Murder in Bloomsbury

Murder in Bloomsbury Acclaimed author D M Quincy is back with a second captivating mystery as adventurer Atlas Catesby must put aside his own feelings for Lady Lilliana as they work together to get justice for someone she

  • Title: Murder in Bloomsbury
  • Author: D.M. Quincy
  • ISBN: 9781683314653
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed author D M Quincy is back with a second captivating mystery as adventurer Atlas Catesby must put aside his own feelings for Lady Lilliana as they work together to get justice for someone she holds dear.Aristocratic adventurer Atlas Catesby has spent the last year trying to forget Lady Lilliana Warwick, but when she reappears in his life imploring him to help heAcclaimed author D M Quincy is back with a second captivating mystery as adventurer Atlas Catesby must put aside his own feelings for Lady Lilliana as they work together to get justice for someone she holds dear.Aristocratic adventurer Atlas Catesby has spent the last year trying to forget Lady Lilliana Warwick, but when she reappears in his life imploring him to help her solve a murder, Atlas feels compelled to say yes.The ne er do well brother of Lilliana s maid died of arsenic poisoning Authorities are ruling his death an accident, but his sister suspects he was murdered As Atlas and Lilliana investigate, they discover that the victim had a mysterious lover a high born lady he threatened with scandal after she spurned him When they finally uncover her shocking true identity, the case blows wide open and it turns out there is a whole string of women who had reason to kill the handsome charmer Now, as Atlas fights his growing feelings for Lilliana, they must work together to catch the assassin before the killer gets to them first.Perfect for fans of Charles Finch and C S Harris, Murder in Bloomsbury is the magnificent second Atlas Catesby mystery.

    • Murder in Bloomsbury BY D.M. Quincy
      322 D.M. Quincy
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      D.M Quincy is an award winning television journalist who has covered dozens of crimes, including violent unsolved murders that stayed with her for years afterwards She s pretty sure that had something to do with her decision to write her own stories in which a brilliant amateur detective always gets the bad guy or girl , thus making sure that justice is always served.As a US Foreign Service brat, D.M spent most of her childhood roaming the world, which is probably why the protagonist in her Atlas Catesby mystery series travels to far flung places as often as he can.When she isn t hunched over her laptop researching ways for her villains to kill people, D.M reads, spends time with her family, devours foreign television mystery series on Netflix, and plots her next travel adventure.

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    • 3 StarsAdventurer Atlas Catesby is, in his own words, barely a gentleman. The year before this story takes place he was involved in solving a murder and the lady he assisted then, Lady Lilliana, has once again requested his help. The brother of Lady Lilliana's maid has been poisoned and although the authorities have declared it to be an accidental death, the dead man's sister is convinced he was murdered. Atlas doesn't really want to get involved, but he's madly in love with Lady Lilliana and th [...]

    • Series: Atlas Catesby #2Publication Date: 2/13/18Excellent! What a great read. Well written, well plotted, interesting and well developed main characters – and a very believable plot. Actually, the plot is based on a very real case that took place in Scotland in about the same time period. I’m loving this series and highly recommend that you read the first book in the series before this one. You don’t have to, you can begin with this one, but the first one is great and shows the developmen [...]

    • Last year, D.M. Quincy's first Atlas Catesby mystery, Murder in Mayfair, was one of my top picks of the year. The second book in the series, Murder in Bloomsbury, has done nothing to disabuse me of the idea that Quincy is a talented author who tells wonderful stories. Once again, she takes readers back to Regency London with an intriguing historical mystery featuring well-developed, believable characters.Atlas Catesby was trying to forget Lady Roslyn Lilliana Sterling after he learned her brothe [...]

    • I had so much fun with this book. This is a well written murder mystery set in regency London with compelling characters and a slowburning romance. That is a lot of my boxes ticked.I found both Atlas Catesby and Lady Lilliana very likeable and I enjoyed all the other characters that appeared involved in the murder case. I also loved Lord Charlton and Atlas’ sister Thea and their interactions.Although I have not yet read the first book Murder in Mayfair, after reading this one I fully intend to [...]

    • The second Atlas Catesby historical mystery begins when the woman he's been trying to forget asks him to solve the mystery of the death of her maid's brother. Atlas is very good at puzzles and is intrigued by this mystery. He is also the fourth son of a newly minted baron - aristocratic but on the lowest end of the scale. Lady Roslyn Sterling is the sister of a duke and way above him in wealth and the ranking of society. Atlas feels that he can not have any sort of relationship with her despite [...]

    • In this installment, our main character and gentleman Atlas Catesby is called on by Lilliana to help solve the mystery of her maid's brother. The brother died with a belly full of arsenic. The mystery takes some interesting twists and turns, with me suspecting everyone who crossed the page at one point. It was well done. The author's notes indicate that this particular mystery is based on a court case during the time which I thought was great. It was interesting reading the comparisons between w [...]

    • I received a copy of this title from the publisher for an honest review. Murder in Bloomsbury was a 4 1/4 star read for me. The second title in DM Quincy's Atlas Catesby series, it can be read as a stand alone, but since the first one is so good, go out and read it first so you can enjoy this one even more. This book takes place approximately nine months after the events of Murder in Mayfair; Atlas is recently back from a visit to Jamaica and finds himself summoned by Lady Lilliana, sister to th [...]

    • The second installment in Quincy's series, this book did not disappoint. I enjoyed the simmering tension between Atlas and Lilliana, and the mystery was fast-paced and interesting. There were several twists and turns I didn't expect. Quincy's writing really gives a flavor of the time period and I enjoyed the small details she wove in throughout. A solid 5-star read from me!(ARC provided for an honest review.)

    • Atlas Catesby is the son of a famous poet. At times, that name allows him entrance to places. Atlas is also a traveler. He has just returned from Jamaica and his next destination is to be India. But, he has been summoned to the home of the Duke of Sommerville. He is being asked to investigate a death. Lady Lilliana Warwick, the Duke's sister, is asking for Atlas' help. They have a history. He helped her when she was the suspect in her husband's murder. Atlas and Lilliana also have a very close f [...]

    • I would like to thank Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for making this book available in exchange for an honest review. Following Murder in Mayfair, Atlas Catesby returns to apply his ability to solve puzzles to inv stigate the death of Gordon Davis in Murder in Bloomsbury. Davis was a factory clerk who frequently took arsenic. When the coroner notes a large amount of arsenic in his system it is ruled as an accidental death. Davis’ sister is the personal maid to Lilliana, who requests Atlas’ [...]

    • I like this series; this is book 2, and the second that I have read. It is a bit of a readalike for Charles Finch's Charles Lenox Mysteries. In the first one, I noticed a few atmospheric bits that took me out of the Regency era into the Victorian era, but was not too troubled because the story was unexpected and entertaining. In this second book, that happened more frequently. And while I am currently reading a surprisingly similar series, I can not stop comparing the two. Both heroes are gentle [...]

    • A strong entry in the Atlas Catesby Regency/mystery series. Atlas Catesby has spent a year trying to forget Lady Roslyn, whom he rescued in the last series debut. They solved a mystery together and felt a strong bond, but given that she is the daughter of an earl and he is without title or significant fortune, he has avoided her.But she summons him to conduct another investigation: one of her servants has a brother who died under mysterious circumstances. So Atlas and Lady Roslyn are thrown toge [...]

    • Years ago I read dozens and dozens of Georgette Heyer's Regency romances and light mysteries; D.M. Quincy has combined the two forms to bring us a dashing hero and intelligent heroine in a Regency Mystery. (that is my characterization--there is no specific historical marker in the book that defines the period other than the clothing and lifestyle).Prelude aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Quincy's very mannered society and the author has created two headstrong protagonists who are [...]

    • I enjoy historical mysteries and this series of Regency mysteries is at the top of my favorites list. Both the characters and the mystery are very well drawn. Atlas Catesby is not what the upper crust would call a gentleman. That means that he tries very hard to keep some distance from Lady Lilliana, a lady who follows her own mind not bothering with the current norms of society. This leads to some tension but it also makes for a great partnership with Atlas. When Lady Lilliana's maid asks for h [...]

    • First I would like to state that I received this book through the giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. This book was very entertaining and well written. Kept my attention throughout. I loved the characters and the storyline. I do enjoy a good murder mystery and this is definitely a good one. I truly enjoy the authors writing style [...]

    • I got hooked by the first one and when I seen that this one I had to get back in the adventure this author creates. When Atlas is presented with another one with who enticed him but Lily he could not refuse. I do so enjoy following them on murder and mystery in the time it is set. It will also pick at your curiosity where you also become the one looking for the what have yous. The chemistry is good between them but that is not what is foremost here. There are also others that will hold you atten [...]

    • The second installment in D.M. Quincy's Atlas Catesby series, Murder in Bloomsbury is a beguiling historical mystery.Atlas Catesby has not been home long from his latest travels when he unexpectedly teams up with Lady Roslyn Lilliana Sterling Warwick to investigate the death of Gordon Davis, the brother of Lilliana’s maid, Tacy.  Gordon died from an overdose of arsenic and his death has been ruled accidental.  However, there are enough inconsistencies surrounding his death that Atlas agrees [...]

    • I loved and adored Murder in Mayfair and I loved and adored Murder in Bloomsbury. Atlas Catesby is smart and charming and despite his misgivings, he is every bit a gentleman. All the characters are wonderful -- Lilliana, Jamie, Thea, Charleton, Lilliana's brother and probably some others I've left out. The story was great - a mystery, but not a really bloody one. Atlas may finally be figuring out that Lilliana may just love him as well -- or not. All the conventions/manners of the time were grea [...]

    • 1814 has arrived and Atlas Catesby is back from Jamaica. At the request of his friend Lady Roselyn he starts to investigate the death of Gordon Davis, a clerk, who is brother to her maid. Davis' death has been pronounced as an accident. A well-written, enjoyable mystery with characters that I like.A NetGalley Book

    • Thank you net galley. I am enjoying the Catesby series. I think this one is better than the first. I like the way the characters are developing and their back stories. I read this at one go. Just could not put it down!

    • Highly entertaining and well written. Kept my attention throughout. Loved the characters and the storyline. I enjoy a good murder mystery and this is definitely a good one. I highly recommend! I won this book in a GoodReads Giveaway.

    • Thanks Crooked Lane Books and netgalley for this ARC.D.M. Quincy does it again with this second novel. I love this series more with each book. This mystery series stays true to the time period, grows the characters more each time, and stays fresh and interesting.

    • A nice cozy mystery for fans of historical and/or romance mysteries. This is the second book in the series. I haven't read the first, but that wasn't an issue.

    • I love this new series! Interesting characters and a wonderful storyline that keeps you guessing! You won't be able to put this book down!

    • Thanks Crooked Lane Books and netgalley for this ARC.D. M. Quincy knows how to keep you reding all night long. Loved the momentum of the story, growth of the characters, and explosive finale.

    • This series is so good! I loved book one (Murder in Mayfair) and was so excited to see this second book up on Netgalley. I have written and rewritten this review so many times because as soon as I think of one thing I love about these books (such as the main character, Atlas Catesby), I think of another aspect that I love just as much (the relationship between Catesby's sister Thea and his best friend, Charlton), and I have to start writing all over again. The mystery in this book was engaging a [...]

    • I really enjoyed this Victorian mystery, and I'm very happy to have found a new series set in one of my favorite time periods!If you like Anne Perry I would wholeheartedly recommend this title

    • In "Murder in Bloomsbury," Atlas Catesby is once again involved in the investigation of a death when Lady Lilliana, the woman for whom he has feelings, asks for his help. The dead man is the brother of her maid who is firmly convinced that he was murdered, even though the cause of his demise was ruled an accident .Like the first volume, this book is rather quiet and a typical cosy crime. The case is somewhat predictable, although there are definitely exciting moments. Atlas and his companions sp [...]

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