Shattered Alliance

Shattered Alliance Team against team psypath against psypathere are no such thing as allies in Juxtapose City Now that the terrible truth is out life has only grown complicated Genesis has full control over the men of

  • Title: Shattered Alliance
  • Author: Tricia Owens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Team against team, psypath against psypathere are no such thing as allies in Juxtapose City.Now that the terrible truth is out, life has only grown complicated Genesis has full control over the men of JC2, forcing them to commit atrocities across the city and destroying Black s reputation in the process Even if Black succeeds in rescuing his teammates, the JCPDTeam against team, psypath against psypathere are no such thing as allies in Juxtapose City.Now that the terrible truth is out, life has only grown complicated Genesis has full control over the men of JC2, forcing them to commit atrocities across the city and destroying Black s reputation in the process Even if Black succeeds in rescuing his teammates, the JCPD and Captain Dickerson may not be forgiving Meanwhile, anti telepath sentiment in Juxtapose City is on the rise, spearheaded by a man from Black s dark past who wants all telepaths dead Black and Calyx find themselves in a unique and unenviable position on the run from both fellow psypaths and the police The only way to survive is to go on the offensive Together they must do their own manhunt and bring down Genesis and the mysterious man who saved him seven years ago An edgy, sexy m m romance.Don t miss any of the Juxtapose City series books 1 Fearless Leader FREE 2 In the Blink of an Eye3 The Battle for Black4 The Ultimate Team5 My Lover, My Enemy6 The Sound of Truth7 Shattered AllianceJoin the mailing list for the latest m m romances and promotions triciaowensbooks list

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    612 thoughts on “Shattered Alliance

    • After reading the blurb for the first book I had apprehensions on starting it. I honestly thought I wouldn't like it. But the book was a freebie and I was in the mood for something different and different is what I got. What I also got was completely sucked into this story with these very flawed characters. What a ride. After reading the first book I immediately moved on to the next one. Then the next one and so on until I found myself on the 7th installment of this series and dreading the endin [...]

    • After the last book I was afraid, that the series can’t keep its high standard. The Sound Of Truth was my highlight of this series and I thought, the following book could not come anywhere close to this experience. But I was wrong. In Shattered Alliance there’s a new player in the game, the Silent Sentinels, a group, who wants to wipe out all telepaths and tries to play off Black against Genesis. With Black’s secret unveiled in the previous book, Black and Calyx are on the run, from the po [...]

    • So freaking good!Oh, this was just perfect! So many feels! We had questions answered just to unearth more questions. And Calyx! I love him so. On to the next one!

    • We are finally getting to the bottom of some things, yet there is so much still to learn. Through it all, Calyx and Black remain strong, and everything that comes to light only seems to feed fire to their relationship. I'm sad that I'm getting to the end of what is published so far, and as much as I want to see the grand finale, I really don't want this ride to be over.

    • HurtingAll the characters are hurt over past abuse. Only a few are trying to move on and not live in the past. They all seem to be obsessed over Black on different levels. He found someone who means a lot to him.

    • Alors alors alors comme je vous le disais en intro j'avais super hate de retrouver mes chouchous dans un nouveau tome de leurs aventures. Et je n'ai pas été déçue. J'ai mis plus de temps que prévu à le lire, parce que j'avais plein de trucs à faire en fin de semaine dernière mais j'avoue que dès que j'avais quelques minutes devant moi, j'étais en train de lire.Ce tome recommence exactement là où le tome précédent s'est terminé et j'ai vraiment été plus que ravie de retrouver mes [...]

    • Pulse pounding must read series!I’m a bookaholic and this is one of the best series I’ve read with the perfect balance of urban fantasy, suspense and romance. The world created is both creative and believable, full of incredible multi-layered characters that bring the story to life. Juxtapose City is a hot bed of humans and psypaths (people with various psychic powers including telepathy, empathy, and telekinesis), full of civil unrest and edging the brink of war between the two classes. I d [...]

    • 3.5. Obviously I'm into this story as I just finished book 7. But some of the overwrought dialog and awkward plot twists are causing me to slow down. This remains a fun story with enticing MCs set in an interesting world building job. It is definitely on the fluff end of the spectrum. So I'm sticking with it but -I think my issue is that there are AMAZING stories in the MM genre. It makes me picky so that this story, which is a fun read better than most het romances I've read, ends up feeling a [...]

    • Same oldEnough already's the same thing over and over. I am getting tired of all the villains beating Black. He is supposed to be so strong and powerful but he is constantly be manipulated and controlled. It's always the bad guy that wins. I would like for once to see Black as being smarter and stronger then the restI am however blown away by Tricia Owens brilliant imagination. She never ceases to amaze me! But I have to learn to wait for her to actually complete a series before reading because [...]

    • Tricia owensWow oh wow. Came across this little series last Thursday. It's now Monday and am just about to start book 8. Absolutely loving the boy's and the twists. I really did not see the last one coming. The relationships are great and the pace is fab. Sometimes I just want to tell Calyx to put a sock in itd shake some sense into Black. I could go on. But that is a sign of a good writer. Your characters make me laugh, yell, hide under the covers and I ride the emotional highs and lows with th [...]

    • I decided to go ahead and read this one even though I'm only on book 2 in this series. There are spots that I should have waited to read it but I wanted to get it reviewed for the author. I love this series the characters are awesome some spots confused me but that is only because this is number 7 and I'm on book 2 lol. I loved it though it made me smile and laugh it made me happy and mad and this author is amazingly deep. i am so glad i went ahead and reviewed it

    • Great addition to the seriesOnce again the threats loom large but I still have questions. Starr shines is this episode and the sex as always support hotI live when an author adds humor and with these characters it is snappy one liners galore. Can't wait for the next one and hopefully soon. Another cliffhanger. I can't breathe.

    • I'm ready for Genisis and captain fucking Dickerson to die already!!!!! "He began planning his next steps, his eyes lifting hopefully every so often to the closed shop door."is part wrecked me btw. I absolutely adore Black & Starr's love for each other. I remember thinking it was impossible due to Black being so callousw look at where they are :D

    • Tricia Owens' characters, Black and Starr, feature among my favourite m/m pairings. Each book in this series is fast paced, intricate, shocking and builds on what is a powerful love story. Highly recommend this!!!

    • There are many things to say about this book, but the most important thing is:"Face burning, balls throbbing, Black gave in to the request. 'I'm a bad little boy.'"The sex is NEVER lacking in this series!!!!!

    • I'm really enjoying this series but yet again it's left me hanging! This book felt a little bit like a filler episode.

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