Come Away My Beloved

Come Away My Beloved Come Away My Beloved was forged in the crucible of life In the midst of each days joys and trials has come the ministering spirit of the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ bringing words of e

  • Title: Come Away My Beloved
  • Author: Frances J. Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780932814029
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come Away, My Beloved was forged in the crucible of life In the midst of each days joys and trials has come the ministering spirit of the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, bringing words of encouragement, hope, comfort and conviction.

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    • Frances J. Roberts

      FRANCES J ROBERTS 1918 2009 is best known for her classic devotional Come Away My Beloved She founded The King s Press in 1964, where she authored and published Come Away and eight other books, selling over 1.5 million copies in 30 years After graduating from Moody Bible Institute in 1938, Roberts served as Florida s state director for Child Evangelism Fellowship, writing the popular Wordless Book Song during her tenure there An accomplished musician with eighty eight published hymns, Roberts also taught at a Spanish mission school and worked as a professional accompanist, performing at various churches.

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    • This little devotion book was given to me by a very special friend. The sentiment and the message is powerful. It was like reading pages from a journal from the Father to me! Always encouraging and thought provoking I would recommend this to anyone to use during their quiet times alone with God.

    • I bought this book early in my walk with Christ (about 4 years ago) & this book still inspires & encourages me in Christ. The way Frances j Roberts placed God as the voice it makes you as the reader feel as if God is speaking directly to you concerning your situations. LOVE IT!

    • One of my favorite devotional books that I've read over and over since the 1970's. A book I can pick up whenever I just need some encouragement. Just open up and let the pages fall and there is always a reading that lifts me up.

    • A dear, dear friend reminded me of this book, and what it had meant and still means to her. It is not to be hurried through, but to read and then ruminate overmetimes I'll read the same excerpt 3 or 4 days in a row. Her style of writing reminds me so much of Elisabeth Elliot. There is a song we sing at church "ponder anew what the Almighty can do" ~ this book helps me to do

    • There is great wisdom and revelation here. For instance, she gives this word of the Lord, "How can I give you healing for your body whilst there is anxiety in thy mind? So long as there is dis-ease in thy thoughts, there shall be disease in thy body. Ye have need of many things, but one thing in particular ye must develop for thine own preservation, and that is an absolute confidence in My loving care."

    • This is a book I am never done with! Constant love letters from the lord to Us (!) His beloved! Wonderful reminders all based on scripture.

    • At first, I didn't like this book and then it somehow clicked. Over many years it has become like a dear old friend that I visit over and over again.

    • This is a very good devotional along the lines of God Calling and Jesus Calling Frances J. Roberts writes it as though God is speaking directly to the reader which is very personal. She writes at the beginning of the book: "This book is dedicated to the glory of God and to all who desire a closer walk with Him." EAch devotional pulls you into a sweet intimacy and offers additional scriptural readings with the daily writings, although it doesn't have a reading a day for a year like some devotiona [...]

    • I actually didn't finish reading this book. While there are a few good reminders in it, the style of writing made it a very difficult read. God didn't say all of the words written in this book and it was written as if He had. If this book had been written from a different point of view, I think I would have enjoyed it very much.

    • This book is a beautiful treasure. I let the wisdom in these passages soak into my spirit as I read. It was as though God was speaking to me personally. I have reread many pages and will visit this book over and over.

    • An excellent source of wisdom and discernment for any Christian who desires to know an love God more deeply and intimately!

    • This is a very beautiful book its warm heartfelt with love letters, sweet powerful poetry, psalms, proverbs and some beautiful artwork.

    • mostly based on scripture, but written as letters from God. I was surprised by how much of an impact these little daily devotions had on me. I think this will become a book I return to and re-read often. Especially in times of trial or discouragement. This was a good way to remind myself of the closeness of my God, both His love for and His expectations of me. Not all easy to hear stuff, too--sometimes they were quite challenging, and often they were eye-opening. I would recommend this book whol [...]

    • This book was given to me about 6 years ago, and I finally just finished it. It is broken into short essays, so it is the type of book that is meant to be read a few pages at a time. Strictly for the Christian reader or at least a reader who is interested in and open to learning more about Christianity. (It is suitable for all Christian denominations.) The essays are written as if God is speaking to you directly--which seems kind of presumptuous to put words in God's mouth, but somehow it works. [...]

    • This book, given to me by a friend at church, has come highly recommended by my mom, who read the entire thing while staying with me after my surgery (over a year ago). I read the book a devotional or two at a time, trying to really savor it. The author's voice and tone are strikingly original. She writes as God speaking to a believer. The devotionals are inspiring, challenging, and encouraging. This is a book to be read over and over again throughout a lifetime.

    • This book is like sitting down with a warm fleece blanket on your couch with a cup of your favorite tea while listening to The Lord speak to you's like a love letter from God. The words on the page will touch you when and where you need it most. "He will affirm you as He fills up the lonely places with joy and gladness"

    • I remember when I first read this book. I was feeling like God didn't speak to me clearly (I was like 15) and when my mom bought this book, I couldn't wait to read every day the new chapter this book had. It spoke to my life and make me feel loved by Him. The author was used by God. And every time I feel overwhelmed I read this book again and Got talked to me over and over again.

    • Come away my beloved was a gift from a friend back in 2006. Out of all the books that I have owned, this one book manages to make it with me every time I move while all others are donated to charity or just left behind. Although not devoutly religious, I still thumb through it on occasion & can find comfort in it's pages during times of turmoil and stress. Pgs 143 & 152 are favorites.

    • I can't even begin to describe how well this little book is written. This is a great devotional that can be put into any purse or bag and taken with you. I have learned SO much for this book. I have journals of notes and thoughts. It will bring you a step closer to the Lord if you really open your heart and take it all in!

    • I received this book from a dear friend when I dedicated my life to Christ, and I can tell you now that I have not let it drift more than a few feet away ever since. It is like hearing the voice of God and watching His love overflow through the author's eloquent words. A spiritual support and biblical foundation for those who need it!

    • Have had this book since the early '70s as a baby Christian. Countless times I have done the "lucky dip" just to get a Word of comfort or encouragement from God. He never dissapointed me using this little tool to get my attention. I have learned that His Word is my tool these days, but in the beginning, this little book was truly a God send for me. Enjoy.

    • This devotional is deeply personal like Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling," yet seriously challenging like Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest." Format changes significantly partway through, from prose to verse, and then back again.

    • I read this book over and over, it is always fresh and touches on just what is happening in my life. Francis J. Roberts was anointed in the writing of this devotional masterpiece. It stays on my lamp table next to my bible.

    • Excellent book of devotionals which will definitely minister to every need in your life. Read this book last year, now I have picked it back up to go through again. This pocket sized book is now a part of the items that I carry in my purse.

    • I love this devotional, I keep it with my Bible and consider it part of my daily study, I usually read one or two postings a day. It's like getting a love note from my Father to start my day with. I never stop marveling how it seems to speak to me right where I am.

    • Love this devotional. Worth every penny. I have purchased and given away several for gifts. There have been lots of times I have looked up the Scriptures only to find it.rate.

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