Winter Of Discontent

Winter Of Discontent Dorothy Martin s neighbor and closest friend Jane Langland has been having a fling with Bill Fanshawe or as much of a fling as two year olds in a small town are allowed Now there are rumors that

  • Title: Winter Of Discontent
  • Author: Jeanne M. Dams
  • ISBN: 9780765308054
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dorothy Martin s neighbor and closest friend, Jane Langland, has been having a fling with Bill Fanshawe or, as much of a fling as two 80 year olds in a small town are allowed Now there are rumors that Jane and Bill may move in together, and Dorothy needs to know exactly what s happening What neither woman expects is that Bill is missing, and that within a day his body iDorothy Martin s neighbor and closest friend, Jane Langland, has been having a fling with Bill Fanshawe or, as much of a fling as two 80 year olds in a small town are allowed Now there are rumors that Jane and Bill may move in together, and Dorothy needs to know exactly what s happening What neither woman expects is that Bill is missing, and that within a day his body is going to be discovered in the tunnel under the Sherebury town museum.Why would anyone want to harm a harmless old man, a historian who loves the town and the people who live there Given his age, and the strange letter found in his hand, Dorothy thinks that whatever happened has its roots in WWII Everyone, including her husband, retired police office Alan, looks askance, but when another old man is murdered a man who served at the same RAF base as Bill no one denies Dorothy s suspicions may be right.Dorothy investigates, knowing that the best Christmas gift she can give her friend Jane is the truth about what happened to Bill And Jane has a surprise of her own for Dorothy

    • Winter Of Discontent by Jeanne M. Dams
      373 Jeanne M. Dams
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    • Jeanne M. Dams

      Jeanne M Dams lives in South Bend, Indiana The Body in the Transept, which introduced Dorothy Martin, won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel Dams is also the author of Green Grow the Victims and other Hilda Johansson mysteries published by Walker Company.

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    • I read Sins Out Of School, the eighth book in the series featuring Dorothy Martin, an American retired to the Cathedral town of Sherebury in southeastern England, years ago — maybe a decade. I had been reading them as audiobooks, and I was waiting for the ninth volume, Winter of Discontent, to come out in audio. Which it never did.When I stumbled onto the ebook edition at my library, I wholeheartedly jumped right in. And it was as if Dorothy; her husband, retired policeman Alan Nesbit, and Dor [...]

    • Winter of Discontent by Jeanne M. Dams.Its winter in England and Christmas is approaching. Dorothy feels Christmas shopping is at hand and calls on Jane, her neighbor and close friend, to join her. Together they do some of the needed shopping for Christmas presents and decided to stop off at the Museum for a visit with Bill. Bill Fanshawe is the curator at the museum and long time friend and beau of Jane's. They enter the Museum and search high and low for bill but he's nowhere to be found. This [...]

    • Dorothy Martin, a retired school teacher from Indiana, married Alan, a retired Scotland Yard detective. When their elderly neighbor Jane admits that she and her war time sweetheart Bill have reconnected after years, Dorothy is delighted. But Bill goes missing and Dorothy, who has a habit of becoming involved in local mysteries, investigates.It's always a joy to find a new cozy series, and this one hits the mark. I have to go back and read all the others--looking forward to it. Fans of Agatha Chr [...]

    • Love Dorothy Martin the American in a English village solving crime! A gentle or cozy mystery with a whiff of Miss Marple (An other great British mystery characters!). The whole series is great!!

    • Torn on this mystery. Once again it is a selection of a mystery book club and it is the first book I have read by the author and we jump in on Book 5, of about 15 she has written. Ploddingly interesting. Things are happening in Sherebury, England. A friends companion has died, another person has been assaulted and it all appears to tie into some sort of WW2 situation. Interesting use of WW2 in the plot as it had to do with an airfield near this town and some secrets that may have been buried for [...]

    • There was nothing really wrong with this book, I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't relate to the elderly protagonist, which isn't always a deal killer, but it was too slow moving for my tastes as well.

    • Dorothy Martin's closest friend, Jane Langland, wants to stop by the Town Hall that serves as the local museum to check on her friend, Bill, and can't locate him. The next day, he is found in a secret passage in the basement of the building. He is clutching a piece of paper with a message and he is dead. Now, it is up to sleuth Dorothy Martin to discover what the message means. She thinks it relates to something that happened during World War II and sets out to interview anyone who served with h [...]

    • Disappointing. I usually love this series but the storyline, and Dorothy, focused a great deal on the fear of growning older and out-living one's usefulness or sanity. I wonder if the author, herself, has been dealing with the subject on a personal level for herself, a friend, or a family member? Anyway, Dorothy spends the book complaining about her arthritic knees, tearfully asking her husband what will become of them, and investigating very elderly people who appear ready to expire at any mome [...]

    • I have mixed feelings about this book. It was an interesting story & the characters were certainly well-drawn. (I'd love to find a gentleman like her husband Alan!) On the other hand, it did get a bit draggy and there was a lot of moaning about age and its issues - rather too much. I do like the descriptions of the little town of Sherebury and how things are done there. I also enjoyed the no-nonsense 80ish neighbor, Jane.

    • Another English mystery where the main character is a native of Indiana who somehow meets and marries an English retired policeman. There are probably books before this one where the curator of the local museum is found murdered in the basement of the museum. Not that good a story, but like the main character. I think I also read one where she and her husband ended up back in the US for a book.

    • Next to last (to date) in this series of cozies. One of the things I've liked about this series is that the murders are not your typical murders. The root of this one was historical, not all that easy to figure out, at least not for me. I really like one of the secondary characters, the neighbor Jane, very much. This story let the reader get closer to her, which I enjoyed very much.

    • I was beginning to think maybe I didn't like mysteries any more, since so many of them that I've been reading have been so poorly written. However, this book is renewing my faith in the genre.This series is about a 60-something American woman living in England, who ends up solving mysteries on the side. I look forward to reading this series from the beginning!

    • It seems the author forgot one basic of fiction writing: show, don't tell. The novel was full of narrative that doesn't seem to be necessary in the plot. There was practically no chance to guess on the eventuality because the clues just aren't there. Only one chapter was remotely interesting, and even the big surprise of the ending doesn't come across as anything important.

    • This is a very good cozy mystery series. In this book, Dorothy's neighbor and closest friend is rumored to be having a fling with Bill Fanshawe (they are both 80 years old). Dorothy wants to know what is happening but before the two women can have a talk, Bill goes missing. Dorothy investigates.

    • This might be one of my favorite Dorothy Martin books! It's slow moving, as they all are, but there was more of a "thrill" in this book for me more revelations about close friends and what happened in Sherebury during WWII.

    • It was a well-written mystery but wow'discontent' does not being to cover the mood of this book. You don't expect a murder mystery to be a laugh a minute (unless it's a Craig Rice) but this was just unbelievably depressing.

    • Straightforward murder mystery, its actually a series but I picked up this book about halfway through. Despite that, the characters were easy to get acquainted with, and the actual mystery had me guessing until the end. Good fluffy read.

    • I have read a lot of Ms. Dams' books; to my mind this one is the best. Perhaps because it deals with the British flyers and memories of WWII. I was a child in grade school during that period of time. I believe this plot to be very plausible. A great read.

    • Another Dorothy Martin mystery. Better than some, but all of the mysteries are quick, fun reads. This one had an interesting twist or two.

    • This book was alright, just found it rather annoying with Jane's attitude and her uncooperativeness towards Dorothy. Did enjoy the plot and the characters pretty much.

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