A Way Back To Then

A Way Back To Then Snarky yet good hearted Robbie DeCaro made his first appearance in the pages of Tales from Foster High End of the Innocence years after the loss of his first and only love A New York transplant Robb

  • Title: A Way Back To Then
  • Author: Robert Halliwell
  • ISBN: 9781632169594
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Snarky yet good hearted Robbie DeCaro made his first appearance in the pages of Tales from Foster High End of the Innocence, years after the loss of his first and only love A New York transplant, Robbie now decides that his work is done in the town of Foster, and the time has come for him to leave Texas Returning to his childhood home on Long Island, Robbie reunites witSnarky yet good hearted Robbie DeCaro made his first appearance in the pages of Tales from Foster High End of the Innocence, years after the loss of his first and only love A New York transplant, Robbie now decides that his work is done in the town of Foster, and the time has come for him to leave Texas Returning to his childhood home on Long Island, Robbie reunites with his family members Each using their own unique methods, they try in vain to help Robbie reset to a life he knew before he left it all for the fairy tale love he found, then tragically lost As he remembers some of the darkest moments from his past, Robbie wonders if he ll ever find the after in happily ever after.

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      Robert Halliwell hails from the mysterious land of Ronkonkoma in the Island of Long and grew up dreaming of the day the dark, handsome Mediterranean Prince of his dreams would whisk him away from the boring life he was accustomed to to a land far, far away his mother A magical place full of roller skates and rainbows called Xanadu Unfortunately, that never happened, but was instead whisked away to the dark kingdom of Westchester County and the prince turned out to be a very pale country bumpkin from Schenectady Yes, it s a real place When he s not spending the day writing, Robert can be found at home taking care of his four legged children, Kira, Carter Willow and viewing unhealthy amounts of QVC much to the dismay of his husband, Kevin Robert is still waiting for Lynda Carter to sign the adoption papers he sent her in 1998.

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    • Quite a pleasant surprise! This book, the seventh in the Tales of Foster High series, breaks away from the two main characters, Kyle and Brad, and tells the story of Robbie DeCaro's return home to New York. If you recall from book six, 151 Days, Robbie is the second-hand store owner that befriends Kyle and Brad. When they move off to college he sell his store and returns to New York.I had never really related to Robbie as a character in any off the Tales from Foster High and when I started this [...]

    • BR, June 5th (release-day) with Paul, Sonia, Julie and Momo4,25 starsFirst of all, I want to compliment the author Robert Halliwell for doing such a good job in portraiting the voice of Robbie. The Robbie, John Goode introduced and made us love in the Tales of Foster High series.Robbie was just as I imagined him to be and I loved reading more about him I hurt for him for losing Riley the way he did. How do you come back from experiencing something like thatSo, in the last installment of Foster H [...]

    • ~"Bitch mode unlocked." That's my favorite line from this entire book. : )The line is not only telling as far as the type of dialogue delivered by Robbie, the quirky, bitter and devastated Foster transplant, but also of the general tone of book 7 of the "Tales of Foster High" series.Robbie is a bit of a self-proclaimed cunt. But it's always best to know and embrace yourself, right? Well, he does and he isn't very good sugar coating anything, so he really doesn't try to. Ever.Book 7, "The Way Bac [...]

    • A 4 Star Heartfelt Journey! Robbie's Journey,le sigh Seat belts on, cuz, "Bitch-mode unlock" <---Fav! Ooh my gosh, what a ride! It could have used a bit of smexy/steam but.I adored this read.I loved taking Robbie's, occasional detour's in his little lime green bug, it made for a fun and smooth ride. But, gosh there were so many other reason's why this ride was so delightful. REASON# 1 This book pick's up beautifully from book #6 of the Tales of Foster highASON # 2 The execution was one of the [...]

    • Este libro pertenece al mundo de Tales from Foster High, pero no está escrito por John Goode (el autor) y no aparecen nuestros chicos, Kyle y Brad. En esta ocasión el protagonista es Robbie, al que hemos conocido a lo largo de los seis libros anteriores, que ha tenido un papel importante en la evolución de Kyle como persona, que nos ha divertido, y que nos ha emocionado cuando hemos sabido cómo perdió a su pareja a manos de un grupo de muchachos homófobos. En A Way Back To Then no encontra [...]

    • Robbie DeCaro has been through so much, and he definitely hides behind a false bravado and a severely dangerous, sharp wit. This was his story about healing, about acknowledging one's fears, and despite them, finding the strength to return to the land of the living. My emotions were constantly being tossed around to extreme highs and touching lows. It was comedy central meets depressing gravity. I loved Robbie's brilliant inner, judgmental bitch, Sebastian's astounding tolerance and patience, an [...]

    • 4 StarsSo good! Another great addition to the Tales from Foster High series. As a huge fan of Robbie DeCaro, I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this baby! Since his first appearance in the series, I’ve always had a major soft spot for Robbie’s character. It didn’t matter whether he was being a grade A bitch, if he was making me laugh hysterically with his snark, or whether he was breaking my heart with his devastating tears--every on page moment Robbie had, his character stole th [...]

    • 4.5 stars*spoilerish, so be warned* - AWESOME BR with Paul, Momo,Elsbeth, Julie and Nathan :D I would like to start my review by expressing my admiration for real life Robbie (Halliwell). Why you ask? Well, we all know writing is not easy (you will be able to see how not easy it is by reading my review *snickers*). So, to not only write a truly wonderful book, but to write a book about a character introduced by another awesome author - John Goode (of which you are a huge fan. Really, Robbie, tha [...]

    • Dear Robbie (Halliwell),I have to be honest with you. I had high expectations of this book, because I adored Robbie in 'Tales from Foster High', and I was really excited about reading more of his story. Now, I know expectations are dangerous, because sometimes you get disappointed as a reader with a book that doesn't meet them. But I can honestly say that you, m'dear, have exceeded my expectations by far! You are a fantastic writer, and I truly hope you publish more books in the future! Please t [...]

    • 4.5 StarsWow. JustWow. Brilliantly done. Robert Halliwell takes the story of Robbie which John Goode started, and continues it in a similar snarky, sarcastic, witty way, but also in a way that absolutely blew. me. away.As a HUGE fan of the series I was a bit worried that someone else was writing one of the books. I'm so happy to say I wasn't disappointed with this installment. I was actually over the moon happy with the final product.Robbie has long been my least favorite characteruthfully? His [...]

    • I was so looking forward to Robbies story, and it lived up to all my hopes.From the last book I knew Robbie was going to surprise me and he did. He is nothing like I thought him to be from previous books. He is much deeper.While I certainly needed my tissues in certain parts, this was not the tear fest I was expecting. Instead I got a sweet story of 2 guys coming together despite a rocky start. There was plenty of humour to equal out the sadder parts.Robbies family added a little extra kick, esp [...]

    • 4.5 Stars ~ I remember thinking when I first saw this book on the coming soon shelves of Dreamspinner Press, "What the hell?" I mean, 'Tales from Foster High' is a much loved series of mine, and I'm mad, crazy about its author, John Goode. So, who was this interloper, Robert Halliwell, and why was he writing Robbie's story? I'd loved Robbie from the first moment I met him, how was this author going to understand him? Well, trust me my friends, Mr. Halliwell did a phenomenal job, and I owe him an [...]

    • I read this out of order, but it didn't matter. After book #6, when everything seemed to be going well for everyone else, I was desperate for Robbie to get his HEA. I totally missed this book because of the different author(?), so went straight to When I Grow Up. One of the best parts of that one was meeting Sebastian and so I was very excited to read the story of how he and Robbie met (once I figured out which book it was). And it was so worth -- I adored Sebastian and I really adored Sebastia [...]

    • ****4.5 STARS****Robbie has finally decided it was time to leave Foster and move back home to Long Island with his family. And if you lived Robbie you'll love his mom, sister, and uncle just as much. Moving back home didn't magically or instantly make things better. But the families support sets him on the path that will give him the happily ever after he so deserves. Emotional, funny, and so good! If Mr. Halliwell decides to give this writing thing another go, consider it already on my kindle.

    • My favourite character from Tales From Foster High after Kyle is probably Robbie. I think I really even like him better than Brad. Maybe. Ah well, I don't have to decide, do I? I'm assuming you've read the last books in the series, so I won't make a spoiler out of former events.My life ended up becoming one big fractured fairy tale. I'd just recently picked up the last piece in oder to start Krazy Gluing it all back together.Disney never makes movies about those kinda stories.Over the last books [...]

    • I loved this. Robbie was an angry, bitchy drama queen type of character in the Foster High Series, who was misunderstood by everyone but Kyle and Jennifer and really manned up when Kyle and Brad needed people around them and money to live their dream. He had plenty to be angry about at Foster, small Texan townter all, they did jack s**t when his boyfriend was run down and killed in a hate crime all those years ago. 5 stars from me.The author has given me a new and very welcome perspective on Rob [...]

    • Before I begin my review I want to speak to something very important when it comes to new authors such as Robert Halliwell. It’s not often that an author establishes such a solid “voice” in his first novel. Just so we are on the same page the author’s voice as it is described on Writeability is as follows: "Voice is the author's style, the quality that makes his or her writing unique, and which conveys the author's attitude, personality, and character."That is a very powerful statement a [...]

    • To say that I was looking forward to Robbie’s story was an understatement. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the best way I can describe the need I felt at the end of 151 Days when we found out that the snarky and in-your-face Robbie in the Tales of Foster High books was basically a reaction, a defense mechanism, to Riley’s death and the treatment Robbie had to suffer in the town. After he “fades off into the sunset” towards the end of that book, I just had to know that Robbie could [...]

    • 3.75 stars rounded upRobbie DeCaro made his impression on me during his appearance on John Goode's Tales of Foster High series. Basically becoming a father figure to Kyle, snarky queen Robbie stole every scenes he was ever in, even before I knew his sad story regarding his first love, Riley. So I was pretty excited when I knew that he would have his own book. ALTHOUGH, at the beginning I was pretty confused since the author's name was not John Goode. I thought Robert Halliwell was a pen name of [...]

    • I'm sorry, Riley :-(!! Not only was this not for me, I actively disliked it :-/. I didn't like Robbie, or his ridiculous snarkiness, or his unreliable narration, or, well, his vibe. I didn't feel ANY connection/chemistry between him and Sebastian, and this most definitely wasn't what I expected. Even all the recounts on Riley felt clinical and failed to draw me in :-/. I have a feeling it was less about "content" and more about presentation it was just all over the place, and Robbie he was jus [...]

    • Snap, snark, and barbs - bitchiness elevated to an art form. Robbie is back!!!Robbie has shaken off the dust of Texas and settled once again with his family in Long Island. He still uses sarcasm and razor sharp barbs to hide his vulnerabilities and protect his heart but, he is ready to take baby steps and start living again.Riley was Robbie’s first love. Riley worshiped, loved and adored Robbie and would have given him the moon. Death put an end to the fairy tale and, Robbie is lost and has to [...]

    • I am not going to write a long review as others have written such great ones (see Elsbeth and Sonia for example). Yes Robert Halliwell took on a dangerous assignment for an author, i.e. taking a character by a different author and writing that character's story. He did a wonderful job of telling Robbie's story. Robbie has grown and changed since the love of his life, Riley. He reviews his life with more mature eyes and therefore more understanding of his love of Riley. Sebastian can be the love [...]

    • It was great reading Robbie getting back on his feet. And meeting someone!There were times though that I was wondering who am I reading about because of Robbie's new voice.Still a good read though. :) Foster High fans should read this.3.5 STARS!

    • 4.5 StarsWhere to begin?  I guess first, I want to express my absolute amazement at the wonders of both Robert and John.  While maybe this kind of hand off writing has been done before, I have never before seen it or experienced it as a reader.  This took courage on both sides and so much trust.  Trust from John to be able to hand over a character in this way…that Robbie (yeah I can’t do Robert or Rob’s stuck already) will not fuck this up…that he will write with a similar love and a [...]

    • Another spin Off of the Foster high Series. I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of Robbie's but after this one I like him hehe . It's a nice story about Robbie realizing that you can love again in life even after tragedy bruised your heart

    • 3.5 starsI was curious when this book first appeared on my periphery and asked John Goode, author of Tales from Foster High series about it (after six books plus in the series, there's a different author writing it?). He twitted me that this book was written by the guy the character Robbie was based on, one Robert Halliwell to be exact. :) In fact, this book sounded exactly like Robbie DeCaro on the series I had read so far. Probably, especially, as the story told from first person's POV.The ope [...]

    • A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsRobbie was a favorite character of mine in the original series. I loved his wit and personality from the first time we met him in Tales From Foster High, and I was pleased and surprised that his story was being introduced at this time. I say pleased because to me, Robbie was an integral character, and surprised because the story was written by an author other than John Goode. Would Halliwell do the story justice, that was the question…Written as a retrospective [...]

    • I've been following Tales from Foster High from the moment Brad kissed Kyle. However, through the triumphs and heartbreaks one character remains a mystery.A Way Back to Then is a perfect marriage of the tales from Robbie's past, his present, and future. Riley's death has been a significant part of the series, but one character seem too afraid to tell his story. In this book, Robbie finally opened the floodgates to the past and in turn, let his future in. I was hooked by the story of Riley's deat [...]

    • Another chapter in the Tales from Foster High series has arrived, and it does not disappoint. Jennifer is my favorite character in the series, but Robbie is a very close second. While there were more snarky quips in this book than in the others, it fit because this is Robbie's story. Much like John Goode, Robert Halliwell manages to evoke laughter through tears, ripping your heart out one moment and then immediately making you snort-laugh the next. The character of Robbie felt very consistent fr [...]

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