Manhood: Revised & Updated 2015 Edition

Manhood Revised Updated Edition Most men are not fully alive is the dramatic opening to Steve Biddulph s bestseller Manhood which has now been fully revised and updated in this edition Exploring two critical social issues how

  • Title: Manhood: Revised & Updated 2015 Edition
  • Author: Steve Biddulph
  • ISBN: 9780091894818
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Most men are not fully alive is the dramatic opening to Steve Biddulph s bestseller, Manhood, which has now been fully revised and updated in this 2015 edition Exploring two critical social issues how to establish a healthy masculinity and how men can release themselves from suffocating and outdated social moulds, Biddulph addresses the problems and possibilities confr Most men are not fully alive is the dramatic opening to Steve Biddulph s bestseller, Manhood, which has now been fully revised and updated in this 2015 edition Exploring two critical social issues how to establish a healthy masculinity and how men can release themselves from suffocating and outdated social moulds, Biddulph addresses the problems and possibilities confronting men in their daily lives Women have found the book to be a profoundly moving and revealing read, while men acquire recognition and a sense of hope that life can be different Topics include Your relationship with your father Getting sex right Being a true dad Real male friends Finding a job with heartThis edition has been revised and updated to meet the needs of younger men, who are struggling with these issues in the twenty first century.

    • Manhood: Revised & Updated 2015 Edition BY Steve Biddulph
      176 Steve Biddulph
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    • Just reading the first ten pages of this book will probably be enough to leave you in no doubt - we in the Western world have a serious problem with men. Lonely, frustrated, confused, unhappy men. Men who can’t express their emotions and either numb them or channel them in negative and violent ways towards women, children, and other men. Men whose identities are tied up in their careers, because they never learned that there were any other options. Men whose fathers were authoritarian, cold, d [...]

    • Nic asi nevystihne knihu lépe než samotný text na přebalu:„Musím vás varovat (a usmívám se při tom), že čtení této knihy nezůstane bez následků. Muži, kteří ji čtou, se často spontánně rozpláčou. Někdy všeho nechají a vydají se za svými rodiči a sourozenci, s nimiž už se nestýkali. Někteří opustí zaměstnání, které je ničí, a dokonce se vzdají i vysokých výdělků. Po dlouhé době znovu začnou brát své ženy něžně za ruku. Ve sprše si zpív [...]

    • A book about the Men's Movement. It had some ideas I strongly agreed with such as the need to be among nature, and the notion that there is a difference between men dominating society and successfully leading society.-"The idea of liberating women from men assumes that men were somehow the winners in a power struggle and that power was what life was all about. Feminism assumed that men were having a good time. The men were on top, but were not winners. Its much more realistic to say that both me [...]

    • Great self help book for parents of teenage boys who are wondering what the heck is going on and questioning their own sanity. Lots of guidance to give parents a holistic view especially important when bogged down in everyday conflict. I would recommend this read to anyone with teenage boys who are looking for support or for parents of pre-teen boys so you have an idea of what's to come and what you can do to manage the challenges.

    • Kdo trochu Biddulpha zná, sloh knihy ho tolik nepřekvapí. Trochu emotivně tlačí na některé oblasti tak, aby nás dostal tam, kde nás potřebuje mít. Podložení těch tvrzení, kterými nás pak dostává do těch koutů, trochu schází. Ale - zdá se, že to dělá pro dobrou věc ;-) Jestli si něco z této knihy odnesu, tak to jsou rozhodně rozebrané vztahy mezi muži. Já ↔ otec, já ↔ syn, já ↔ jiný chlap, případně můj syn ↔ jiný chlap. Kapitoly týkající se t [...]

    • I recently saw the author, a psychologist, speak at my workplace about emotions and aligning oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually. He was personable and engaging. My own background is in psychology and many of the concepts and ideas he presented rang true for me. It was there I bought his book. I understand I am not the intended audience (being a woman), but I was hoping it may give me some insight into my husband and other men in my life. Reading ‘The New Manhood’ is much like li [...]

    • For any Australian man, or man of any culture, this book has a lot to offer. It helped me get in touch with some of those unaquireable answers to those questions we dare not ask another man for fear of rejection, ridicule or awkwardness.I found it emotionally opening and challenging. Recommended.

    • Kniha moudrá a přitom vůbec nepůsobí nafoukaně. Hodně mi pomohla uvolnit se a ujasnit si životní priority.

    • mhhh, honestly i do not know what this book is about.What I get out from this book is: its about "man movement", it states what are man and what we should do to have feel fulfilment and have wonderful, peaceful life. That friendship is good, hugging too. That rape is not good, killing yourself too, beating women is no go too. I agree THESE ARE THINGS NO TO DO. But in manhood book writing this is raising questions to whom this book is addressed? For sure this book has its own audience. Its more f [...]

    • Australian psychologist looks at some of the challenges facing men, and those in relationship with them. In an accessible way he looks at chapters on being a son, being a father, being a partner, sex, spirit, work and more. Chapter summaries, references and anecdotes support the book. No doubt others within the community of psychologists will differ from his perspective. Having said that, he raises a readable and useful pointer towards understanding the reality of being a man at our point in his [...]

    • As the son of an old school father and the father of two boys myself, I found the book a really compelling and for me, reaching 40 years old, a very timely read. Lots of wisdom to be found if you are receptive to it, but then I doubt you'd pick it up if you weren't. Well worth the read for any man looking to be a better one and for that matter, a good read for any woman interested in knowing her man better.

    • It has to be said straight out, that I (as a female) am not the intended audience of this book. However, both my husband and his brother read it and seemed to get a lot of out it and in the intro it talks about being a valuable resource for mothers of boys (of which I am) I read it.The first quarter of the book was okay. There were no great revelations and nothing that has not been touched on by other authors. The next half was really quite good and I started contemplating buying the book for my [...]

    • Having read Raising Boys, I was very keen to read Manhood, and I wasn't disappointed. Steve's style of writing is very easy for all people to read and enjoy. He presents things clearly and isn't afraid to challenge other 'expert opinions'.When I read this book, it not only made me realise many things about my husband, my 2 boys, my father and step-father, and my brother, but many things about myself too. It was like I was seeing so many things that had been glaringly obvious for so long but havi [...]

    • In this book (1995 ed.) Biddulph unearths a great deal of 'hidden in plain sight' features of modern masculinity, looking at historical and social patterns to shape his arguments. The author is an enthusiastic guide and educator with lots of professional experience in this area as a counsellor and therapist. By and large the concepts (e.g. various social roles and relationships, the 'men's movement', emotional literacy, school, sex, work, fatherhood, spirituality) are introduced and explored wit [...]

    • I just finished the book (2/10/14). A thought provoking "self-help" on what needs to change in men in the western world. It talks about starting a "Men's Movement" which I believe will be a well needed change in the current trajectory of men. Below are some of my favorite quotes from the book:Pg 274 "Making a world that is kinder to men will make men kinder. This is the missing piece of the social reform jigsaw."Pg 258 the whole page is good; "wild man"Pg 240-241 "The closer modern man gets to i [...]

    • A great book for Brethren beta males from NZ and Australia. His premise lays blame for mental illness on a lack of male bonding and father figures. Could be. But I'd put it down to a lack of sunshine. Also, this does not translate to the Asian cultural setting or experience. Dad is highly qualified and supportive, yet has the EQ of a 5 year old. Is spending any more or less time going to change this? No.Steve gives the impression that most men are stoic, heroic manly men. In my experience, nothi [...]

    • Being mum of three sons I had dutifully read and enjoyed Steven Biddulph's 'The Secret of Happy Children' and 'Raising Boys' - beautifully written for parenting and pretty easy reads if you read them when your boys are tiny. However, 'Manhood' goes much further into attempting to explain the essence of the male species. It changed my view of half the occupants of the planet and is one of the most helpful things I have ever read. I felt somewhat of an interloper reading a book so clearly labeled [...]

    • A good book for anyone to read if they want to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by men in an our modern, western, industrialised society. I found much of the book to be pertinent to my own life and particularly my family life. It looks at the important aspects of mens lives (e.g. relationship with their family members, friends, their job, spirituality, sex, women) and how many of these can be sources of conflict or unhappiness. It then looks at ways to change those areas that a [...]

    • Unlike the writings of other self-help gurus, the style here is informal, modest, and to the point. Biddulph bases his views & suggestions on his own personal evolution, yet he also backs up the main points with adequate references to works by others, including that of feminist essayists. This approach is, in my opinion, more balanced than the writings of John Gray (I mentions this example only because I'm currently reading him, too).One aspect of this edition that I find objectionable is th [...]

    • For people with very small lives ONLY. On reading this limp 'self help' book I felt embarrassed for the author: He's still only there? I constantly thought. The author has very little life experience, has ignorantly assessed himself as some sort of suburban Buddha, and then written this lame book of skin-crawling 'wisdom' to those with even plainer lives. at his local church NB. The only good thing in this whole book are some of the quotes, of which there are a strangely large amount - because t [...]

    • There are a lot of important, deep concepts explored in this book, particularly in the first half. It encourages serious reflection, and for that I highly recommend it.Unfortunately, the second half is much patchier. There are still insightful moments, but it becomes more and more lost in the author's world view. His religiosity and hippy/communist leanings overshadow the writing. The generalizations about men and what they need, and his incessant quoting of Robert Bly, turn a potentially great [...]

    • What an amazing book to read. I feel like everyone needs to sit and read this book. That it is just what this world needs and seems so truthful and insightful. I feel like I have been gifted a glimpse into men and particularly my husband and what he is going through as a man in his various roles. I really hope he reads this book. And to be honest i can think of about 5 men i think i want to gift this book to.

    • A good read and written from the heart. One quibble is that he quotes rather excessively from Robert Bly's "Iron John" --- from where a lot of his ideas and terminology seem to come. Also, don't be fooled: the guy on the cover isn't the author --- you can see HIS photo at the back of the back and, well, he's distinctly less rugged/outdoorsy looking I know this shouldn't detract from the message of the book, but it did give me a minor "Donna Chang" (Seinfeld) moment.

    • Wow, wow, wow! I just happened to stumble across this book in someone else's library. When I realized I couldn't put it down, I immediately bought myself a copy. This book was fantastic, and it put into words things I've only been able to feel for sometime now.I highly recommend this book for every man. This is not just a good book, it is an important book. I'll be recommending this to friends for a long time.

    • Read this several years ago. Recall being relieved that someone was making sense of the confuses views of men that we seem to hold in the U.K. Went on to see him do a talk at local theatre excellent, earnest, unassuming, evidence-based, very valuable resource. Now have 3 boys, and need to re-read for both them and myself!

    • My father gave me a copy of this book and it not only helped me understand him better as a man, but also myself. It is an extremely well thought out and researched and covers every aspect of a man's life. I can imagine that any woman who struggles to understand why her man does what he does would also get a lot from this boo,

    • A substantial book about boys and menAs a woman, I read this and gained much insight into 'mens business', because I have men and boys in my life that I would like to understand better and to also teach them how to get a better perspective on life.I liked this book because that's what it gave me, a confident perspective on men.

    • An interesting look at what it is to be a man and the need for ritual to guide us on the journey to becoming men. It has made me reconsider my involvement in the lives of my friends sons and how I could be a better role model.

    • A very simple to read book that shows honesty and caring can be traits of the male. The advice and view of how men live/exist in this modern western world are especially helpful. I will be passing this onto my son

    • All men - 8 to 80 - need to read this book. I gave it to my sons, my father and my brother. Doesn't matter if their significant others read it or not but men need to read this many times to understand themselves.

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