A Small Madness

A Small Madness Rose didn t tell anyone about it She wondered if it showed She looked at herself in the mirror and turned this way and then that way She stood as close to the mirror as she could leaning over the bat

  • Title: A Small Madness
  • Author: Dianne Touchell
  • ISBN: 9781760110789
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rose didn t tell anyone about it She wondered if it showed She looked at herself in the mirror and turned this way and then that way She stood as close to the mirror as she could, leaning over the bathroom basin, looking into her own eyes until they disappeared behind the fog of her breath Looking for something Some evidence that she was different now Something had sRose didn t tell anyone about it She wondered if it showed She looked at herself in the mirror and turned this way and then that way She stood as close to the mirror as she could, leaning over the bathroom basin, looking into her own eyes until they disappeared behind the fog of her breath Looking for something Some evidence that she was different now Something had shifted inside her, a gear being ratcheted over a clunky cog, gaining torque, starting her up But it didn t show How could all of these feelings not show She was a woman now but it didn t show and she couldn t tell anyone.A devastating, compelling novel that will get everyone talking, from the author of Creepy and Maud.

    • A Small Madness By Dianne Touchell
      302 Dianne Touchell
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      Dianne Touchell is a middle child who feared Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and any other stranger who threatened to break into the house at night.She has worked, amongst other things, as a nightclub singer, a fish and chip shop counter girl not with Pauline Hanson and a bookseller Dianne would rather talk to her dog than answer the phone.

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    • Actual Rating: 3.5This review appears on Happy Indulgence - check it out for more reviews!A Small Madness packs a punch in its short length. Going into the book without knowing anything about it, really had me unprepared for the emotional journey ahead. This is not an easy read. But it’s an important one.It all starts from one small mistake: unprotected sex leading into teenage pregnancy. The book does not hold back on the gory details, and explores every single consequence right through to th [...]

    • This book is equally beautiful and confusing. It's got one of those maddeningly open endings. Like to the point of my sitting here going "Did they forget to finish printing a chapter?!" IT IS SO VERY OPEN! I'm usually a fan of open-endings, but I would've liked a touch more finality here (just to know what the heck was going to happen to the characters). *deep breaths*It's about teenage pregnancy, but it's not your average book. It's a grisly mess from beginning to end. I actually loved how HONE [...]

    • Rose and Michael are in love. They’ve been dating for ages, and they’re in the final year of high-school. He’s going to be a doctor, she’s going to be an actress, and they already know they’re going to get married.Rose had been pretending to be someone else the day that Michael decided he loved her. She was in the middle of dress rehearsal for the school play, standing on the stage in the school gym, her voice ricocheting off the polished boards with an intensity that set his bones rin [...]

    • ‘A Small Madness’ is the new contemporary young adult novel from Australian author Dianne Touchell, whose debut novel ‘Creepy & Maud’ was CBCA-shortlisted. I’m sort of going to tell you what this book’s about. It’s not really clear from the blurb or cover but I don’t know how to praise it without telling you a little bit. Rose and Michael started dating, “almost by accident,” but when we first meet them they’re having sex for the first time because they’re in love and [...]

    • Read this review and more on my blogActual Rating: 2.5In a nutshell: A Small Madness is a confronting and powerful story that really will get people talking, but I don't think that it was personally my cup of tea. Honestly, this is going to be one of the most difficult reviews I've ever written. It's been a few days since I finished reading A Small Madness but I'm still so conflicted. On one hand, I appreciate what the author did and the powerful themes of the book. Yet I also felt quite uncomfo [...]

    • " The heat was over, along with summer. They walked the dunes in a flush of new shyness, talking of the beginning of their last year of high school."Rose and Michael have just had sex for the first time, they are in love and shyly thrilled with their new intimacy. In the heat of the moment they forgot to use a condom, just twice, but as each others first, Michael's older brother assures him, at least they don't have to worry about disease.Two months later, Rose counts the days in her student dia [...]

    • Opens: He’d eaten an orange.My Thoughts: I finished A SMALL MADNESS by Dianne Touchell a few days ago and have been mulling over my review ever since. I worry that I am not going to do it the justice it deserves, so in a nutshell – WOW, fabulous, thought provoking, confronting, heartbreaking, unputdownable, all in all an absolutely amazing story about teen pregnancy, family relationships and mental issues. I have already earmarked as one of my top reads for this year, if not the top one!! So [...]

    • divabooknerd/2015/02/aPlease note, this review contains spoilers. It's a sensitive subject, so please read at your own peril. I have chosen not to rate A Small Madness, due to the emotional content and how this book effected me personally.(view spoiler)[If you've recently given birth, miscarried or trying to start a family, then look away now. This book needs to come with a warning. It's horrific, it's disturbing and sadly, also realistic. Told as a narrative, it follows the lives of Rose and Mi [...]

    • 2.5 starsThe first thing I thought a couple of chapters in was 'seriously have these kids been living under a rock!?' Most kids of my generation and younger have safe sex drilled into them from a fairly young age. It just did not convince me. I'd maybe understand the events if the characters came from a strict religious background - and they do go to church - but they are by no means strict about it - I mean they swear and have sex so I didn't find the weekly church going very plausible. In fact [...]

    • I received A Small Madness by Dianne Touchell from Allen and Unwin in exchange for a review. This has in no way influenced my thoughts and feelings about the book. As soon as I saw A Small Madness, in the Allen and Unwin catalogue quite a couple of months ago, I knew I needed this book in my hands and boy I wasn’t disappointed. The synopsis of A Small Madness doesn’t give too much away, but it gives the reader just enough so they are pulled right in. I cannot explain how heartbreaking, enric [...]

    • This was a strange, surreal, bizarre, fucked up kind of novel. Having said that, I think it wavers between a 3 and a 4 for me on the old star rating chart. I can't exactly decide how to feel about it. It was like falling into this dark, twisted hole and not being about to get out again. Full credit to the writing -- you can definitely feel the mounting pressure and panic and all of it. Very strange. Very scary. Brilliant writing in parts, though.

    • More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!This book is aptly named. It was a small book and it drove me mad reading it (and not in the "ohmygodthisbookiscrazyawesome way either").I picked this up as part of the Shattering Stigmas event hosted by the lovely ladies mentioned in this post. After reading the vague description on the back and seeing it had contacts for Beyond Blue and other helplines for pregnancy and depression, I didn't really have any idea of what to expect fro [...]

    • My head hurts so badly right now. It's expected since it was ONLY TWISTED TO EPIC PROPORTIONS. There just aren't words for what this book made me go through. Thank goodness for that, actually. A Small Madness tells the story of a girl named Rose. I will warn you, that if you are really uncomfortable with the topic of teen pregnancy or particularly, sex, in books then I'm telling you now that you will not be comfortable with this book. This is a raw, gritty portrayal of teen pregnancy and the aut [...]

    • A Small Madness, Dianne Touchell’s profoundly honest novel about a teenage girl and boy struggling to conceal pregnancy, targets young adults while reminding older readers of their own unwanted pregnancies.As I read it, so much of what she writes taps into my own experience of being pregnant at fifteen, as it does the final lines in ‘Honesty’, the first poem in A Circle in a Room Full of Squares (2003), a collection of students’ poetry, short stories, art and photography that I collated [...]

    • A Small Madness by Dianne Touchell begins with a fresh beginning for Rose, a teenager in her last year of high school. A new sexual experience has her feeling like a woman and she looks over herself to see how much she's changed because of it. She and her boyfriend Michael have each made plans for their own future. Her intentions are to become an actress and he is looking to become a doctor. So, when she's pregnant, she doesn't want her life to change and she refuses to believe any of the eviden [...]

    • Inhalt: Rose liebt Michael. Und Michael liebt Rose. Sie haben zum ersten Mal Sex. Schüchtern und liebevoll. Dass sie keine Kondom benutzen, ist nicht so schlimm. Schließlich ist es für beide das erste Mal, da kann ja nicht viel passieren. Zwei Monate später zählt Rose die Tage: 61 seit ihrer letzten Periode und der Schwangerschaftstest ist eindeutig positiv. Was werden ihre Eltern, was werden die Leute sagen? Das kann nicht sein und das darf nicht sein. Rose verdrängt, dass sie schwanger i [...]

    • So basically I don't know what to think. I justm. It's going to be extremely difficult to review this. In a lot of ways it reminded me of The Minnow, in that it was shocking and confronting and somewhat confusing. I'm still confused about that ending. But also it had a lot of depth and I stayed up late reading it because I had to know what happens. Make of that what you will.__________________________________________-It’s not for everyone, I’ll say that now. Basically, it’s about teen preg [...]

    • I got this ARC from FirstReadsRating: 3.5 starsBasically, A Small Madness is about a girl that gets pregnant and loads of implications occur as a result.When reading this book, there were many times where I just had to stop and think over the events happening. This was darker than books I normally read. Nevertheless, it was still good. What I liked:CharactersThe characters were REAL PEOPLE. They were far from perfect and I could relate to how they felt in certain situations. Best of all, their r [...]

    • There are many things to admire about this excellent novel — A Small Madness. Firstly, the fact, that it’s not only suitable for young adults, but for older readers as well. For me, a significant amount of the success of this powerful yet sensitively told story is Dianne Touchell's prose, or turn of phrase. She manages to deftly strike a balance between writing prose which can be either, surprisingly light and witty or alternatively dark and contemplative—but always engaging. The story rin [...]

    • I received this book through Giveaways. I previously read Creepy and Maud, by the same author, and found it disappointing and lacking something. A Small Madness doesn't lack anything and draws the reader in straight away. I liked the characters because they felt real - real people in real situations. It’s refreshing for teen characters, and adult characters, to feel like real people. A Small Madness is incredibly well written and will keep readers enthralled right from the first sentence. I h [...]

    • This is a beautifully written story for young adults about the perils of unprotected sex and the dangers of keeping the truth hidden. Michael and Rose are both good children, but neither of them feel they have anyone to turn to when a pregnancy results from their first sexual experience. Told in alternating chapters by Michael and Rose this is a tragic story. Set in Melbourne, this would be a great book for discussion. Recommended.

    • Confronting, raw, unflinching look at an unplanned teenage pregnancy and its consequences. Very powerful and not afraid to make its characters unlikeable (but realistic) - there was something of a Friday Night Lights quality to it. Also an eloquent illustration of the danger in society's tendency to deny what we don't like/want to seeA: recommended for those with a strong stomach and willing to read confronting material; a very 'adult' YA; not escapist

    • Obwohl man nach Lesen des Klappentextes schon weiß oder ahnt, um es was es in diesem kleinen, optisch so unscheinbaren, Königskind geht, ist man im Vorfeld auf gar keinen Fall darauf gefasst, wie tief der Eisberg im Inneren sein wird.Ob man dies nun als Warnung betrachtet oder schlicht zur Kenntnis nimmt, bleibt jedem selbst überlassen. Mich hätte man im Vorfeld definitiv kurz warnen sollen, denn die Geschichte hat mich nicht nur komplett eingesogen, sondern unfassbar wütend gemacht.Da sind [...]

    • I, originally enticed by this book's appealing cover, read a couple of pages and then decided it was a bit miserable for the moment (after a long string of sad, whining books, I wanted something just slightly cheerful).Recently, I was back in the library and actually decided to borrow it, my original impression was right, it is a particularly melancholy book.I think the subject matter of this book is extremely relevant and important - a topic rarely addressed with candor in pop culture.Some of t [...]

    •  "The back pain was a welcome distraction. It wasn't a sharp pain so much as a dull, drawing ache like a fish hook in a the base of her spin being occasionally tugged." - Dianne Touchell, A Small Madness I will say that I really enjoy Dianne Touchell writing style. The metaphors and similes she used throughout the book were subtle yet powerful. This writing was dangerous and ugly but at the same time beautiful.At times the book was disturbing and the characters were an unlikable bunch with n [...]

    • Das Buch hat eine unfassbare Intensität. Es ist dramatisch, herzzerreißend und fühlt sich einfach echt an Zum Ende hin hätte es ausführlicher sein können, trotzdem hat es mir sehr gut gefallen. Meine ausführliche Rezension gibt es auf dem Blog: liveyourlifewithbooks.wordpre

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