Exile Longlist David Gemmell Legend Award An electric combination of angels mystery and romance EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series There s something v

  • Title: Exile
  • Author: Rebecca Lim
  • ISBN: 9780007414901
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Longlist, 2011 David Gemmell Legend Award An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series.There s something very wrong with me When I wake up, I could be anyone An angel in exile, Mercy is doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does Now she Longlist, 2011 David Gemmell Legend Award An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, EXILE is the breathtaking sequel to MERCY in a major new paranormal romance series.There s something very wrong with me When I wake up, I could be anyone An angel in exile, Mercy is doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, taking on a new human form each time she does Now she wakes as unhappy teen Lela, a girl caring for a dying mother but never herself.As her shattered memory begins to return, Mercy remembers Ryan, the boy she fell in love with in another life, and Luc, the angel haunting her dreams Will Mercy risk Lela s life to be reunited with her heart s true desire An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, Exile is the second book in the spellbinding MERCY series.

    • Exile - Rebecca Lim
      214 Rebecca Lim
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    • Rebecca Lim

      Rebecca Lim is a writer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia Rebecca is the author of seventeen books, most recently The Astrologer s Daughter A Kirkus Best Book of 2015 and CBCA Notable Book for Older Readers , Afterlight and Wraith Shortlisted for the Prime Minister s Literary Award, INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award, Aurealis Award and Davitt Award for YA, Rebecca s work has also been longlisted for the Gold Inky Award and the David Gemmell Legend Award Her novels have been translated into German, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Polish She is a co founder of the Voices from the Intersection initiative.

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    • I really enjoyed this book. I literally finished the first book and started right away with this one. I got addicted. This book is a bit slower in a sense and more confined. With Mercy it revolved around mystery, suspense, romance and it had a lot of characters. Mercy interacted with a lot of people and it seemed like there was always something going on. Things kept happening. Especially because she and Ryan kept searching for Lauren and following leads, while at the same time Mercy was going th [...]

    • Hmmm this one wasn't as engaging as the first book. The pacing was a little slow, and I also felt Mercy was too indifferent to Lela's mom. Still a great series and I got some inklings about who Mercy really is and what she is.

    • Exile picks up exactly where the first book ended. Ripped away from Carmen Zappacosta's body, Mercy is once again thrust into an unknown life. She finds herself in a completely different season, time zone, continent. an entire ocean away from the human boy she came to grow feelings for, Ryan Daley. Welcome to Melbourne, Australia. And our host body for the novel? Lela Neill. Lela works at The Green Lantern, a cafe which attracts a colourful and varied collection of customers - from suit-wearing [...]

    • I’m a big fan of Mercy. The writing in the first book was descriptive, lyrical even, but not boring, the story took me a place unexpected. I loved that the story was not just of a boy meets girl, falls head over heels for her, while a battle of good and evil is waged. Instead it’s of one girl who doesn’t know who she is or what she is, and of the girl whose body the former occupies. There’s more those things in Exile, but this time Mercy is in Lena. Her story is a touch sadder and toughe [...]

    • It may not be released in the USA for awhile, but it is out here in Canada and in England and Australia, so Christine and I though we’d review Exile by Rebecca Lim.Cause, why not?Caitlin: Directly after reading Mercy I went on (and then and BookDepository) trying to figure out when Exile would be released. It was difficult to puzzle it out. It seems to have three different english release dates and none of them are near one another or connected or anything. So, I just sort of left it, and fi [...]

    • The second in the Mercy series. I have hardly ever given a book two stars, and never a one star, because i try and see the best in every book. But this one was different. There were too many things wrong with it.Rebecca Lim managed to sound pretentious and snooty throughout the whole book. The first few pages were okay, but then she began describing the universe and cosmos, and she couldn't quite get it right. Several times, complicated words were used, when the more simple terms would have suit [...]

    • I don't even care i am not into this series it feels like ageny reading it,,, it is only good for me when Ryan is around, which is not happening often and how come it always ends with mercy suffering from an injury at last i mean the plot is not interesting, it is boring in a parts and at the last 20 pages it get so stuffed with - everything - i don't even understand who is good and who is bad maybe i shouldn't maybe not until the 3rd book that is so not on my reading list next , AHHHH my head [...]

    • (3.5/5)When I read Mercy a few weeks ago, I felt the kind of excitement I hadn't felt in a long time for a YA paranormal series. It was offering me something new, a unique voice, and a mysterious setting. As soon as I finished reading it, I made plans to read the next book really soon.This is to say that, I went into Exile with high expectations. And it's not that the book let me down, exactly. It was actually quite good; just not on the same exact level as Mercy. For one thing, this book clearl [...]

    • Nice insight into the unanswered question from book 1 yet more need to be unearthedI must start by saying that this is book 2 in the series and this review may therefore contain spoilers to Book 1 Mercy. I will also state that I am writing this review after finishing the whole series, therefore I have added insight into the plot due to the benefit of hindsight.There is very important information revealed in this book, something that doesn't automatically click into place until the very end. In t [...]

    • I had to read this overnight because a student at my school is waiting for it. I'm enjoying this series so far. It's not for younger girls, who wouldn't get the background issues, but fifteen years and up should enjoy it.I like the difference from other angel novels I've had to read because the students are reading them. Maybe that only says I'm an old teacher-librarian who's been through too many fads over the years and has had enough of the Gothic romances that form most of teen girl reading t [...]

    • If you haven't read Mercy yet please do! While the angel and demon worlds are rocking the YA book world - some great and others not entirely - but Rebecca Lim's world is twisted in a very interesting way and even in EXILE, it proves that she knows what she's doing!Full review: talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo

    • This series gets better with each book as Mercy is fed more information about who she really is. And while this exciting plot line is developing, there's the human story that begins and ends entwined within it. I love this series. It's thrilling and different and beautifully written. I can't wait for Book 3, Muse.

    • Gorgeous. Review to come. Hopeful the next two books will be available in the US soon since they're already both our in other countries. I doubt it, but fingers crossed because I really want to know what comes next.

    • I liked this book. I like how Mercy is a different person everytime, it keeps things interesting. I also enjoy the mystery of it, wondering why she is how she is. I would've liked to have more of Ryan in it but whatever :P

    • I loved it! The plot thickened and the characters grew within the book. Slowly but surely more and more information was discovered, about Mercy's past and her new life as Lela Neill. Loved how to book was set in Australia:P I liked it even more than the first one!

    • Very boring, nothing really happened.Extremely disappointing. The first in the Mercyseries was great, but this book is tiring to read.

    • See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten!Diversity Rating: 2 – It’s a Start!Racial-Ethnic: 2 (Cecilia is Filipina and speaks in broken English; Sulaiman is a Muslim man from North Africa)QUILTBAG: 0Disability: 1 (Lela’s mom has terminal cancer in, I believe, her intestines)Intersectionality: 1 (Lela and her mom are dirt poor)(vague description of violence against animals in the book)Another series, another sequel I didn’t get to read until years after I read the first book. The gap betwee [...]

    • Sí, me gusta esta historia. La idea de que haya un ángel que pueda poseer el cuerpo de un humano como castigo, es un tanto cruel. Mercy es una chica, o más bien dicho un ángel desterrado, que por motivos desconocidos, debe poseer el cuerpo de humanos para sobrevivir. En esta ocasión, Mercy aparece en el cuerpo de una joven australiana con una madre moribunda, y recuerda que para poder retornar a quién era antes (un ángel supongo) debe encontrar al chico del que se enamoró parcialmente en [...]

    • Check out the full review here:entwinetsd.wordpress/2017 ---Extract:ONE WORD – SLOWONE SENTENCE – DEFIANTLY A BOOK TO STICK WITH TILL THE END, AND ONCE YOU DO YOU WON’T REGRET IT 🙂Have you ever been so tired you don’t understand what you’re reading but you read it anyway? Yeah, that was me with this book – but you read it anyway as it is too exciting and when you leave the book it’s all you can think about and you can’t sleep 😛Honestly, I feel sorry for the people who had t [...]

    • Mercy inhabits another mortal and while I still dislike that she cannot connect with the histories of the mortals better to make the transition process seem less cumbersome the ending of this one feels better for the host. I liked in this book that we got more information about why Mercy is in the position that she is. Luc seems incredibly shady to me and I really cannot wait for his demise. I like the characters of the coffee shop, but really didn't enjoy Mercy's ongoing dialogue and "woe is me [...]

    • Rebecca has introduced us to a world of angels in a completley different light ! In exile, Rebecca has continued with Mercy's world - a world entirely different of its own An angel who no longer wants to be in exile !! She just wants to be herself, but whom is she ?? Exile continues on with Mercy being exiled from Heaven, still unsure of the crime she has committed and has been banned for.Mercy wakes to find herself in the body of Lela Neil - an eighteen year old girl who works at the Green Lant [...]

    • Als ich den ersten Band im letzten Jahr gelesen habe, war ich schnell von Mercy und dem Thema Souljacking begeistert. Jetzt, wo ich den zweiten Band beendet habe, bleibe ich ein wenig ratlos zurück, denn ich habe keine Ahnung, was ich von diesem Buch halten soll.Alles, womit mich Rebecca Lim im ersten Band begeistern konnte, ist hier plötzlich weg. Mercy wird extrem schwach dargestellt, die Handlung an sich ist bei weitem nicht mehr so spannend wie sein Vorgänger und manches kam mir nicht meh [...]

    • Why?!Mercy was a fantastic book, so after a few minutes debating whether I wanted to read the sequel or let the first book stand on its own, I went ahead and bought Exile.And boy, I rather wish I hadn't.So first, I want to say that Rebecca Lim writes beautifully. Her lyrical prose was all that kept me going at a few points.Now, onto the bad. A fat lot of nothing happens in this book. Mercy wakes up in a new body and once again struggles to adapt to the new girl's life. Oh, and Luc tells her to f [...]

    • Like the first novel, Mercy is brought back to the normal world in another persons body. This time around, before she goes into the next person, the novel goes to meeting Luc again. Luc is Mercy's "companion, or Immortal lover" so to speak. We learn more of their relationship when he meets her in her dreams. This concept was a nice way of introducing the reader into the story again. In this dream like state before she goes into another body, Luc sets up a plan for him and Mercy to meet again. In [...]

    • I have been waiting for EXILE for months and when my local bookstore popped my an email informing me that they had a problem locating the book from their supplier but would find a way to get my copy to me as soon as possible I hit panic mode, finally on Thursday almost a month of waiting I got the call and raced home to read it.It did not disappoint :)From the first page I was hooked, we see how the process of Mercy's host is chosen and what it feels like for her when she gets that slight glimps [...]

    • “It doesn’t matter if we have to wait. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left. I’ll wait. I’ll wait forever if I have to.”When I read the first book ‘Mercy’ I rated it 2 out of 5…yep just 2, I bet your wondering why I continued with the series if I only rated it a 2? Well….even though I didn’t think it was great; I still feel this series has a lot of potential. Angels are always great to read about and Mercy’s situation is completely unique and I felt that Re [...]

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