didius Falco, informer (private investigator) to us in Rome during the reign of Emperor Vespasian.Instead, go and find The Silver Pigs, and start at the beginning. Savor all the books that follow, culminating in Nemesis:. You might even want to read Falco: The Official Companion, chock full of interesting tidbits.Then, and only then, read this book and you will appreciate what Lindsey Davis has [...]

    • Lindsey Davies created one of the best historical detectives in the form of Marcus Didius Falco, a gritty, cynical plebian trying to make his way through the morass of the Roman class system without treading on too many toes. However in the first book he meets a patrician, Helena Justina, who flies in the face of social convention by loving him, living with him and subsequently marrying him. They have two children naturally and two adopted.The Ides of April sets the adopted daughter, Flavia Alba [...]

    • What's the next best thing to a new Falco novel? I suspect it must be this latest offering from Lindsey Davis who, with her tongue firmly in cheek, introduces us to the next generation in the form of Falco's adopted daughter, Flavia Albia, who is all grown up (and indeed widowed) and, guess what? Working as a private informer out of an apartment in Fountain Court!If you liked the Falco novels, you'll like this, but if you haven't read any then you will be able to pick this up without any confusi [...]

    • At first, I was worried that this book would be a letdown. The Ides of April takes place twelve years after Davis' latest Falco novel, and the author is in the difficult position of needing to bring readers up to speed on the changes in Albia's life and in Rome itself while at the same time getting the plot going. The story was enjoyable enough, but kept pausing for an expository lump. (But then, I shouldn't be too critical of those lumps, because I did appreciate the help in getting oriented to [...]

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