Fighting Destiny

Fighting Destiny What happens when you choose not to accept fate Elise Westin is obsessed with one thing Avoid Patrick O Connell at all costs She knows the handsome foreigner is her one true mate She knows they are de

  • Title: Fighting Destiny
  • Author: Julie Trettel Sara Meadows
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens when you choose not to accept fate Elise Westin is obsessed with one thing Avoid Patrick O Connell at all costs She knows the handsome foreigner is her one true mate She knows they are destined to be together Knowing it doesn t stop her from fighting it the only way she knows how run and hide But hiding from him can only last so long Fate, with theWhat happens when you choose not to accept fate Elise Westin is obsessed with one thing Avoid Patrick O Connell at all costs She knows the handsome foreigner is her one true mate She knows they are destined to be together Knowing it doesn t stop her from fighting it the only way she knows how run and hide But hiding from him can only last so long Fate, with the help of her family, forces her to come face to face with him Will she be able to confront her own fears and accept love Or will she lose it all by fighting her own destiny Patrick O Connell has given up everything Banished from his own pack Living in a foreign territory He s chasing a dream that he was raised to believe doesn t exist But he knows he s found his one true mate She s real One whiff of the dark haired beauty changes the path of his life forever With nothing else to lose, he won t stop until he finds her again But Elise doesn t want to be found Can he win the heart of his elusive mate Can Patrick break down Elise s barrier of fears to find their happily ever after

    • Fighting Destiny - Julie Trettel Sara Meadows
      281 Julie Trettel Sara Meadows
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    • Julie Trettel Sara Meadows

      Julie Trettel is a full time Systems Administrator, Wife, Mother of four, and part time Musician and Writer She resides in Richmond, VA and can often be found writing on the sidelines of a football field or swimming pool She comes from a long line of story tellers and has a thousand stories running through her mind Writing has always been a stress reliever and escape for her to manage the crazy demands of juggling time and schedules between work and an active family of six In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends Her husband, James, challenged her to write a book in one year She took on that challenge The Compounders Book 1 is her first published work.

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    • Omg! Julie Trettel has done it once again :D "Fighting Destiny" is the 2nd amazing novel from the Westin Pack series, but these do not have to be read in order. However, IMO, for the best reading pleasure, you should & I am so glad that I read book #1 first, "One True Mate" coz they are both fan-freaking-tastic 6 star must reads, IMHO ;) This author's fresh new take on PNR shifters is da bomb & so awesomely unique, I want to live within the Westin Pack world! :D The characters are well- [...]

    • This is the second book in the Westin Pack series. Elise and Patrick’s story. Once again we are back in San Marco. Elise is the sister to the new Pack Alpha, her brother Kyle. He just finished the Alpha challenges for his mate Kelsey. It was a hard won battle. Elise vows to never take a mate if this is the heart ache of taking a mate. She would not want to find the great love of the life in a true mate to lose him in a challenge.Patrick, a college friend of Kyle’s has come to challenge Kyle [...]

    • Hide & Seekhis is book 2 of this great series. I thought the first was awesome and this one is just as good, sad, funny, loving and passionate.Elise Westin is the epitome of propriety, but when she gets a whiff of her true mate, she high tails it and now everyone is wondering what is wr ong with EShe is doing the unthinkable, even she knows it's wrong, no not wrong, it hurts because every time she scents him she wants to jump his bones and she can't let that happen, she will lose him before [...]

    • Truly loved this even more then the first book!! Elise was so easy to love and empathize with. Patrick. well what wasn't to love about him!? Irish all the way! These two are perfect together! It was entertaining and just plain fun watching these two come together and fall in love! I loved the Irish lingo too ♡ I cannot wait to read about the rest of the pack! There truly are endless stories to be written about!! And that is so exciting!!! The best part!? Reading about Noah's Ark ♡♡♡♡ D [...]

    • Keep'em Comin' Sista!This series is awesome. I love all of the characters. Everyone has a distinct personality that sets them aside from everyone else. This series is well worth reading.

    • Wow. What can I say. I absolutely loved Elise and Patrick's story. I'm hoping the next one is for one of the boys. Maybe Liam or Cole's although I have a feeling it's might be Lily's story next. Either way I'm hooked and will be reading them all.

    • I absolutely LOVE the Westin Pack! I was so excited to get my hands on Elise and Patrick’s Story!! This book was fantastic, and it did not disappoint. With ever book we see more of these relationships unfold, and i couldn’t be happier! I can’t not wait for the next book of the series!!!!!!

    • This book was beautiful and just made me sigh in happiness. Elise has found her one true mate but she is afraid to accept him, Patrick, because of the mating challenges he might face, and she doesn’t want to lose him. For her, it’s better to not know Patrick than lose him after knowing him. Patrick,on the other hand, came to Westin pack to challenge Kyle for the mating challenge because of the alpha position. But upon smelling his mate, he backed down from the challenge. Unfortunately, he wa [...]

    • I would totally give this book a 4.5 stars if I could, it was a good follow-up to One True Mate! In this book (which can be a standalone, but I think its better to read Book 1 to get some background) we get to read about Kyle's sister Elise and Patrick, who had entered Westin Pack territory to originally challenge Kyle for Kelsey, his one true mate. Patrick realizes his mate is in the Westin Pack, but does not know for awhile who it is. Elise is nervous around Patrick, since she almost immediate [...]

    • Fighting Destiny is the second book in the Westin Pack and it was as great as the first book! In the second book, it focuses on Patrick and Elise. Elise is the sister to Kyle whom we saw more of in the first book. What are we going to do with Elise? She's so stubborn you'd *almost* think she's Irish. Patrick is more stubborn than E and he is Irish. It's a good thing too! War of the wills happens and it's a fun ride to see who wins. This was a great read for me and I found myself not wanting to p [...]

    • As with the first book in this series, I loved this story and cannot wait to read more. I wondered from the first if it would be basically the same story with different main characters and it is not. It is another story with the first woven in. It keep me interested and waiting to see what would happen next. I can't wait to see what is in store for us for Westin #3.Julie is a great story teller and leaves me wanting more!

    • Another Great BookI really enjoy this series. Take a look if you like werewolves and romance. The reasons I have it 4 instead of 5 stars: I had trouble with how the heroine treated the hero. I thought she really strung him along for awhile. And, the bedroom scenes were a little too detailed for me; I hate having to skip pages when I'm reading.

    • I didn't finish this book. Skimmed it to the end, but it really lost my interest. Patrick was a great character, and I loved the fact that you still got Kelsey and Kyles story continuation, but I didn't like the main storyline. Refusing you OTM because you're scared of the Challenges? Didn't convince me and the story went round and round till I gave up

    • Love this bookI love shifter books and this story did not disappoint. The story was written well and I enjoyed how the relationship developed between the main characters. A series I will continue to read.

    • Fighting destiny Absolutely loved it! Amazing story. E and Patrick are so cute together! I loved the first book and the second didn't disappoint!

    • West in packI just love the characters they feel like real life . I laughed and cried this series is awesome and Can't wait for the next one.

    • While I think I like the story of this one better than the first, there were more sexual scenes to skip in this one comparatively, which was disappointing.

    • Worth itI am ready for book 3 to come out! These first two books were awesome! I read them both in 48 hours and got no sleep! Totally worth it

    • Loved it can't wait for the next book to come out. Kinda wish I found the series when all the books where already done so I could binge read them all

    • Fighting DestinyFighting Destiny is a terrific book. Very well-written. Suspenseful plot. Great characters. Wonderful true mate romance for Elsie and Patrick

    • This the second book in the West in pack series. Elise and Patrick's love story is so sweet!! Infant wait to see who gets their true mate next!

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