Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words

Reading with the Right Brain Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words Read Faster by Understanding Faster You ve tried the usual speed reading methods but they haven t worked That s because they focus on getting words into your eyes instead of concentrating on the imp

  • Title: Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words
  • Author: David Butler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Read Faster by Understanding Faster You ve tried the usual speed reading methods, but they haven t worked That s because they focus on getting words into your eyes, instead of concentrating on the important job of getting ideas into your brain The solution is to use the power of your conceptual big picture right brain to read ideas instead of just words PeopleRead Faster by Understanding Faster You ve tried the usual speed reading methods, but they haven t worked That s because they focus on getting words into your eyes, instead of concentrating on the important job of getting ideas into your brain The solution is to use the power of your conceptual big picture right brain to read ideas instead of just words People generally are going about reading improvement in the wrong way Much of what we are doing turns out to be wasted effort Don t be fooled reading the words and text is not the same as reading the underlying ideas Using techniques that purposely apply the special skills of your right hemisphere to imagine and visualize the ideas behind the words, will turn reading into a truly engaging experience instead of a chore Apply the conceptual abilities of your right brain to increase concentration, comprehension, and reading speed Only faster comprehension, can lead to faster reading Reading IS comprehension There is no reading without comprehension That is why the only way to read faster, is to understand faster The exercises in this book will make this easy to learn by presenting text in actual thought units, short meaningful phrases which you can understand all at once in a glance Read whole ideas at a time Strengthen your comprehension Sharpen your concentration Reduce your vocalization Improve your retention Increase your speed Do you want to continue throwing your time away, achieving the same pitiful results and remaining frustrated and bored with your reading Tens of thousands of people have already used this method at readspeeder to improve their reading skills Learn how these techniques work, and how to apply them to your own reading Practice easily with the 20 uniquely designed exercises that will have you immediately reading whole ideas at a time Plus as a gift to you, there is a FREE BONUS of four complete downloadable PDF books for further practice The full text of each of these books is prepared with the same formatting as the exercises in this book, to give you even opportunity to practice reading whole ideas Also, purchasing of the physical version of the book qualifies you for a FREE E BOOK version Get Your Copy Now Praise for Reading with the Right Brain Unlike many other speed reading strategies available, Reading with the Right Brain is not a gimmick it s a unique method that allows you to effectively assimilate what you read in a shorter amount of time Amanda Johnson, M.A Assistant Professor of English, Collin College, Plano, Texas This book includes not only original theories and techniques for reading improvement, but also a totally exclusive method of presenting practice exercises that makes it extremely easy to begin reading whole ideas at a time Pick up this book and start reading with your whole brain Richard Sutz, CEO, The Literacy Company, EfficientReading, Author of Speed Reading for Dummies Reading with the Right Brain, is a must read for peoples interested in improving their reading comprehension and speed Dr James Young, Professor of English, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah This book will speed up your reading, increase your comprehension, and make reading a pleasurable pursuit of new worlds of knowledge rather than slow torture that only leads to confusion Read it and learn Danielle Ellis, mother, editor, and 6th grade teacher Buy Your Copy Today and Start Reading with All Your Brain.

    • Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words BY David Butler
      230 David Butler
    • thumbnail Title: Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words BY David Butler
      Posted by:David Butler
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    • David Butler

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    579 thoughts on “Reading with the Right Brain: Read Faster by Reading Ideas Instead of Just Words

    • To my surprise, what I've learnt from this book isn't about speed reading, or reading conceptually; it is the ancient history of writing and reading from millennia ago; for instance how the first word was used, how life-changing the birth of the first sound representing by a letter was, how punctuation and space between letter came to life, etc. Anyway, I, as well as some of other readers, have done, what the author calls, visualizing of ideas and thought into pictures unconsciously. From my exp [...]

    • A must readI had an aha moment when I read this. This book explains why traditional speed reading methods don't work. The theory in those programs are completely backwards. I now know the proper way to increase my reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. This book has a lot of science in it and explains how the brain processes information as we read, but it also repeats the main idea a lot. This is worth reading.

    • This book has an interesting take on reading faster. To look for phrases in the text versus reading individual words. For example, the.r are three words and taken together they are a single mental image. I imagine that this comes naturally to some people. This book is actually formatted in a way to enforce the practice and after reading it once I am now more aware of when I am reading words versus ideas.

    • A very repetitive book. The ideas and concepts on speed reading are great, but the book is too repetitive. It's still worth reading to learn actual working techniques to increase reading (comprehension) speed, but it's repetitive. Not just repetitive, way too repetitive. Repetitive.

    • I read this for free with a free month of Kindle Unlimited.I can not say I learned anything new . . . but as a retired 1st Grade Teacher, it was a review of some core principles I used in my lessons. After basic decoding, the emphasis must be on improving comprehension. Learning how to make associations as you read is a skill that many of my students needed to be explicitly taught. Not everyone automatically implements a strategy to make associations with previously known concepts. It is helpful [...]

    • Literally, life changing! Just, drop everything that you're doing and read this, if you're looking to improve your reading speed, instead ignore reading speed, talk about comprehension speed. The method in this book is so amazing! Using it, the more you read, you faster you can comprehend future texts as it's like a library of experiences and linkages gathering together with a very high bandwidth connection between memory and current text's reading and comprehension.

    • All concept and practice. This is the first speed reading book I've read, and I believe I came across it by finding their website from a google search. It was well worth it. I tend to think conceptually very easily and how this book described that reading faster is of no use unless we are comprehending faster was very helpful for me. To understand that it wasn't simply a mechanical technique to master (moving the eyes more quickly, skimming the page with a finger, etc) but a method of seeing the [...]

    • Loved it! Lots to learn. Thank you David! This book was so much fun to read, I liked how it was a series of exercises and so it felt like I was achieving something through out the book. I improved my wpm by 130 by the end and I'm now reading books using the methods he wrote about and it is so much better. Such a necessary book to improve a simple skill.

    • Might work, probably works if you put a huge amount of effort into the method, but didn’t happen to be my magic wand. I did try to practice while reading and honestly followed almost all author’s recommendations but looks like I had to practice 10 times more to reach any better result than before this book.

    • Better than some of the ridiculous methods proposed for speed reading, but nothing mind blowing. Basically, decrease saccades, stop subvocalization, and quit backtracking. The rest should fall into place

    • Best speed reading book I have read. This book identifies the core result of what we are reading for in the first place: understanding. Get the comprehension right, and the speed will come. Thanks David Butler!

    • Reading With The Right Brain by David Butler is a rather intriguing and unique book.It's premise is that individuals, by employing the use of the right brain, will be able of not just increase their reading speed, but be able to further solidify their comprehension by visualizing the words as ideas, rather than just words.At first glance, this might seem far out. But after some practice it became easier and easier to accomplish and the more one does it the easier it is to employ. It's definitely [...]

    • I absolutely love this book. It gives you a new perspective on reading with the right side of the brain or even a perspective at all. It tells you how to comprehend, exactly, what you're reading and the ways to comprehend faster. It shows you some of the history of how writing was invented, as well as parts of the brain that make you remember/ comprehend faster. Focus and minimal speed reading references were sprinkled throughout the book; in which, had just enough balance to learn how to compre [...]

    • I liked the book. Found few interesting and unique ideas about speed reading I've never seen in any book on this matter. Here are some key points. Join words in thought units and comprehend sentences by units rather then single words. Author emphasizes importance of visualizing of the ideas and thoughts, which will engage right brain hemisphere and alow to switch to parallel thinking/processing. I agree with author that comprehension comes first before eyes speed. I agree that subwocalization is [...]

    • Well, I've 1) doubled my reading speed and increased comprehension; 2) read the first 1,000 words of a dozen classics (which were the "practice readings") and may seek out and finish some of them; and 3) learned things that have simply motivated me to want to read MORE, and more FREQUENTLY, including co-initiating a book club with friends! so, for a skill building book, I count that as a win win win!

    • good as a brief research on reading techniques but full of unnecessary information and articles (exercises) existed only for bluffing, keep boringly repeating the idea of comprehension and visualizing the semantic of words and their associations. Pondered the idea of putting-in jigsaw of famous stories throughout the book, neither improves the reader's techniques nor increases the information grasp

    • I purchased this book to improve my reading speed. It turned out to be a book which shattered all my dreams of speed reading, but it taught me more significant lesson about reading a book. "It is not about speed reading but speed comprehension." Butler explains in the entire book on how to improve your comprehension. Once you are able to improve comprehension, speed shall follow.

    • it was a good book in terms of it kept me going. although i do think that it encouraged me to read faster and i do think i got faster, the exercises themselves were very difficult to follow. the way author grouped the words in those exercises were weird. it was hard to picture the wordings so they didn't give me proper exercises

    • 1. pure padding chapters2. a very good chapter on the frauds of the speed reading industry3. here are the "standard" techniques that don't really work4. here is my, completely anecdotal, unsupported by research, and rather foggily described method that will work?Better than most similar books, but by not a wide margin

    • The idea of the book is thoughtful and goes against whatever current speed reading technique on the internet. He explained details and guide readers to realize what the truly reading is. But it should be shorter and I found the example is not necessary.

    • Great book for those looking to improve their reading comprehension and speed. If you are already a great reader, you'll recognize that you already use these tips naturally. (I edited this book before publication.)

    • Important about how reading is about comprehension. It's a bit challenging but worth all the effort. I can remember what I read to great detail and it's easier remember conversations with other people after they're over.

    • I originally picked this up to help my students, but I learned a lot that helped me, too! I especially love the companion website.

    • I tripled my reading spead and learned proper reading techniques. This book is great for those that are lower readers and for those looking to speed up and boost their enjoyment of reading.

    • Only one idea has been repeated over and over again in the entire book. The author could have just written - look at phrases instead of words, and saved the reader's time.

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