Make Me

Make Me Harper Styles can t believe she s really doing this It s one thing to take a job as an escort to pay her way through college It s another thing to fly to Iowa and pretend to be some stranger s girlfri

  • Title: Make Me
  • Author: Hazel Jacobs
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  • Page: 227
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  • Harper Styles can t believe she s really doing this It s one thing to take a job as an escort to pay her way through college It s another thing to fly to Iowa and pretend to be some stranger s girlfriend so he can get through a wedding without his family climbing all over him She s outside of the airport when she meets possibly the most beautiful man she s ever seen LaHarper Styles can t believe she s really doing this It s one thing to take a job as an escort to pay her way through college It s another thing to fly to Iowa and pretend to be some stranger s girlfriend so he can get through a wedding without his family climbing all over him She s outside of the airport when she meets possibly the most beautiful man she s ever seen Later, in the first class lounge, she realizes that this man is her client Slate, world famous drummer for Black Lilith Slate needs a girlfriend to deflect his parents attention from his womanizing, rockstar lifestyle Unable to convince his best friends to lend him their girlfriends, he s resorted to hiring an escort to pretend to be his lover and smooth the rough relationship he has with his family She asks him for his real name, but he gives her a coy smile that makes her weak at the knees He also makes it absolutely clear that he will not sleep with a woman he s paying As long as she s technically his employee, he will not take advantage But the chemistry between them is immediate.Harper can be anything a man needs, but she s starting to realize that what Slate really needs is a woman to break through his walls.

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    • Make Me by Hazel Jacobs
      227 Hazel Jacobs
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    • Hazel Jacobs

      Hazel Jacobs is a passionate fan of romance novels and a crazy fan of rock and roll Never trained as a writer, she began creative writing as a hobby That quickly evolved into a mission to pen a novel that brings a new generation of readers into the wild realm of loud music and total passion.

    170 thoughts on “Make Me

    • I never thought slate could ever win me. When he went home for his cousins wedding. I saw a side of him I couldn't resist I fell hard for him. Not even including is amazing good looks. Slate is a freaken God in the sheets and teddy bear during the day. I also love harper and her will to not give up and keep trying. I admire that in a woman.

    • Is it just me or are these Black Lilith guys getting hotter and hotter??I BETA Read this book - twice (couldn't help myself!), so that should tell you something.The way Harper and Slate meet is just fantastic, and if you've read All or Nothing you've got some sort of idea, but let me say that things don't always go to plan. The first few scenes are just delicious and funny and totally 'Harper & Slate'. You'll see.I was already 1/2 in love with Slate after the first two Black Lilith books, so [...]

    • This was so good!!I was hooked from the first chapter! When these two characters meet for the first time and she found out that Slate is her client?! Loved it! •I loved Harper & Slate from the start and I was so impatient for them to get together. But when they finally did it was so worth it! The writing just sucks you in and you can't help but keep reading. •I also really loved The Pretty Woman references in this book too. I definitely recommend this series and I seriously can not wait [...]

    • You know that saying "nobody takes pictures of the drummer" well if you've met Slate you'd think twice about that comment Harper is one lucky woman to have him as her client for a wedding he needs to have a date for. This man is sexy and just swoon worthy. I swear I keep saying that these Black Lilith men are all incredible because they are just when you think you know them we move into the next book and you find ways to love them even more then before. Mr matchmaker Slate is always helping out [...]

    • An enjoyable read I liked Harper and Slates story. Told in third person, my preference is normally dual pov so I would of liked the more personal thoughts and feelings you get from first person but I still enjoyed it. Harper is on her first job as an escort, a job she has taken to help pay her way through her study's. Slate is the drummer of The Black Lilith and hires an escort to be a fake girlfriend for a family wedding. Make Me is an interesting plot with likeable characters. I haven't read p [...]

    • "Maybe we’re all much better at telling other people what they need than we are at understanding what we need."Oooh I love this book. I was so excited because this is Slate's book and I'm really curious about this guy.He's a cocky confident drummer, he's all about Drugs, Sex and Rock n Roll. He's the wild one in the band. He's the matchmaker but he's so clueless about having a real relationship. Yup he's just so adorable sometimes, although other times I wanted to slap and kick him for doing t [...]

    • I was pretty sure that this one was the best one. I liked it through the wedding and then it went oddly to her being a personal trainer for the group. To me it was fun to watch the wedding but the jump sort of disjointed the story for me. I really didn't feel warmth from either MC chemistry when she kept calling herself a whore???!! I know, right?So not my favorite.

    • Make Me (Black Lilith #3) by Hazel Jacobs offers an super intriguing point of view on the concept of Rockstar Romance. The writing style of this author is very refreshing and I enjoyed the book very much.It was my first by this author and I will surely keep an eye on the next book of this author. I did not read the first two books in that series and it seems I missed quite some good stories so far, because meeting the characters from the first books in “make me” surely shows off a wide range [...]

    • I loved this story so much. I think with every new book in this series, I love the new band member I get to know more and more. Slate was no different.In the previous stories, Slate was a charmer, the matchmaker, and quite the womanizer. But what I didn't see coming and yet absolutely loved, was this new side to him. The sensitive and vulnerable side that was shown when he was around his family and Harper. It was such a change from what I was used to. And Harper was yet another unexpected gem in [...]

    • Make Me is book3 in this amazing Black Lilith Series!! Loved this story between Slate and Harper!! Took a bit for these two realize they are meant to be together, but well worth the wait!! Awesome ending!! So looking forward to Dash's story, been hanging out for this one!! Love your books Hazel Jacobs!! A must read!!

    • Sigh, by now I think everyone knows the Black Lilith boys absolutely own me. Slate has intrigued me since book one because it essentially all started with him convincing Mikayla to come on board as a PA. He's always been portrayed as a cliched rocker; sex, drugs and rock n' roll. I always got the feeling there was more below his surface, and Hazel Jacobs just showed me that was true.Slate needs a wedding date, but with none of his friends able to attend he hires an escort. Lucky for him he gets [...]

    • Make Me is the third book in the Black Lilith series and I fall harder in love with this band the more I read about them. Slate is the first member we meet in book one, but it isn’t until now that we learn his story. He’s the epitome of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Unfortunately, his family doesn’t support his career choice. When he returns home for a family wedding and to not disappoint his parents, he hires an escort to be his date and pretend girlfriend. This is Harper’s first gig [...]

    • Hazel Jacobs had this way of making me react like the character in the last line of her books. Each one of the Black Lilith books could be taken as a standalone but you really get a feeling for the name's family vibe as each book complements the previous. I immediately had images of how this book would end given the initial premise, but Slate's name will be revealed, his home life is surprising and Harper manages to crack through everyone of his walls even at times when she feels like she's fall [...]

    • Make MeI've loved every book in this series so far. I'm looking forward to the next one. What a great group of characters.

    • amazing read and series so far. Loved it. it sucks u in from the beginnng and keep u going to the end of the book.

    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Great read!!! The chemistry between the main characters is off the charts. I love that in each book of the series you still get to see into the lives of the other characters and how much they all look out for each other. This book along with the entire series is a must read

    • Spunky N Sassy Rating: 4.5~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~This series just keeps getting better and better. Slade needs a date for his cousin's wedding. After striking out with Mik and Sersh he knows he needs to do something, so he hires an escort. Harper Styles never thought her life would come to this but she doesn't see any other way so when she is offered a job as an escort she takes it. Little does she know that she going to be the girlfriend of the extremely hot rocker Sl [...]

    • This book was amazing! Hazel Jacob's has the ability to hook you in right from the start! Her words come to life and it seems as though you are watching a movie right before your eyes. The way she describes Harper and Slate's first encounter, it felt so real, I was falling in love with them already! I loved their story and how they came to be together! And the references to Pretty Woman were just perfect! The sexual tension between Harper and Slate were of the charts!! The whole Black Lilith Ban [...]

    • Holy frigging Hotness Batwoman!! Those Black Lillith boys, hot!!! this is the book about Slate and Harper, but not without the shenanigans from the the others, Slate needs a date for his cousins wedding, insert Harper, shes being paid to attend the wedding with a stranger, but when she finds out who it is, but there is a catch, that they both wish would change, but when is does, owwiieee! boom baby! hot hot hot! i seriously recommend you read this series! you wont be disappointed, i can not wait [...]

    • I really love this band - they are a family and Hazel Jacobs' brings that out more and more with every book. If you read books 1 & 2 - You must read this one for the last line alone - Can't wait for book 4Slate, Black Lilith's bad boy drummer had a hand in getting his lead singer and bassist together with their girlfriends, but he is purely Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll and loves his lifestyle too much to get serious, but when his estranged family expects him to show up for the wedding of h [...]

    • just wow these books just get better can't wait to read about dash and catch up with all the other boys and there shenanigans

    • ****Nic's Review!!****I received an ARC for my honest review.This is the third installment of the Black Lilith Series.Make Me, is about Harper and Slate. Slate is the drummer in the rock band and I was interested in reading this because I play drums. So here we goHarper is your typical college student struggling to pay her bills and tuition. So she turns to an escort service to help with her troubles. So Harper's first job is to met this man at an airport to attend a family wedding. What she doe [...]

    • Book 3 of the Black Lilith Series Make Me and that it did. It made me fall for Slate just as much as I fell in love with Tommy. The story was about Slate, the drummer for the band Black Lilith and Harper who he hires to attend his family wedding but little does his family know Harper is an escort. the beginning. These two were completely perfect for each other Harper brought out the real person that Slate was hiding inside. The story was written so well I felt like I was an invited guest at the [...]

    • This is the third installment of the Black Lilith Series.Make Me, is about Harper and Slate. Slate is the drummer in the rock band and I was interested in reading this because I play drums. So here we goHarper is your typical college student struggling to pay her bills and tuition. So she turns to an escort service to help with her troubles. So Harper's first job is to met this man at an airport to attend a family wedding. What she doesn't except is to run into this gorgeous man and hit it off r [...]

    • Wonderful!!I am in absolute love with this series, these men and of course these women. It's been a while since a series has grabbed me like this one where I can't wait for the next book. Make Me is wonderful! It's Slate's book and I could say it's been me favorite but honestly I think that with each book. Slate is one of those characters that you just can't get enough of. He's charming, hot and has a huge heart. When he has to go home for a family wedding he decides to hire a escort to go with [...]

    • I hadn't read the other books in the Black Lilith series before this book, but I was pleased to see I didn't need to as this works great as a standalone book. We meet Harper, a student working towards becoming a Certified Personal trainer, who needs a second job to help pay for school. She signs up to become an escort. Her first assignment is Slate, the drummer for Black Lilith. Slate is drawn to Harper because she doesn't know who he, or his band is. He has hired her to be his girlfriend for hi [...]

    • received arc for honest review reviewed on behalf for Amo and sarah's book corner.ah finally getting to read slate's book he is by far my favourite of the guys. this book is amazing every book in the series gets better this story centre's around harper who has just started working as an escort to help pay her way through college so her first job is to meet a stranger at the airport to pretend to be his girlfriend at a family wedding just to get his family off his back.what harper doesn't realise [...]

    • I received an ARC of this book in a giveaway and OMG what can I say to express firstly how much I have been enjoying this series and also how much I adored not only this book but the characters, Slate and Harper. This story delves into the man behind the sexy drummer where we get to know the real Slate. There are plenty of surprises, anxious scenes, heart warming moments, hilarious escapades and we also discover some BIG truths about one of the other characters. Hazel does it again by having the [...]

    • THIS IS WOW WORTHY!!By CARYN - Jan. 7 2017  Verified PurchaseOK nowjust when I thought it couldn't get any better, I read book 3 and swoon over Slate!Slate hires a woman from an escort agency to pretend she is his girlfriend at his cousin's wedding. Harper Styles takes the job as her first in the business. Slate has never had a girlfriend or steady relationship, ever, so even though he is attracted to Harper he won't act on it.Harper is studying in her final year to be a personal trainer and wh [...]

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